January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Hi there, Well I reached the big 40 on Friday.. so needless to say,I've enjoyed a few days off and thoroughly enjoyed it! However, i did get in a hike on Sunday :)

    So now I'm back and feeling more motivated than ever!! I recieved some fantastic compliments from friends saying that i have never looked better :) I feel good too and love seeing and feeling the muscle definition in my arms and legs.

    What do you think to sharing some before and after shots of ourselves soon ? would be good to know who we are conversing with and seeing the results!  

    One comment, the PT at my gym do not think highly of this program at all .. they thinks it's very old school and that i am lifting weights which are too heavy??

    Im finishing the challange regardless, then will do a comp session with one of them.. see what happens.  

    Wondering if any of you have recieved any negative comments re the program?  


  • Hi All, just finished my 20 minute aerobic run and still sticking at it. For Suze1 - I believed that hundreds of thousands of people have done this challenge over the years and not one of them at the finish, thought what a complete waste of time it was and it was very old school!

    At the end of the day its how you feel about the challenge and is it working for you? It sounds to me that it is working for you or you would not of got nice comments and compliments saying "how good you look". Myself, I am getting positive comments also. So I say, do not allow others to give you a negative attitude, try to create the opposite effect, lift yourself up by doing something positive for someone or saying something positive to someone. Would your PT staff rather have you lying on the couch watching TV and eating crap???? At least your doing something positive and changing your life........

  • Suze that trainer sounds like a tool, I told that story to my trainer and he said this guy is no PT, any trainer worth their weight would encourage any healthy change.

    Had so much energy for my HIIT today after my carb nite, it was awesome

  • Well done cleet68, also hit my HIIT on my UBW today and started to increase my weight.

  • I must confess to cake and white wine last night... Not part of the plan! I got back on the horse today with a big weights session, pushing as hard as I could. Waited an hour, had my protein shake and some cereal then promptly needed a little sleep. Anyone else finding they need to rest post-weights?  Must be my age...!

  • I read with interest, the comments made in support of Suze1, and I agree with the team. I read the various magazines on health, exercise and training. What they all recommend is pretty much consistent with what we're all doing on a daily ASIs on the BFL. There are fads and there are 'modern' programmes, but it all boils down to the same thing. WHen I look in the mirror I have no doubt this programme is working for me! Nearly 10 weeks in and 14lb of weight loss and noticeable muscle trench and tone... I for one am a happy user of this program, and I get the feeling from the inputs on this webpage that we're all on the right road. Suze1, ignore the stuff you hear from the so-called experts; everyone has an opinion, trust the progress you're making as the best evidence. Good luck on the last weeks!

  • Another 20 minutes on the running machine completed. Not bad for my age!

  • Just back from the gym and completed my LBW and abs workout. Only one more day to go for this week. Hopefully my Achilles can stand up to this. It is really sore and painful at the moment. I have bought some of that tape that sportsmen and sportswoman wear. Hows are you lot doing?    

  • Did my UBWO today, had a great leg day Wednesday

  • Had a great UBWO yesterday. Flew back to Spain today and this is my day off. Rugby on tv all day, so I'm guessing ALL British BFL folk are having a day off!

  • Hey submariner, have you considered a light session or two on your LBW? Might just be enough to ease off the Achilles? That and some ibuprofen might help out. Good luck, not long to go

  • Thanks for your comments - i feel better for them

    upwards and onwards!!

  • Rest day nearly over. What a rubbish weekend England lost at Rugby and my football team lost. Oh well at least I am winning, tomorrow another day and another challenge, remember folks last two weeks. Its all downhill from here...Cant wait to see your pics.

  • Had a solid lower body, did dead lifts. I read a quote that I couldn't agree with more " unless you master the squat all the other excersises will suffer"

  • It felt like my body was glued to the bed this morning. Working late nights this week and the training needs to adjust. I got up though, and completed a good  cardio bursting run outside. The sun is shining in my part of Spain, does wonders for the enthusiasm!