Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • Hey everyone- getting a little late start because i was out of town.  

    Protein shake for breakfast, sardines for mid morning, having lean ham with a spinach salad for lunch, protein shake for mid afternoon, pork and sauerkraut with a salad for dinner, still deciding on meal 6

    4 waters down so far.  going to the track tonight


  • Feeling quite sore from my lower body workout yesterday! The cardio this morning was tough, but I feel great today! Having a great second day, hope you all are too!

  • Upper body workout today.  This is the first time I've done weights the BFL way.  I have to say, I got fatigued really fast!  I'm not used to such a short rest period in between sets.  I'm hoping I get used to this way of working out fast...I was back and forth between my notebook and the weights...seemed to take a long time.  I also only did one exercise per body part.  Not enough time to fit it all in.   All in all a good day, very motivated...I'm starting to daydream about how much weight I can lose between now and the end of March!!!  

    Good luck everyone, keep up the good work, good attitude, planning and succeeding!  Woo hoo!


  • Hello everyone... Good day one for me... Hope everyone is good.

  • Happened across this thread and was very inspired - someone who did BFL recently:

    she posted her before and after pics and talks to everyone about how she did it. Very encouraging!

    Got all my dinners planned for the next 4 weeks (12 weeks really since I will rotate the 4 weeks twice).  This should save me so much time since I am always wondering what to make for dinner and then I never have all the ingredients!  I am so excited.  Good job on all who have posted their workouts and struggles so far!  Whoo Hoo keep going!  I still plan to start on Monday the 7th.

    Ginger - I am doing some dreaming too!  I have been "shopping" for new outfits already  :)


  • I know each of you can do this. I lost 50 pounds in my first challenge and I'm back for more to finish what I started. When my mind started playing tricks on me I had to look back at my journal and measurements. My mind would not let my eyes see my progress in the pictures. You can do this.. one step and oz. at a time.  

  • Hello everyone. I have a question, I started the challenge 1/1/13 and am following it to the letter. However, today my upper body is still quite sore. If I'm still very sore tomorrow, should I go ahead and work the UBP tomorrow? What would be an alternative?

  • I would like to jump in hear as well. I am starting january 7, 2013.  Did this challenge several years ago and was very happy with results, however, I let life get in the way and now back to where I was. I want to do this challenge then step up and do it again.

  • I started on 12/31/12 as well and so far so good.  I'm looking forward to achieving 12 weeks of mental and physical strength, as the book describes.  I'm pretty sore today, but I already feel a lot better than I did pre-12/31.  Good luck to all.  

    Quick Question: Are we all checking in on some thread daily?

  • Matt, wait and see how you feel tomorrow, but in general you do not want to work extremely sore muscles as they are still in the healing process.  If you can, do another day of cardio tomorrow if you're still really sore and then come back to your UBW on Saturday.  You'll be a little off on your timing, but still get the same volume in.  Next week you won't be nearly as sore as you are starting out this week.  

  • Hey all-

    I also started on 1/1 and am looking forward to my transformation.  :)  I am still sore from upper body two days ago.  I have lower body today and am nervous about my knees.  Since I've gained some weight my knees have been bothering me and I workout in a home gym with squats and lunges, etc.  Wish me luck!

  • Man I'm still battling this head cold.  I did get in my first cardio session last night, and it felt great.  Level 10 was hard, but I was focused.  I've been reviewing my goals every morning, but I need to do it at night too so that I stay focused.  

    I wanted to share a tip with all of you about drinking enough water.  I found that drinking carbonated water makes it a little more fun than just drinking all that tap or bottled water.  For Christmas my wife got me a SodaStream machine, and that cuts down on the cost of carbonated water and tastes just as good as Peligrino or Perrier.  

  • Ag12thman-I'm checking in daily...I need to surround myself with like-minded people to keep me on track, so I would love to hear how everyone's doing...struggling, succeeding, laughing, crying...whatever.  

    Today was cardio for me.  20 minutes on the bike...I usually just ride for 30 min and I'm was a big change to continually up the intensity level, but good, because it gave me something to focus on other than oh mahhhhhh goddd, how much longerrrrr????

    One question for y'all...I go to the gym it rude to ask a stranger for a spot?  I was doing a bench press and on my highest weight, I was kind of afraid I was gonna lose it, but I HATE bothering people and really don't want to interfere in their workouts.  I might just need to find a buddy!

  • Just finished meal six. Good cardio day. Looking forward to weights tomorrow.

  • I'm in. I did my first challenge last March and I felt amazing and looked pretty good. But over the summer and fall I ate and ate and gained all my weight back. I plan to do 2 challenges in a row and look awesome this summer AND keep it off this time!