Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • Hey everyone.  So far this challenge is going well. I'm enjoying being out of the holiday season and back in the routine.  Last week I my first few workouts were good but wasn't too sore so I mixed things up, tried some new exercises and I was definitely more sore after the latest workouts.

    hope everyone is kicking butt and keeping up with the water drinking.

  • Just thought I'd better check in and thank everyone for posting up their progress, particularly on how well they were on their free day.  I've been reading your comments and you've made me realise there's more that I can do to hit my goals.  Although I trained well last week and this morning (I start my weeks on Sunday, so just started week 2) I didn't do as well on planning my meals or on setting my goals in advance.  I know that this is the first step to losing focus, so thought I come in here and confess!

    Trained well this morning, cardio before dawn.  Cycled like a mad thing and sweated buckets, but felt good afterwards. Upper body tomorrow night and my arms are still sore, but they will be fine tomorrow.

  • Howdy TexasChris!  Yes sir, you were right - I'm class of 2000 and was definitely tuned in on Friday night.  What a performance that was!  I can't remember a bowl game in my lifetime that we dominated that soundly against a traditional powerhouse team.  I'm sure there were probably a couple of other performances like that in the 80's when I was just a little boy and too into cartoons to care about football.

    Hope your BFL progress is going well.  Mine is going good so far.  I'm not officially doing the Challenge, but just trying to get fit again, drop to pounds, and add plenty of muscle.  I need to go find some protein online or someplace.  Let me know if you have any good websites or stores to purchase Myoplex from.  Thanks and Gig 'Em!

  • Man,

    I have had to take a break for the last two days.  I have continued the diet portion of BFL, but this cough I have had got too bad.  Still taking decongestants and feeling much better, but I missed the last two days of workouts.  It sucks being sick.  Makes you appreciate not being sick and feel for those who have chronic illnesses.

    No matter, I'm getting back to the gym tonight.  No cold or flu or whatever it was is going to keep me from accomplishing my goals.


  • Hey all, I'm in too, even tho I started Dec.17th this kind of forum is very helpful & exciting. I'm normally a quitter but am determined for once in my life to accomplish something like this. This Challenge has  been tough in a lot of ways besides the physical, hence the " challenge ", doing good tho not eating things I'm not supposed to even when I want to really bad. Just so hopeful I can reach my goals. Good luck to every one!! Ag12thman, you should be able to find protein stuff on Amazon, also Walmart stores.

  • Sorry to hear about the cough TexasChris. Glad to see you are pushing through it, but take it easy and get lots of C.  How did you end up doing?  

    I have been so busy between work and BFL that I haven't had any time to check in.  I am finished with Day 5 and I feel great. Have been eating great, workouts great, cardio - well I will work on hitting my highs better.  I'm not keen on the cardio. :)  I like to weigh in on Friday nights, so even though it is only Day 5 I got on the scale - not expecting much - but I lost 3-1/2 pounds!  I am not really surprised as I have been pretty much perfect on the food part.  Just hope I can make it through my free day tomorrow and back out of it on Sunday without gaining it all back!  What are your thoughts on the free day?  But I think I may try a free meal and even continue to stay away from coffee with cream and sugar which has always been my undoing.  Tonight I made my husband coffee with cream and sugar (our Friday Sabbath tradition) and didn't even taste it!  I almost had a cup and did as Bill Phillips suggested which was to think of it as an OPPORTUNITY to exercise my will.  So I did and I feel pretty great about it.  I boiled some water and had Indian Tea with a splash of milk instead. Yay me!  

    Had a great week of BFL and a tough week in the office.  I am a Payroll Manager and so year end is kind of hectic for me and the majority of my work came down to this week of all weeks!  Thank goodness I had all my meals planned and had shopped for all I needed last Sunday or this week would have been a bust!  I was glad to be home, doing my UBWO and catching up on Downton Abby Season 3!  


  • Hey guys!! Started Jan 2 and so far so good. Workouts are good but intense. Eating could be a little better. (Portion control) but at least the portions are healthy. I'm really encouraged! Starting to get a solid workout down and back into eating healthy. Feels great! Keep pressing forward and stay focused! Motivated! We all know this works!!!

  • Hey SallyforLife, its awesome to hear your still pushing, even with hactic schedule.

    Excuses are hard to get by.  I have been doing great with workouts, even when I miss a day and I'm at work I find excuses to walk an  extra few places or when I'm alone I do calve raises, tighten my abs, etc.  

    the last few days I've been sick, sucks.  Been eatting really well and it feels amazing.  I'm so happy to get on track again.   Un-clean eating has been eating away my health and it's amazing I put myself through the fatigue and bad moods.  Since I've changed my diet I'm in such better moods.  I'm almost over this cold and I know I'm going to get right back up and start it again.

    Excuse free and strong mind.

  • Sallyforlife, the cough is almost gone, thanks for asking.  Hooray!!  I'm glad I at least stuck to the healthy eating, because I don't think I am too far off track.  I am already feeling like I have more energy during the day.

    Hey Ag12thman.....I buy all of bulk purchases of Myoplex on Amazon, like the 20 packs of powder mix.  But every once and a while I buy a 4 pack of the single serving shakes at Walgreens or Target.  Just tried the Stawberry Cream flavor today, and it was pretty good.  Not Strawberry Quick, but better than I thought it would be.

    I've been using this app for my iPhone to help with my 20 minute cardio workouts.  It is called "Seconds Pro" and it is awesome.  I'll check in tomorrow and tell you all more about it.  

    Keep up the good work everyone!!!!


  • Hey gang,

    All is going well here in NJ. I am having an outpatient procedure on Wed ( girl stuff) and am a bit concerned about staying on track. I am planning on doing a double work out tomorrow, skipping Wed. and hopefully will be ok to lift on Thur. The thought of going without food till afternoon is definitely freaking me out. My stomach is growling every 2 to 3 hours now :)

    What is everyone thinking about when to weigh and measure themselves? I was thinking every two weeks which is tomorrow.


  • I wanted to tell you guys about this iPhone app I have been using.  Its called Seconds Pro and it has been very helpful with my cardio workouts.  One of my big problems during my first challenge was remembering the time intervals for the 20 minute cardio workout.  Well this app makes it so you don't have to remember the interval times or intensities because it will audibly tell you when to change intensity levels.

    The app is basically a timer.  The first time you use the app you enter the length of time for each of your intervals and name the intervals.  When you start your workout the app audibly reads to you the name of the first interval, and starts to count down the time for that interval.  When it is time to start your next interval, there is an audible count down (i.e., "3, 2, 1"), and then the app audibly reads the name of your next interval, and so on and so on until you are done.  This way you don't have to watch the clock when you are doing your cardio nor do you have to remember the sequence of the intensity levels for the 20 minute cardio workout.

    For example, I set up my intervals with the times just like in the body for life book and with the following names:

    2:00 - Level Five

    1:00 - First Level Six

    1:00 - First Level Seven

    1:00 - First Level Eight

    1:00 - First Level Nine

    1:00 - Second Level Six

    1:00 - Second Level Seven

    1:00 - Second Level Eight

    1:00 - Second Level Nine

    1:00 - Third Level Six

    1:00 - Third Level Seven

    1:00 - Third Level Eight

    1:00 - Third Level Nine

    1:00 - Fourth Level Six

    1:00 - Fourth Level Seven

    1:00 - Fourth Level Eight

    1:00 - Fourth Level Nine

    1:00 - Level Ten

    1:00 - Level Five Cool Down

    Then when I start the nice ladies voice says "Level Five"  then almost two minutes later she says "3, 2, 1, First Level Six"  then a minute later she says "3, 2, 1, First Level Seven"...etc....until the end.

    I can even listen to music with my iphone while the app is going and you still hear the voice at the right time.

    Don't know if it will work for you guys, but it has been such a big help for me, I thought I should share.


  • TexasChris, I'm glad you're back to feeling better.  This weather down our way is not too easy on the allergies and/or cough and overall wellness.  Glad you're getting back to normal, though.

    Thanks for the advice on where to buy the EAS protein packets.  I love the Ready-to-drink shakes too, but they are pretty pricey for me and I have several shakers that I could easily use to mix up the powder packets of Myoplex with.  I'll have to check out the Amazon prices on those.  I never even though of looking on Amazon for protein powder, so thanks for pointing that out to me.

    I also think that app you're using for your cardio sounds really handy.  I'm going to look into that as well.  If anyone has anything else that has been handy to them throughout this 12-weeks, please share with the rest of us just like TexasChris did.  Thanks again, man.

    I'm off to do an intense cardio session after work.  Yesterday I did a pretty tough weight-training session, but still need to work on getting a little higher in intensity on those last couple of sets.  I haven't gotten my weight amounts adjusted just right for those quite yet.  

    Thanks y'all,


  • Hey Ag12thman...I just found my last invoice for my myoplex purchase from Amazon.  It was from an Amazon Market Place vendor called  You can order it directly from their website (i.e., but if you order it through Amazon you get free shipping and it ends up being cheaper.

  • Thanks TexasChris.  I'm going to order some later this afternoon.  Thanks for sending me all this info!  You have a good one.

  • Hello everyone.... It's been a while since I posted but I switched job assignments and had to get used to working nights. Regardless, I stuck to the BFL eating and workouts and I have been doing really well. I'm looking forward to my free day on Saturday! Well, I have to go on a run!

    PS Florida is perfect this time of year!