January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Hi all

    I'm still here :)

    Messed up a little last week on the work out front but back on track now...:)

    I'm seeing results interms of muscle, but not much on the scales ..only 3 lbs so far....

    Maybe I need to do the cardio for longer??

    Still, week 5 almost behind us, good job everyone!

  • suze1 - you are on track.  You do not need to do longer cardio.  Stick with the 20 min HIIT cardio.  You need to pay attention to how you feel and how your clothes fit.  I hope you've been tracking measurements all along.  That's where you see the numbers change.  Scale weight will change but not as quickly.  From experience since doing BFL, I weigh more now wearing a smaller size.  Hang in there weeks 5-7 are hard but do not give up because you don't see the scale weight moving.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!


    by: Michael Harris

    1. WEEK ONE: Confusion and stress are usually your first visitors if you’ve never done anything like this before. In fact, it’s best to visit the gym or get your home gym set up ahead of time and do some trials of the exercises. It’s also best to plan an entire two weeks’ worth of menus before you start, so you don’t find yourself running out in the middle of the night to buy authorized food. Stick to the proteins and carbs that are listed on page 83 of the book and you can’t go wrong. The next things you’ll experience in week one are soreness and sleeplessness. Soreness is natural initially, and unavoidable if you’re working hard. Don’t waste your money on pain relievers; they don’t work on it at all. Sleeplessness and headaches and lethargy are all first week experiences for most, and they are caused by the body trying to adapt to better foods, and also beginning to expel the junk that has built up in your body fat all along. Drink lots of water!

    2. WEEK TWO: Soreness and the dietary adjustments may continue during the second week. But, you’ll also notice that the diet will begin to feel a bit more natural and the exercises will seem a bit easier. You should see a little bit of strength gain at the end of week 2. There will be some scale loss for men, but almost none for women, and no great noticeable changes in the mirror yet, except that your skin and eyes may look brighter and clearer.

    3. WEEK THREE: You’ll be confidently doing the exercises by now, and the diet will seem almost normal tasting to you. Your taste buds will have adjusted from all the sweets, spicy foods, and salty stuff and the fresh foods and pure foods will taste good. Most men will begin to see some changes in the mirror at the end of this week and should be able to see more scales movement. Women might have lost as much as 3 to 5 pounds by now, though no weight loss at all or even a slight gain by the end of week three is not at all uncommon.

    4. WEEK FOUR TO SIX: Weeks 4 through 6 are the golden weeks. You’ll find yourself feeling great–even exhilarated–which is a welcome change from the sleeplessness, aches and pains and sluggishness from weeks 1 through 3. The guys will see quickening weight loss and a visible change in the size of the old beer gut or love handles. Women will see some changes, but usually more modest in nature than the guy. So, if you are doing a couple’s challenge, be prepared for the uneven (don’t say "unfair" just yet) nature of your changes versus your husband’s situation.

    Both men and women will see significant changes in strength and stamina. Sleep habits will settle down. The diet will begin to become almost second nature and the exercise and multiple meal events will become a regular and comfortable part of your life. Especially for women it is extremely important to continue to advance in your weight training goals, lifting to failure rather than simply walking through the exercise. Unless you strain to lift, and really do hit it hard, you are essentially wasting your time doing the strength training.

    If you measure them at this point, you’ll likely see that blood pressure is lower; cholesterol and triglycerides are lower, and that resting pulse is lower. This is also the time, though, that small nagging injury or pain can gets worse. Be extremely careful about working sore joints such as knees and especially shoulders. If the shoulder joints are sore, don’t lift weights overhead. It is not worth it to develop a rotator cuff or neck problem at this point.

    Be of good cheer! Stay the course. There are good things coming! Patience is needed, especially for women.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Did my LBWO yesterday and today is my day off

    I think the person who started the topic: Minor Stumbling Block is trolling!

  • Hey everybody. Been reading your posts and they are very encouraging! I am on another thread, but I started Jan 7 also so I thought I would post my results to date!  Its my weekly check in!  Almost the end of Week 5 for me and I am amazed and can't wait to see what happens in the next 5 weeks!  I did all my measurements today. Started at 180.5 (I'm 5.8 tall) and now at 170.9 down 9.6 lbs. Lost 3 inches off my waist, 3.5 off my hips, 2.5 off my bust, 2 inches off each thigh and 1.5 off my calves.  My biceps have lost a total of 1/2 inch, they actually got bigger this week!  My shoulders have that nice little "cap" on them now, they are always the first place I show definition.  My middle is definitely smaller but still squishy. I can do many pushups from my knees, but  I recently made a goal to be able to do 10 real pushups.  When I started I couldn't even lower myself down to one (pathetic but true). But now I can do one and part of another. I am going to do this!  I still don't like the treadmill, but its getting easier. I watched a bunch of Angel City videos on Youtube when I did my last run, what a blast from the past!  It was actually the best cardio I did haha!  I had the best snack last night. Sandwich thin toasted with TBS natural Peanut Butter, 1 TBS homemade granola (no sugar but has honey) . That was very tasty!  I also love to have a sandwich thin toasted with thin layer of lite cream cheese, plain egg white omelet with tsp reduced fat mexican cheese, and 3 strips of turkey bacon. Its the best breakfast sandwich ever!  And my lastest dinner sidedish favorite - brown rice topped with a banana pepper sauted in alittle olive oil with salt and pepper - YUM. What are your "go to" meals/snacks?  


  • Did my last cardio of the week. Started off so-so but finished with a great big 10! Next week - 2 days of LBWO. Maybe I can actually do the lunges this time.

  • Thank you for the advice Sharon..!!

    Ive had a much better week -waking up early and getting my work outs in  is freeing up my evenings,thereby giving me more time, freedom  and motivation to get excited about this entire process!  

    I did weigh myself today and was pleased to see that I've lost another 3lbs, that's 6 in total :)

    I will measure too and start tracking!

    One question, how much protein should a women take in per day ...?



  • ps Sallyforlife sounds like you are rocking it!

    Good job!

    Week 6 starts tomorrow-Laura I hope you are still with us?? !!

  • I am still here!  I have not been doing so great Body-for-Life wise though. :(  I really am having a hard time getting back on track and I'm so sad about it.  I know I can do it and I know I will feel SO much better physically... I just haven't been able to resist the temptations of "bad" food the last few weeks.  

    I have been at my new job for two weeks (and last weekend I was out of town for my first half marathon of 2013!) and have actually GAINED weight. :(  This is not good at all!  I know it is because they are feeding us very well at work lol.  I just need to bring my own BFL meals I suppose - it is hard not to eat what they give us since it is cooked each day and is FREE.  But I know it's not BFL approved so I should just bring my own meals like I used to at my last job.

    I am so glad to see that so many of you are still kicking butt at this challenge!  Way to go!  I'm so glad you've gotten through the first five weeks! :)  I can't wait to see/hear about everyone's results at the end.  I think I need to go read a few more inspiring posts to help get me back on track.

    As far as the amount of protein for a woman each day, I usually aimed for 20-30 g of protein for each meal (less for snacks).  I think there are protein calculators you can find online using your body weight.  Hope that helps a bit! :)  

  • Hi Everyone,

    Well I have completed my week 5 of the challenge but it has been a difficult week as I had my stag do on Friday night. I use that day as a rest day and managed to stick to the BFL foods but obviously during the evening I was force to drink copious amounts of alcohol................hic hic. Woke up on Saturday feeling rough and as I was working later that day did not get to the gym. I felt so guilty that today, after work I did my Upper Body and straight afterwards 20 minutes on the jogging machine. I am not going to beat myself up just because I had a few drinks. Week 6 is going to be a bit difficult as well because I am getting married on the 14th, hopefully I can fit everything in. I hope everyone is doing well and I am definitely seeing changes. All the best

  • Week 5 in the books, on to week 6.  Down 20 pounds so far, feeling better, have more energy and happier.  Took full advantage of last weeks free day and enjoyed every bite of a 20 oz. bone-in ribeye.  Hadn't had a chunk of cow meat in quite a while.  Eating has been on track however I did miss a workout last week.  Eating is not a problem at all, I actually look forward to my meals but it so hard to get motivated about strength training, especially lower body.  I use a bowflex sport with 310 rods but I don't feel I'm getting a decent lower body workout.  I will order 2 more 50 lb. rods this week and max the thing out at 410.  Hopefully this will help.

    I have lost weight, clothes are looser but the irony is I feel fatter than ever!  Cant wait to this this weight off.  Keep up the hard work everybody, almost halfway there!

  • Great UBWO. I have been really sticking to the 1 minute rest in between. And 3 min rest between exercises.

  • good day everyone

    Just got back from the gym and had a great 20 minute jog. Hit. My Hiit point and feeling really good about myself. I hope the rest of you are doing well. Coming to the end of the 6th week. Everyone were nearly halfway there now!. Keep it up, and I bet this is the time we start seeing those big changes in our bodies..

  • Run is done!!

  • LBWO was tough but I pushed through and ran a mile after