January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Congrats on those of you making it all the way to the end!  Will any of you post pictures of your results?  

    Obviously I didn't stick with the plan very well during this challenge.  I really think the BFL Success Journal was a huge motivator and help for me last time, so I should probably pick another one up so I can keep on track.

    I had good intentions to complete this challenge, but so many things threw me off during the last three months.  Unemployment, new job, an injury (which made it difficult to even sleep comfortably, let alone exercise), death in the family... I am finally back to the point where things have settled down and I can stay on a routine.  I really want to be healthier, and while I am currently running and training for a marathon later this summer, I need to do so much more.  BFL is the only thing I've done that gave me the results I want (last fall); I know that if I stick to it I'll see major changes.

    I am thinking about joining all of you on the first of April.  That means I better start preparing for it now by getting my journal and preparing my workouts and meals.  

    Good job again to those of you that stuck with it and made it this far!  You are inspiring and motivating!  

  • Going to take today as my rest day, ankle is playing up again..

  • Today's workout was a 7 min time cap


    Drill the Clean and Jerk mostly…little work on the toes to bar


    7 min AMRAP

    3 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

    3 Toes to Bar

    6 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

    6 Toes to Bar

    9 Clean and Jerk

    9 Toes to Bar

    12/12, 15/15, 18/18 and so on

    I was inspired and moved by a 58 year old woman who smoked me in this workout. She clean and jerked 95pounds and she is 5'2" and couldn't  weigh more than 110 pounds. I made it to half of 18 on the clean and jerks. If this woman is busting her ass excersicing, She did it what's your excuse!!! When she started she was heavy and out of shape now she can brag to her family and say " what's your numbers on workout 19.2?"

  • Completed my Upper Body Workout and that was my last one. Give it 100% so well pleased with that. My meals have gone really well this week and stuck to my planned recipes. I have decided not to start the challenge again on the 1st April as I want my ankle to heal as it is still quite sore. Its Easter anyway so going to start probably in the second week of April if anybody wants to join me. I have still got two 20 minute aerobic runs and LBW to complete this week so looking forward to that.

  • Looking forward to April 1 start.  Hate you won't be joining us Submariner.  Are the rest of you still in?  There's an April 1 post from another guy up already.  Let's do this!  I've been away from the program for about 5 days now, and it's killing me!

    1 rep maxes tonight to set my weights for my workouts starting Monday.

  • I finished this week pushing myself harder than I ever have,  Getting ready for a change in workout and the new April 1st start date.  Has anyone created the new April 1st post yet?  Let me know what it's named so I can be sure and continue on with you guys.  Cleet68, you've been the most active in our group.  Do you want to start us out?

  • I am in for April 1. Will look for a post on it.  My daughter and I just joined a gym so I am really excited for this next 12 weeks!  


  • I think we are going to head over to the "Starting April 1st....." So we can post there on the 1st. I am still shaking from today's workout


    soft tissue/mobility – ask the coach and we will answer


    The Silly Sixty

    60 Double Unders

    60 KB Swings (53/36) (don’t be a hero, scale if needed)

    60 Squat Thrusts (a burpee w/out the pushup)

    60 Jumping Pullups

    60 Walking Lunges

    60 AbMat Situps

  • I have also thought about April 1 as well

  • I'm in for april mop,ooops..april 1!

  • Completed my last lower body and abs exercises this morning and because I had a rest day in the middle of the week I finish the challenge tomorrow (Sunday) a 20 minute run. I will post my before and after pictures up next week. It's been really good doing this challenge and my recommendation is that you keep a daily journal like Bill Phillips suggests and plan ahead. If you miss a day or a couple of days do not worry, just carry on and do not let it stop you going forward.  Do not get hung up about meals, the recipes on this website and on the Internet are plenty. Try and keep to the recommended exercises and believe me when I say, the 12 weeks go quickly. I am going to take a few weeks off after tomorrow but the BFL is integrated in my life and psychic now..

  • Was a warm nice day out so I went for a run.

  • We did it.  Went all 12 weeks.  Congrats to everybody!!!  I lost 16 pounds and feel great.  My son dropped 27 pounds which is the best thing of this whole deal.  He did a great job.

  • I would love to start April 1st as well. My dad completed this challenge about 10 years ago and saw great results, so I am looking forward to working hard and looking great! I'm hoping to stay motivated through these next 12 weeks and can't wait to get started.

  • 7 kilograms lost, just going to carry on with the training and eating well. Still hoping for my 10 chin-ups, one day I'll crack it! Thanks for all the help!