January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Had a great UBWO, had yesterday off

  • Had a awesome HIIT today, looks like I'm going to be the last one standing on this thread!

  • Did a nice long run today

  • Hi there,

    I'm hanging in !!  the 2012 champs have spurred me on

    Are we on week 7? Im losing track!!  

    Ill post a bit more from now on, cause I feel myself wavering- :(

  • LBWO done! Dead lift felt sluggish but I pushed through.

  • Good Evening Everyone,

    Yes suze1, we are beginning week 7 and please do not waver now. Just think, you are over half way there now and I believe these next few weeks you are going to see some dramatic changes in your body. Had a really good work out tonight on my upper body, Keep it going everyone.

  • Isn't it wonderful how much better we feel about our bodies and ourselves at this point?  In the beginning I thought I'd see results faster and a little more weight loss, but in spite of being somewhat surprised by my false expectations, I feel stronger and more capable after 5 weeks of BFL.

    My wonderful daughter, who used to think bullets would bounce right off me, has never given up on me.  Her hope that I would get through my sedentary phase of mid-life has never passed.  Last weekend she asked me to join her team for a local "Color Me Rad" fundraiser run.  Knowing I would surprise the daylights out of her, I accepted her invitation and am using this as my new motivation.

    Now running is moderately comfortable, probably because of my hours of cycling on the trainer and focused weight workouts.  I will admit that I still hear my favorite TV shows and comfy spot on the sofa calling, but that enticing song is growing softer, while the shouts of motivation and success are growing stronger and more frequent.

    Thanks to BFL for giving me the tools to find focus and purpose for recreating myself.

  • I am still here too, but not doing as well with the program.  I am reading all of your posts to stay/get more motivated.  Great job to all of you still sticking strictly to the BFL plan!

  • Thanks Submariner -your words help!!

    it's funny, I'm feeling hard muscle on my legsand in my arms-but its coverd by a thick layer of fat ...!

    I need to tighten up on the diet more!!

    Ok  5 weeks left -bar bell squats and stiff leg dead lifts tomorrow!

  • I'm still here. However, I went out of town for a few days to clear my head because of my pending divorce.  I didn't eat all that well but I'm ready to get back to it today.  Gonna have to do some extra cardio to make up for the bad food choices.  The divorce is seriously threatening my completion of the 12 weeks.  I'm doing everything in my power to fight through it but this is no easy task.  I'm still working hard and I WILL complete my 12 weeks.  The good thing about working out is the harder you train the less your brain is allowed to think.  

  • Did my run and I feel much better now its over

  • Still going strong out here.  So proud of my son for sticking with it.  He moans each day but I think he really does enjoy it.  His weight is dropping and his strength is soaring.  Have dropped close to 15 pounds myself.  Signed up for a half marathon to celebrate.

  • Hi All, Just got back from the gym after completing LBW and Abs workout. Got a slight twinge at the back of my right foot and it is quite painful. I hope it does not affect my workouts. Think I might of pulled something. I will soak it in the bath tonight and hopefully it go away. bdw357, I am sorry about your pending divorce. I went through one over ten years ago and it was not nice. Maybe you could use this to motivate yourself and every time you are in the gym think how your going to look after the challenge and all the jealous looks your ex is going to give you?? Let it inspire you. Have a good workout today everyone.

  • Thanks submariner!

  • Bdw357 can't imagine what you are going through but maybe this can be the one thing in your life now that you can control. Your health ! You can't control what other people do.

    Had a great UBWO! my squats have made my upper body so much stronger

    Db incline

    70 x12

    80 x10

    85 x8

    90 x6

    70 x12


    40 x12 fly

    And that wasn't hitting 10's

    Bring it!!