Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • I did my lower body workout yesterday- I completely forgot how sore I get from those workouts!  I ran today for cardio, and it was extremely hard to get going on those sore legs, but I knocked it out.  Mind over matter......

  • Howdy,  I'm in.  Its Jan 4 but I'm starting today.  I'm a 3rd shifter, I work 12 hour days, but I'm determined to change.  I have support from my husband, but its hard with the people around me at work.  Its a constent battle to fight off snacks, energy drinks, etc.  Needing somewhere to vent and read advice is awesome! I can't wait :)

  • Hi Schmoggy,

    I would DEFINITELY ask someone for a spot. Most people are happy to help and you're all there for the same goal, aren't you?

    I completed the first 3 days perfectly and even survived my weekly get together with girlfriends without a glass of wine or overeating. This will be a weekly challenge for me and am proud that I did it instead of avoiding the situation.

    Stay strong everyone, the weekend is coming!!

  • Hey Ag12thMan, I'm checking in here daily and plan to post as often as I can.  If I read your username correctly, I think we will both be rooting for the same team tonight.  Class of 98, Whoop!!  Go Johnny Football!!

    Anyone in here from Houston?

    I'm still fighting this head cold, but I refuse to miss any workouts.  Did upper body last night.  My lower body is still sore from lower body on Tuesday.  Eating is going well, and drinking plenty of H2O.

  • Hi Shmoggy,

    I would definitely ask for the spot. Like Rebecca27 said, most people will gladly help you out because they know that you can't push yourself safely without one.  Besides, after a while you won't be alone anymore, you will have friends at the gym.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Good workout tonight! I look forward to a run in the morning.

  • Hi everyone! Just started on the 1st!

    One question.... I love going to cardio classes at my gym, but they last about an hour. I thought of going to these on the cardio days, but it would be much longer than 20min.... your thoughts??

  • Way to stay strong R27!   So I start Monday. What did y'all do the few days before you started - feast or taper off?  


  • Shmoggy, maybe one of the gym workers can help or at least point out the ones who would likely help you. They usually are familiar with the different people who come in depending on how big the gym is.


  • Started my meal plan today!  I felt wonderful.  My husband popped a pizza in the oven, he asked me if I wanted a piece and I said no :)  couldn't be happier.  I keep telling myself "I started this, I'm going to finish it"

  • Kinda ended up getting a late start on the workouts......My eating started on the 1st and my workouts start tomorrow.....I want  to check in daily so if I don't feel free to raz

  • @ TRIMNWIN....... You will be fine doing the classes as long as they are HIIT. I had a class I did at my gym called SGT and it was 45 min of pure madness. Impossible not to burn fat !!!!!!

  • will start tomorrow. yay

  • @ HANNAH77......Cool, be sure to let us know how it goes......

  • Ok, so my week starts on Sundays and today was the first upper body workout. It was great ...I always tend to throw up on the first work out when I take a lot of time off and today was no different. Oh well al least thats out of my system now. Tomorrow cardio  with no vomit !!!! LOL......