help had a bad cheat weekend ugh !!

  • my energy is zapped feeling unmotivated today did so well during the week but the weekend eating was not good :(  ,  the holiday season and  i had some cocktails this weekend too  but just feel crappy can anyone suggest a low cal drink when i am out with friends at this time of year   i normally am a 2 or 3 drink girl. Dont want to work out today - just need someone to kick my butt today i guess LOL! Lost 2 lbs last week and i feel like the weekend i just put it all on and then some so frustrated !!

  • Skbt, Keep your focus on today and do the things you have to do today to be a success. Don't look back and beat yourself up over what you ate and drank. Keep the momentum moving forward!


  • Skbt,

    The weekend is over and there is nothing you can do about it, it's in the PAST!!!  However today is a fresh day and you can do something about the PRESENT.  So make sure you get your workout in and stick to your 6 high quality meals of lean proteins and healthy carbs.  

    Just remember that its the "sum of the parts that will determine your success NOT a few bad days"!!!!!  That's why it's important to just pick right back up and keep moving forward!!!!  

  • Screw it, as long as it is only one day, there is only so much damage you can do, and it takes a while for you to WANT to not eat and drink.

    There IS no low fat/sugar drink, as alcohol is all sugar pretty much, but as long as you restrict it to one day...meh, it is a release, and I know for me it keeps me motivated the rest of the week.

  • It is behind you; learn from it and move on.  Drinking is not worth the extra calories & sugar to me.  My friends and family know that.  I don't mind drinking iced water and lemon, and being designated driver.  I don't get hungry when I drink water like I do when I drink alcohol, so it's a double blessing there.  No extra calories from the liquor or the food I eat after drinking.  It all depends on how much you want it.  I want a healthy, nice body more than I want alcohol.  Sugar/chocolate is my true addiction, and something I have to work on daily!!  Hang in there!  This is a tough time of year for everyone.  It is what we do MOST of the time that matters!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"