• ok, so i am totally confused.  what happened to Guestbook?  how do i interact on this new site?  where is everyone?  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hmmm Not sure about GuestBook as I'm NEW here. But atleast can finally interact with BFLer's, so Glad to see the site create a Forum

  • JB:

    The forums take place of the Guestbook.  Although the Guestbook was a great tool, the feedback from the community was that it was hard to search and they wanted a better way to communicate.  Once everyone gets switched over to the forums, we're confident that more people will participate and the flow of information and motivation will be even better than ever.

    Best of Life!


    Best of Life!


  • But how will we know where everyone is posting if there are many different forums?

  • michael,

    what time zone is coming up? it is 9:43am EST


  • I think you have to change your settings to reflect the proper TIME Zone. select the Click to Edit your Profile link at the top of the website (Top Right), This will allow you to Edit the Profile info including Time Zone

  • I don't see a place to address time zone in the Edit Profile section.

  • I miss the GB already. Boo.

    Hi jimmieb.

  • I am with you Legs.  This is Julie in Virginia.  I don't see how to take my email address off, and just have my "display name" show.  I guess I have to get on the treadmill without my daily uptake of GB motivation.  

    Oh well.  Hey Legs,  I almost forgot...thank you for motivation regarding free day.  I FREELY ate BFL all weekend, drank all my water too!  It was great.  Even made cupcakes with the smallest three and there was no tasting!  Not on my part anyway.  Not even a tiny little bit!  Thank you Legs.  Have a great BFL day!  Julie (in Virginia)

  • I'm new to this, but I miss the Guestbook, too. Hopefully we'll all get this figured out so we can still be of a benefit to each other. Have a great day, all.

  • I think the new community feature is great.

  • Anyone know how to start a new thread????

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Julie: probably hours later I read your post. I am so proud you spent your free day well. Feels wicked awesome hey?  Keep up the great work and please continue to post your successes. We will all figure this out and keep up our great momentum. Go hard or go home, cause that's how we from the GB roll.... :)

  • LEGS!  I hear ya'!  And I know we will all get used to this new forum, and it will be great.  I am glad you started a morning coffee crew.  I am not up as early as you all, but I have been reading GB for about 6 weeks every day, especially prior to my morning cardio.  It really motivates me, so thanks.  See you in the morning!  Julie (in Virginia)

  • I'm trying to figure this new thing out...UGGGGG!