Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • JohnnyB, good job not letting adversity keep you from achieving your goals!

    I put off my weights for tonight.  I'm taking Saturdays as my free day as well.  Works out better for me.

  • TexasChris and AllieMae- I am so happy you didn't give up or give in during your sickness. That blows me away.  Way to push through.

    Rebecca27 – Hope you are doing okay after your medical procedure.  I weigh in, measure, check in and journal every Friday. It’s just something I look forward to.  But I won’t be discouraged if I see the scale go up and down because I have done this before and know it works. I thought measurements were much more telling than the scale.  

    Ag12thman – I buy my EAS Whey protein from Walmart or Walgreens.  Vanilla.  I love to freeze bannas in small pieces and blend with unsweetened almond milk.  Yummy!  Its like a banana shake. On Fridays I plop an extra ½ of Greek Yogurt in with. So good and filling after my workout.

    JohnnyB – way to stick with it!  And the weather here (near Chicago) is perfectly frigid!  We are in for some single digit lows in the next few days. BRRRRRR.  I am thankful for no-shoveling-type snows yet!

    Still with us Bmarks?

    Good job so far everybody. I know I am just in my second week, but I am just so zoned in. It’s a amazing place to be. My (19yr old) daughter is always asking about my progress and even started working our herself! She is very proud that I gave up coffee (with tons of cream and sugar) cold turkey.  I still have caffeine with tea and no cal energy drinks on occasion, but its really quite a feat that I have gone 12 days without even a taste!  I really want this and spent many weeks trying to find this mind set.  I am finding the biggest thing I am exercising this time is my will to succeed!   Every night when I lay in bed I imagine what I will look like and what I will be able to wear and how much fun I will have hiking with my husband this summer!  

    Anyway, the best part of all this has been the food planning. I have really hooked into something that is life changing.  At the very beginning of this I planned 4 weeks of dinner menus.  And I wrote EVERYTHING down, like if its turkey burgers I wrote ALL the condiments and sides so that I wouldn't forget a single ingredient.  So I look at the menu each Sunday morning, then I go get whatever I am missing.  I don't know how I could have ever thought I could be so busy AND eat healthy at the same time without doing this kind of planning! I can look at it in the evening and so then can prep much of it then so its not so difficult when I get home from work. This has been a true gift.

    So my workouts-  they have been good! My knees aren't so great, but when I do squats or lunges I just go as far as I can and hope as I lose weight that they will be better for it.  I was not sore my first week at all, but oh my my my am I sore now!  It just feels good to know I am really taking control of my health.  


  • Good morning Sally!!

    Thanks for the wishes and everything went great, haven't felt better in a long time. I weighed and measured myself this morning and was SHOCKED. Had to re-weigh several times, even used another scale because I didn't believe it. Down 7.2 pounds and over 5 inches in 18 days. I have done the challenge in the past and have never had those kind of results. I will not be dissapointed if I don't see those results for the next few weeks. I will say that I have been almost 100% true to the eating plan this time where in the past there was a lot more "cheating" going on than just on free day.

    My knees have also been bothering me, but my chiropractor is working with me to remedy that. Apparently tight hams and hip flexors can cause knee pain as well as tight IT bands. So I"m working a lot more stretching into my daily routine.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and don't go crazy with that free day :)

  • Hi Sally.... It sounds cold! Hi Rebecca... It sounds like you are doing very well on BFL! So far so good for me. I have lost just over 5lbs and feeling good. I am going to try really hard this week and stay focused. Hey Chris I hope you had a good free day... Mine was too good...

  • Yikes it is cold now.  I am in my basement and have my fleece jacket on and boot-type slippers.  Cleaning out the old files.  Rebecca - I also weighed in today and so far I have lost 7.4 lbs.  I am happy, but I know me (self sabotager), so I will just treat it like a pre-game to the Super bowl. Yes I won, but I have to win the next week and the next if I am going to be the champ!  I lost an inch in the hips and inch and half in the waist and partial inches everywhere else. My workouts come straight from the BFL book and all done at home.  I haven't been going crazy on my free day.  Its usually just a free meal (with a BIG salad) and a snack. And my husband and I walked into town (just a few blocks) to get that snack. Keep on planning those meals (and eating them all) and drinking lots of water!   Its gonna be a good week (going into week 3 for me)!!!!


  • Hi everyone! I am sorry for taking so long to check in, I got sick so I stopped until last week, so I am beginning my second week now technically.

    In one week I lost 3 pounds and 3 inches! 1/2 inch from my waist, 1/2 inch from my upper arm, 1/2 inch from my calf, I can't remember them rest since I checked Monday, but woo hoo! How are you all doing?

  • Hi Chris,

    I started 1-02-2013. This is my 2nd attempt. My first one went nowhere. I have been able to make  every one of my first 24 days of training! I haven't skipped a single one.

    I am quite frustrated in not being able to drop any weight. Admittedly, I have not planned out my eating the way I have my exercise. I travel for work every week and planning the meals seem to be more difficult than planning my workouts. I have noticed my body start to change just a little and am hopeful that the weight will start to drop off . What has been your experience?

    Hopeful in Boston

  • Hey everyone.... So far so good. It's been a good week and friends are starting to see the difference, especially in my face...  Looking forward to my next free day! Boston, remember eating is 70 percent of the battle....


  • Hello everyone!! Just wanted to encourage everyone today. I decided on a whim to take some pics this morning so I had my wife snap some photos with the IPhone to see if there had been any progress. WOW!! I can really see a difference!!

    My clothes still feel the same so I started to second guess the success. Man, It's like the first week all over again. After three short weeks I can already see a noticeable difference and to be quite honest....I haven't given 110% all of the time.

    This is just what I needed to reignite the fire and recommit. Perhaps this will happen throughout the journey. Hopefully so. Well to anyone who is starting to doubt or lose motivation, be encouraged! I started at 253 and am down to 244. Thanks to those that are continuing to post!!

    Stiil in the fight!! -Wayne

  • Hey great job Wayne! I have lost nine pounds also! Today, Monday is my free day; every other week I have to alter my free day from Saturday to Monday due to work. My next free day will be Super Bowl Sunday! I said I was going to work hard this past week and it paid off with a 4 pound loss. I hope everyone is doing well!

    Stay thirsty my friends (drink your water)


  • Good job JohnnyB and way to go WayneBiss.  I'm down five pounds so far, but I do look better in the mirror.  I went on vacation for a few days last week and I was "off the reservation" as far as body for life goes, but I got back on track Monday.

    Boston, what may be happening to you is that you haven't dropped much weight because at this point in the 12 weeks you are building muscles and replacing your fat with muscle.  Muscle is denser and weighs more than fat.  Don't worry because if you stick with BFL, the muscle you are developing will burn calories faster than fat, so the longer you are doing BFL the more efficient your body becomes at burning calories and the faster you will lose weight.

  • I had to focus this morning to motivate myself enough to get out of bed and into my garage to work out.  So I thought I would find some motivational quotes this morning.  Here is a good one:

    "Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else."

    ~ Brian Tracy

    Lets all be out of the ordinary and finish our BFL Challenges!  Stick with it guys, and if you falter along the way, just pick up where you left off and keep on going!


  • Hey Chris

    Great idea!

    One of my favorites is "The will to win is not as important as the will to train."

  • Texas - thanks for the encouragment!  I look for it every day. These are some of the things I do: I watch Biggest Loser while I do my workouts, I "liked" as many fitness people and pages as I could so I get bombarded with positivity every day!  I "shop" for cute outfits and look at fitness people to imagine how I could look.  I have to keep focused every single day.  I read Allison Sweeneys (the host of Biggest Loser) blog all the time - she is so inspiring to me.  

    Wow 9lbs each for Johnny and Wayne thats terrific!!!  I have still only lost 7 lbs.  Today the WII told me I gained/lost 0.00 lbs! Never had that before. But I am ok with it because I have halted that train racing out of control and feel SO good about the last 4 weeks.  I know it will only get better. I feel so good and positive and I don't even need caffine anymore. Not feeling sleepy at my desk anymore!  

    I was sick last week so I didn't post at all, but I thought of Texas and no excuses! I did all my workouts even when I felt like going back to bed.  I think because I have been eating healthy and exercising my body actually killed off that cold pretty quickly.  

    Does anybody else get the weekly email from BFL? Not sure how I got it, but its amazing at predicting my progress!  I am finishing up my 4th week on Sunday (is everybody else at week 5?)  Did anyone do 4 week pics?  Wayne you did 3 weeks pics?  I can tell my pants are all looser and that just puts fire in me to do better!  I can see a difference in my body for sure. I am using heavier weights. But the cardio never gets better. I guess it gets alittle easier but I just don't like it!  :)  My husband put up a shelf for me in front of my treadmill so I can set my laptop and use ear jacks to watch movies while i do it. Its just so incredibly boring to me.  Last night I watched an episode of "Elementary" for the first time (another Sherlock series) I thought it was pretty good.  

    So heres what the email said in a nutshell. We should take pics every 4 weeks.  We should begin to feel some of our tightest clothes get loose. We should periodically try that same piece of clothing to see how we progress. We should go back and reread our journals and note our successes, increase in weights and healthy eating patterns..  We should feel very proud of 4 weeks of healthy living and embrace all our changes such as skipping fast food drive throughs, late night binges, sleeping better, any positive change should be congratulated!  We should STAY POSITVE. The most dramatic changes happen in the last 3 - 4 weeks so don't give up too soon! Small changes lead to BIG results.  And lastly it said that if you take any medications, you should check with your doctor as you lose weight because your dosage may be based on that!  

    Like Johnny I am saving my free day for Superbowl Sunday. But I am still planning to bring some carrot and celery sticks and protein bars.  I always make a buffalo chicken wing dip so I will also use the whole grain tortilla chips and salsa for me.  I make sure on my free day to eat only what I crave or cannot resist, other than that I eat exactly like any other day.  I trying to see myself as WORTH taking care of.  Don't we all admire someone who we see displaying self control in their food habits?

    What is everyones goals for the upcoming week?  Mine is to be a WARRIOR in EVERY WORKOUT.  I am gonna give it 110% because I am stronger now than 4 weeks ago, I am lighter now than 4 weeks ago and I am more confident now than 4 weeks ago.  I know this may seem silly but a goal I also set is to smile more, to smile on purpose even when I don't have a reason.  Did you know, if you smile RIGHT NOW, you actually FEEL happier?  Its crazy - try it!

    In the words of Winston Churchill - "Never, never, never, never give up!"  

    Your friend in the fight, Sally


  • Hey Boston, how are you doing? Rebecca27?  Hublgirl?  John7777 where you at - I haven't forgotten about you my friend!