January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Well, I haven't updated here in 2-3 weeks, yet that doesn't mean I'm not still at it.  I hit a wall about three weeks ago so I've been busting my butt and changing my workouts a bit to make up for the flack.  However, if you consider the average person should lose 2-3 pounds per week on a good diet, I'm only one pound behind -- so that's good.  Glad to see all you good folks are still at it -- 8 weeks down.  It feels so good to look at the BFL worksheet and see 8 entire weeks x'ed out.  Woo hoo.  

  • Got a solid HIIT in, feel much better

  • Hi Everyone, Well weekend is approaching and another week nearly over. Completed all my exercises so far this week and today got my LBW which I am doing this evening. It make a change for me going to the gym in the evening instead of 0700 in the morning and nearly being the only one there. Just think folks we are two thirds through the challenge and form next week, we have only 4 more weeks left. hope everyone is very better..............................................

  • Hi all, just back from a Weights session and feeling good. Not really losing any more weig at the moment but feeling much stronger. The 7 week wall felt like a real plateau but I am lifting a bit heavier and really enjoying pressing the work out as hard as I can. The downside is that I am probably making some funny noises as I lift, from my mouth... Honestly! It's one of the things I've learned the past 8 weeks, you can do a great deal more than you think if you concentrate and take some fun in really pressing your limit.  Sometimes the weights are painful on the tendons, bicep curls being a good example, but I've found some good alternative exercises to get around it.  I'm not at 'beach body' status yet, but I feel 100% better than 2 months ago, it really is a cracking confidence boost. Feeling good with the end in sight...

  • Did my upper body work out and glad to say that I now have moved into the 100lbs dumbells and  this is only week 8.

  • Completed my 20 aerobics run and hit my intensity level. Well done cleet68 hitting 100lbs. On my upper body work out I am nowhere near those weights!. I will need to pull my socks up and improve. What exercises are you doing for your upper body? Going to change all my exercises for the last 4 weeks and going to put 100% into them for the last spurt. Keep going everyone.... last 4 weeks, we can all do this together...

  • Submarine the answer may surprise you, my dumbell/bench press has improved because of me doing squats. But more specifically I do dumbell presses because it uses stabilizer muscles. I also do power cleans.

    Run is in the books

  • Of the few of us left in this threat, I want to know how you feel .  8 weeks down (one month) HOW DO YOU FEEL!  I don't want to know how much weight you lost, because that doesn't matter.  HOW DO YOU FEEL??

  • Well John, you made me have to think.  So here's what I think.  I feel very proud of myself.  I have done every workout except maybe 1 cardio.  My body is changing and it brings a confidence with it. I failed in week 6 and 7 with food many times, but I have gotten back on track and its okay.  I actually  had an epiphany during that time about WHY I self-sabatoge and so I am better for it going forward.  Someone at church yesterday told me I look younger!  At 48 that feels pretty good to hear.  I feel more in control of all aspects of my life, not just my weight.  Because I am eating better my family is eating better and since I am the gatekeeper of what food gets into the house it is tremendously great feeling to know I am doing a better job as a wife and mother.  Because I have 12 weeks of meals planned, it makes grocery shopping and dinner prep that much faster and less stressful.  I am not tired all the time like I was before.  I actually think about my upper and lower body workouts during the day, excited to get home, get dinner over with so I can do them!  I don't look so forward to the cardio, but finally have decided to keep my heart open that that attitude changes - I am going to start doing a more positive self-talk with myself about the cardio.  I feel like one of those people I always admired and it feels so stinking good!  


  • LBWO done, I was a little sluggish due to a major tweak in my diet. But feel great

  • Just completed my 20 minutes aerobics run and hit my highs again. For john - I feel lighter and more fitter. I feel that I have more energy. I look forward going to the gym and completed these exercises and trying to break my previous best. I feel that this is only the beginning and I am moving forward towards a better way of living.

  • My run is done and I finally got on the scale this am, wow I am almost at the goal # of 185. With the new diet modification it has worked well for me. Giddy up!!

  • Did my run with the Zombies Run app on my phone.  Great fun with the zombies chasing you.  Knocked out three miles at a pretty good pace.  Sucking wind at the end.  

  • I'm with Sallyforlife. I'm feeling much stronger and the results are really starting to show. I got my first 'you look like you've really lost weight' comments today and it felt great.  The last weeks feel like the home straight from the nightmare of week 7.  I might just see my six pack yet...!

  • Had an extremely great UBWO have not plateaued yet. Dropped 10lbs in three days








    40x12 chest fly

    I am now doing weighted dips and pull ups