Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • Hey auntruthie - now there are two of us! We'll have to work hard to keep up with the "kids." Will be fun - an honorable mention is very cool- congrats.


  • I'm in!  I started today, 1/1/13.  I am starting at 270 pounds...down from the mid 300's.  The change from where I started and to where I am now is incredible, so I am really excited to do BFL and see a huge change in 12 weeks.  I am totally committed to the diet and workouts---but I know I'm going to need like minded people to keep me going and I want to encourage anyone else that needs it!  Good luck to you all!  We can do this!!!


  • I weighed and measured myself this morning. Need to take the pics yet. Doing a lot of cooking today to prepare for the week ahead. The secret to success is to plan, plan plan!! Hope everyone is having a good first day

  • I also started the challenge on the 31st. This is my 1st challenge and I hope I can stick with this.I am excited to know other people are doing the challenge too.

  • Great workout today...need to work on my meals

  •  have you tried, they used to have a good price, or do you have a vitamin shoppe near you.

  • I'm in!! Hereigo1, I was in that forum too! I went to the facebook group and brian is still there :) I got sick for 3 weeks so I decided to start over now, so excited!! Good luck everyone!

    Took my before pictures, measuring tonight, and I had a great workout. The food has been clean. So excited to see where this goes! Good luck and happy new year everyone!


  • I'm game.....did it for 8 weeks back in 1999? Lost twenty pounds and felt distracted. Back then I had diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep I still have them, and prostate cancer, and more weight. I'm 61 right now and am HIGHLY motivated. Getting into shape and losing weight will have a positive effect on all those medical problems.

    So, again, I'm game!

  • hi everyone!  hope everyone's first day went awesome!  I am the one who started on 11/26 but nobody in my group is left or at least nobody is chit chatting.  so I need you guys!!!  still going strong. its fun to hear everyone's stories. I am a 39 yo female and on a personal journey to live my best life now and the rest of my life.  doing a 12 week bfl journey to my 40th birthday in feb!  how is everyone feeling after the first day????

  • I am starting Monday so reading the posts of those who already started is so inspiring.  I downloaded the BFL app for my phone and I am reading some info on detrimental effects of sugar. Trying to get "excited" about giving it up 6 days a week!   Going to make 4 weeks of meal plans then just reuse them every 4 weeks.  Will do shopping and prepping on Sunday as well as taking my before pics.  Hope I get my BFL book and journal by then.  

    Chinese Proverb:  "If you continue on the path you are on you may end up where you are headed!"  


  • Hi Chris! Count me in too! I'm ready. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  • I'm in! Started today eating better and tomorrow will be a weight workout. I don't have all the details down yet, but I wanted to start on the first of January. Read the book about 6 years ago and followed it then and lost a bunch of weight and got really strong, then life got in the way. Can't live like this anymore so I've been struggling off and on for a while. I really noticed that since I'm overr 45 now, the weight really does not want to come off! I know BFL works, so I'm actually wanting to do a challenge this time for the accountability. Do I really have to take a picture and upload it? I have 4 teenage sons and I'm afraid one of them will stumble on it while using my iPad.

  • Good morning party people.  I hope all of you had a good first day, or second day if you started on Monday.  I had a good time yesterday eating every 2 to 3 hours.  I even managed to work black eyed peas in my meals (I figured they were a carb on the BFL program).  I need the good luck they bring.  I did lower body for my first workout of BFL, and I did hit a ten on hamstrings (lunges kill a good way).  I'm feeling pretty sore today, but in a good way.

    This morning has been a struggle.  I had planned to work out early, but I woke up totally congested and with a sore throat.  I decided to take a decongestant and do my cardio workout this evening.  That way my body will get a little more rest.

    I found this article about working out when sick, and I though some of you all might enjoy reading it.

    You never know when you are going to hit a roadblock in the program, but don't let a minor cold or congestion stop you from succeeding.

  • Linda, you don't have to upload a picture to use BFL.  However, if you want to compete for the prize money, I think you have to submit a picture.

  • Thanks, Chris. Had a great workout this morning with two of my sons joining me.  I find it easier to do 2 full body workouts a week rather than 3 partial.  Great article on working out when sick. Thanks.