Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • Thanks for the tips jrmcnaircpt!!!  I think I will buy some choc myoplex and try that drink.  Also, have done that ab exercise you gave me and then went around the internet and cut an pasted several others and I have them all taped to my wall to try tonight.  I really like the "captains chair" and the ab crunch machine at the gym but don't have a membership right now.  I think my daughter and I are going to get one - we are going to look at Anytime Fitness on Tuesday.  I need an eliptical as the treadmill is just giving my foot and back issues.

    So between losses and gains I have lost a total of 7,4 lbs but have gained quite a bit of muscle.  I have lost 4 inches in my waist, 4.5 inches in my hips, 1.5 in my neck, 2 inches from each thigh, 3 in my bust and a whopping 5.5 in the chest area around and under my armpits!  I can look at my upper frame and go wow, yes, I look different.  But I went from a tight 12 pants to a loose 12 pants.  I am still not satisfied with the part around the middle.  Its always the last to go.  I have high hopes for the last couple weeks though!  I am going to finally take some progress pics tonight.

    What have ya'll been doing on your free days?  Going crazee? doing a free meal only? not taking a free day?  


  • Oh my my my.  I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for before pics!!!  I did some progress pics last night. Remember how I said my middle is the last to go? Well, I did all my progress pics same as my before pics -  front shots, side shots, back shots, and closeup belly shots.  So in all of them I can see some definition, nothing that made me go WOW, but I definitely see the changes.  So when I compared my before and now belly shot?  WOW.  I had not realized how BIG my belly was, If I can figure out how to upload them I will.  That made me very happy to see and put some wind in my sails!  Can't wait for week 12 results.  

    Also, I did this ab workout last night just for fun - plank 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 20 seconds (got harder!), Pilates 100 x 3 sets, laying heal touches - 3 sets of 20.  I can feel it this morning!  

    Finish strong!  Drink some more water!  :)


  • Hey fellow lifers!  Whats up with everyone?  Is anyone making it to Sunday????  I have one more week after that since I started a week later.  I have finally went down a pant size - I actually cannot wear the ones I have been wearing to work I am constantly holding them up!  I still have yet to post those pics of my before and after belly!   I will try when I am done here.

    I re-read something in the BFL Journal I thought was cool:  "Measure your success by what you gain, not by what you lose: Gaining strength, gaining muscle, gaining energy, gaining self-respect, gaining self-awareness, Gaining self-trust.  Gaining self-esteem, Gaining back control of your life!"

    I have gained so much.  I gained all those things in some aspect or another.  Right now I am concentrating on adding to the list "gaining core strength."  I have this feeling that if I can really be super strong in my core that everything will be easier.  I have a taste of it and can just tell when I simply stand up and start moving that my inner strength is so much better.  So what have you gained??