Been a long time, starting again!

  • I did the body for life program back in 2004 and this site has changed so much, still trying to figure out my way around and find all the new groups!  I lost 40lbs back then and for the most part loved this diet because it teaches you eating habits and work out methods that last way longer then 13 weeks.  First time I did the program it took me 10 weeks to realize it was just reinforcing how I should be eating even when not on it.  I kept most the weight off and still work out a few times a week but gonna hit it hard this time and see what happens in the next few months.  I started Monday 12/3, so far so good and love the burn from these workouts.  Good luck to everyone doing this, the payoffs are well worth it!!!

  • I actually started on Dec 3rd and the last time I did really good on this program was right after my baby in 2004.  I'm so glad to hear there are others starting up again as well.  Good luck.