January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Oh went from a pant size that was 42" to 34" that is so cool, good bye 42" pants yeah baby!!!

  • Hi Everyone, just got back from the gym after completing my 20 minute run. The back of my legs felt very tight and the twinge at the back of my ankle has started again so just kept a steady pace. However still on course to complete this challenge and I hope everyone is doing okay.

  • Taking today off

  • Another set over and getting nearer to completing this challenge. Quite enjoyed this morning session and changed some of my sets which I was using dumbbells only, to using the machines in the gym. Feels different and on the machines I seemed to be able to lift more weights? weird or what!. Keep it up everyone and lets have a few more posts on the forum. I feel that everyone is leaving me!!!!!!!

  • Did my dead lifts LBWO is done, down another 3lbs from yesterday

  • Completed my 20 minutes aerobics on the running machine and did all my abs exercises this morning. Another week completed and tomorrow my rest day which I cannot wait to enjoy. One of the things on this challenge that has kept me going is purchasing the Success Journal, Body fro Life by Bill Phillips before I started. Each day I read the daily success stories and Bill's Lesson-for-Life. I suggest everyone gets one. It really does get you in the mood for the gym. I hope everyone that joined this forum is doing well. See you next week.................

  • Looks like its just you and me Submariner.  It is nice out so I did my run outside.

  • Knocked out 6K this morning.  Great morning for a run.  Son did 20 minutes on the treadmill and threw in a ab workout just for kicks.  

  • Really enjoying my rest day, brilliant idea by Bill Phillips to have a day off. Sunday roast is nearly ready and maybe a glass of wine tonight!.....

  • Cleet68, your trouser stats are seriously impressive! Well done! As submariner says, we're nearly there. I hosted a big dinner at my house last night and as 'days off' go, I was seriously off the diet! I will be diligent for the rest of the week to make up for it. There was no scope for a run outside today as it's snowing and minus 2 degrees in Scotland!

  • Thanks Gus, I busted my butt to make these changes. Went outside again for my run today.

  • Still snowing and cold her, but it was warm in the gym. Still trying to push myself that little bit further with each session. Hungry all day!

  • Completed LBW and abs workout this morning. Only 18 days to go everyone, I can actually smell the finishing line....

  • Getting warmer here, touching 40 today, but still too cold to run outside.  Can't wait to do that, though. Maybe within the next couple weeks-- hopefully.  

  • Today was a tough one. It ended my 10 day reorientation of only 30 carbs a day. I was running late so I only had 4 hard boiled eggs in the am. I had one of my heaviest lifting days today incline DB on almost no energy but I hit my tens





    A tough 80x12

    To celebrate its carb nite from 5-midnight I'm eating every carb in site, then back to 30 carbs a day in the morning.