January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Yeah let's do the 1st

  • Hi Everybody, I have been reading your comments with interest. This challenge, body for life has been very good for me and has got me back into joining a gym eating healthily and doing exercise on a daily basis. The major difference with this is that I have been enjoying myself at the same time whilst changing my body. The thing with the Body for Life is that it works. I stopped measuring and weighing myself on week 4  because I thought it is 12 weeks long and it was pointless. Once I complete this challenge I will then do all the measurements and report in, but just looking in the mirror I can see the changes myself.  cleet68, jrmcnaircpt and bdw 357, I would love to join you on April 1st and start again.

  • He Submariner come along the more people the better. I have to ask is your name connected to the Marvel superhero?

  • I'm on board.  April 1.  

  • Just getting home from the Gym all I can say is 11 weeks of BFL did not prepare me for the CrossFit intensity. Today's WOD was Thursdays. Grrr not sure why but hey it was fun when it was over. I have revised my diet as well a kind of mix of The Carb Nite Solution and Paleo. No processed foods, no preservatives, basically nothing that comes in a box. Haha.excited about the next 12 weeks. Lets do this.

  • Hey fellow lifers!  Whats up with everyone?  I have been on another blog with people that started on Jan 1 so I am moving over here for my last week if you all don't mind?  I have been following your posts and I realize how nice it is to have those to motivate me so I am going to try to post more on the next round.  I am in for 12 more also!!!!  My daughter and I just joined a gym since I felt I had plateaued with what I could accomplish at home. Not that you can't accomplish this at home - but for me - because my knees and feet need an eliptical not a treadmill. And I need some other lower body machines not just squats and lunges which really really bother my knees. It has been difficult but getting easier every day.  I just turned 48 but I believe if I can get lighter and stronger my knees and feet will stop bothering me. I have so many things I want to live strong for!!

    I have finally went down a couple of pant sizes - I actually cannot wear the ones I have been wearing to work I am constantly holding them up!  A couple of weeks ago I took some progress pics and my belly is where I really saw the difference.  

    I re-read something in the BFL Journal I thought was cool:  "Measure your success by what you gain, not by what you lose: Gaining strength, gaining muscle, gaining energy, gaining self-respect, gaining self-awareness, Gaining self-trust.  Gaining self-esteem, Gaining back control of your life!"

    I have gained so much.  I gained all those things in some aspect or another.  Right now I am concentrating on adding to the list "gaining core strength."  I have this feeling that if I can really be super strong in my core that everything will be easier.  I have a taste of it and can just tell when I simply stand up and start moving that my inner strength is so much better.  They have free pilates classes at this gym almost daily so no excuses! So what have you gained??


  • Awesome Sally welcome aboard

  • Last day of week 11 and I completed my exercises this morning and all okay, ankle not too bad.  Looking forward to chilling out tomorrow with my daughter who is going around the world next week taking a gap year off university.

    Right everyone, next week is our last week of this challenge and I want all of us to give it 110%, lets go for it big time and no excuses. Welcome aboard SallyforLife, this challenge has shown me that when I start something and put my mind to it, I can finish it to the end. I think that this blog has helped me and also reading cleet68 posts has kept me going. I took 4 days off in February because I got married so that is why I want to carry on..........and start again. By the way, I am 54 years old this year so if I can do it anyone can do it.

  • Oh cleet98 - lol -my name is not connected to the marvel superhero, I served in the submarine service for 22 years in the Royal Navy on the front line.

  • Off day for me, back at it tomorrow

  • Another tough workout in the books, I like that they are full body

  • Been doing upper and lower workouts as one training session pretty much from the start. I have the time, and I found that mixing an upper body set followed by a lower body set gave me a little timesto recover. The 'total' set takes 68 minutes at high intensity. I get 3 to 4 total sets done per week, and when my energy levels are up for it, I'll add some cycling and running to the weights day too. If I'm honest, I find it hard to stick with the eating plan; training is easy to do and fun to push myself, eating properly is much harder than I thought it would be!  I'm going to finish next week on a high and then just keep rolling along as the gym sessions are ingrained now. As long as I can avoid the Spanish red wine I'll probably hit my personal goals within the next month or so. Not giving up!

  • At the moment doing 10 hours shifts so finding it difficult but so far so good - day 2 of week 12 completed.

  • Today's workout muscle ups and double unders AMRAP ='s pain