Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • I wanted to wish you all luck and to encourage all of you to make this a lifestyle change, not just another New Year's resolution.  I don't follow BFL, by the books anymore, but did my first challenge (to the letter) nearly 2 1/2 years ago, and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.  BFL introduced me to much cleaner eating, and more structured workouts.  I hope all of you find the support and motivation you need here.  But, remember, it ultimately comes from your desire to change who you are today!!!  I would like to encourage any of you who do not have the book to get it.  So many people commit to doing this program without knowing WHY they are doing it, and they ultimately fail at it.  I read so many posts on here that wouldn't need to be posted if everyone read the book; it is pretty well laid out in there.  It is so important to understand the principles, and is such a great reference to have!!  Best wishes!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Great hereigo1 , I plan on posting alot so I expect the same from you !!! Lol..... Good to have you onboard to DJ...

  • I'm in!  This will be my 3rd personal challenge.  I finished one with pretty good results earlier this year, but man, I feel like a slug after the last couple months of holiday parties and pigging out!  I always seem to hammer out the workouts no problem, but I'm really going to work on sticking to the diet this go-round.  Lets do this!!!

  • I finished reading the BFL book this weekend.  I'm getting psyched up!  Also I'm building my home gym in my garage.  The gym I used to work out at closed a couple of months ago, so I need a new place to build my body for life.

  • Count me in.  I'm starting December 31.  I've tried before, but never really stuck with it to the end.  But it's time I do something for myself

  • I am in :-)  I am looking forward to making a lifestyle change and getting my health back in order. I am 25 and the mother to two girls, I have found a million excuses after my first daughter and I am ready to finally get my physical life back and set a good example to my 2 youngsters. My husband and I are starting on January 2nd (My youngest turns 1 on January 1st). I am looking forward to taking the journey with everyone! Good luck!

  • Hello everyone!! My name is Becky and I am also starting the challenge on Jan 1st! I am excited to get to know people and support and encourage each other.

  • I am in as well. Started the program last year and made it to day 61. Never completed it. Not going to happen this time.

  • I am in as well. Starting Jan1st. I am gonna do the official challenge this round. So far I think I am the big 50...I am 199 lbs. And waaaay out of shape. Its time for me to put me first and get healthy and sexy!!

  • I am new to this program. I have heard of it but never tried it. I am really excited to begin my journey!! I have tried many quick fixes and the end result is I gain the weight back plus some. I am ready to change my life completely. I'm going to need all the support I can get!! LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!

  • I am defiantly up for the challenge but am not going to start until 7th Jan as this is when the kids go back to school and my routine starts again... I am still reading the book which has really inspired me and has made me realize how i simply existed each day and am not really living my life...I am 43 so need to turn things around, as life is passing me by and is simply to sort to sit day in day out feeling this crappy about myself..... so my new life starts on the 7th Jan....:) Am in the UK so would love to her from anyone else who is taking part.... good luck to all of us!

  • I am in too! I did BFL in 2006 with GREAT success. It's the only program I stuck with, and it helped me build beautiful muscle. I have the Chris Cary cardio audio still downloaded on an old MP3 and did it the other day - "oldies" will know what that is! It brought back great memories. BFL WORKS. I am a 44 yr old female and also need to build muscle for some riding goals I have. (Jumping/eventing...horses, that is!). I'm not going to get there in my current body :) I am small boned, only weigh about 138 so nothing awful, but my body fat is around 30%. I was down to 25% at one time. I also run 5k' this should give you an idea that I am cardio-healthy, but have lost tons of muscle...and I eat POORLY  - sweets, desserts. That is the hardest part for me. I remember after a few wks on BFL, cheat day would make me feel awful if I ate too poorly so it did teach me to eat healthy, and to eat as fuel for my body. I just ordered the BFL journal from Amazon as that helped tremendously too. The cottage cheese pancakes, turkey meatloaf, meatballs - loved so many of the recipes in the recipe book. I will use Shakeology protein smoothies or Myoplex which is great when I am busy as I am a Realtor and have 2 young kids...2 dogs...2 horses. It's nonstop like so many so planning will be key. I've tried it all and am coming back to BFL! And love that fruit and potaotes are not considered the devil....even a normal helping of pasta is okay. I look forward to starting with all of you!

  • Allright it's rollin now !!!!!

  • Hey Chris, I'm in as well ! I'm 39 and will be 40 in January. My goal is to gain muscle and lose some bodyfat. My goal is to be in the best shape of my life at the young age of 40!



  • Hello everyone, I'm in! I promise to be here for 90 days starting January 1st.... I read all of your posts and I look forward to your progress firing me up!