January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Had one of my best runs tonight, for almost the full 20 min I was in the high 6's and high 7's on the treadmill

  • Hi Everyone,

    This morning very early, the alarm clock went off and I ducked under the sheets for a extra 10 minutes. I got up and my body was aching. I looked out of my bedroom window. It was cold and icy outside and snow was just starting to fall. I thought  I cancel the gym and have a lie in, in my warm comfy bed. As I went downstairs to ring the the gym, in the mirror on my landing I notice my body and it struck me how much I had changed in the last 6 weeks. I could see a bit of muscle definition on my upper body and my shoulders were starting to look muscular.  This really give me a boost because you know what folks this is actually working???  before I knew it I was at the the gym and completing my upper body exercises and it was the best workout to date. I managed to break all my previous best weights on all of my exercises and was hitting my intensity levels. Folks, dig in there, do not give up! Remind yourself of your goals......We can all do this together.

  • Had a great LBWO. Squats are feeling great. For a bonus I sparred for about an hour and a half after.

  • Well Done cleet68, your doing really well.

    Well another week over and only 5 weeks left?? Its all downhill from here! Completed my 20 minutes on the jogging machine this morning and my ankle felt okay after I pulled something at the beginning of this week. I hope everybody else on this forum is doing well, especially Laura2012 who started this thread?

  • Got my run in then did about an hour of BJJ

  • I'm looking forward to waking up early and getting to the gym tomorrow!  Hoping to do better eating-wise as well.  

    Good job submariner and cleet68! You guys are doing awesome!

  • Finished my LBW and abs workout first thing this morning. Going to give it 100% this week....

  • Was tired and not feeling it today but I did my UBWO and feel so much better that I did

  • Hi folks, Gus Mac here. I've been following your threat, having started on 07 Jan as well. I'd chatted with another starter on 07 Jan on another thread, who warned me about week 7 and how he'd failed there on several previous occasions.... Then on week 7 he went very quiet and I suspect he's quit.  I like the community and the progress logging of the forums and hope that I can join you all for the final few weeks? I started out ( probably like most) with some extra tub around my waist and at 172cm and 83kg it did not look good! I'm now at 78kg but the bad habits have been hard to kick... Particularly red wine! I did lose track at week 7, as my old partner predicted, but I'm determined to get to the end in good form. I travel around a lot and the change in scene makes it difficult to keep the gym routines going. What I am after is focus on my diet and the gym intensity for the last weeks. I either eat way too little or have a big weekend meal and struggle in the gym. Saturday is my normal day off. As I say, I like the support we get and give on this community and I'm looking forward to getting to the end with you... No slap up meal on the last day though!  Regards, Gus

  • Oops, my spell checker gave you threat instead of thread.... Sorry! You're not threatening, honest!

  • Hi Everyone, completed my 20 minutes on the running machine this morning and I was flying. I reach my HiiT levels and also increased my speeds. My legs were shaking on completion and the sweat was pouring off me. I had another experience today with one of my meals. I decided to have a snack this afternoon with celery and low fat cottage cheese with chilli. I do not like cottage cheese normally but this was absolutely gorgeous and in no time the cottage cheese was gone. Mixed with chilli, it did it wonders?

    Welcome to the forum Gus Mac....   I am very partial to red wine but decided to abstain for the time being. As long as you are sensible, one glass of wine in the evening now and again can do no harm in my opinion and I think a lot of people are too busy beating themselves up when they miss a exercise session or have a bad meal. My suggestion is to stick to the challenge as much as you can but do not worry if you miss anything. As Bill Phillips says we all have little mishaps even him but just get back on board as quick as possible. Look ahead not back... hope that helps. Well done cleet68, only a few weeks left...

  • Run is done. Everyone keeping working hard

  • Haven't posted in awhile. My cardio continues to improve on the elliptical machine. My UBWO and LBWO are improving but I can't seem to push past this rut of sorts. Still eating well. Although my weight has changed little, my body fat composition is heading in the right direction. Cheers to everyone still hanging in there.

  • Hi everyone

    I had a crappy week 7 in terms of excersize, so I've decided to repeat it.  

    lower body work out for me tomorrow.

    Continue to kick butt everyone!!

  • Had to rush today so not only did I do my lower body it became cardio as well, I only waited 30 sec between sets