I started today-3rd December

  • Well that's day one almost done and I've thoroughly enjoyed it!  I did this about 6 years ago and got good results but I didn't appreciate them at all.  

    Over the last few years my husband and I have had quite a hard time and as a result I've lost a lot of confidence and my self-belief is at zero.  My focus therefore over the next 12 weeks is not to lose weight, it's not to lose fat, it's not to lose inches or to get fit.  My goal is to finish.  That's it.  To keep my promise to myself and see it through.  To prove I can finish something.  All the other stuff will be a huge bonus!  

    My husband took my photos last night and I cannot believe I look like that!!  It's the same old story, I knew I had put on weight, I knew I'd gone up a few dress sizes and that I was unfit but I had no idea I'd slipped quite so far.  It was a huge shock!

    Good luck to everyone!!  X

  • I love your goal... just to finish!  I'm starting the challenge today (again!) and this time I'm determined to finish it!  I've started and stopped about 6 times in the past ten years and I'm ready now to finish what I started long ago.  Good luck to you!  December 3rd is a magical day!

  • I've also started some diet and fitness plan a ton this last year,  and they were all way too restrictive and I gave up too fast.  So I am right with you.  I have low self esteem,  and my number 1 goal is to get confidence back by also completing a full 12 weeks.  I started today too! Keep us posted on your progress!

  • Hi all!  I wanted to post here and invite you join our facebook group (Body for Life November 2012).  It was just set up to help us all with this journey!  I intended to start last week but didn't actually start until yesterday.  We would love to have you come join us there.  You can find us at: www.facebook.com/.../313842402058507.  Hope to "see" you there...the more the merrier :-)  Sharon

  • What a terrific mindset!!!!  We can do this :-)

  • Hey Everyone! I too started yesterday Dec. 3rd and am looking for a support group. Together - we can do this!


  • I Started yesterday as well!  I've done this before in 1999 and my results were outstanding....and then I got married and had kids and fell off the bandwagon.  Well, here I am again.  I've learned that there will be no way I can teach my children about being healthy and strong and taking care of your body unless I am living it myself.  The best teaching is by example and so I have to make that commitment to myself and to my children.  Good Luck everyone!

  • You guys are awesome, I am so greatful for this program I started 3 weeks ago and my life has changed......thank you all and we can do this!!!


  • Hi everyone! I too started the challenge on 12/3. My goal is to be the best ME I can be :) I'm not going to lie-I've already been working out doing lots of cardio-Zumba etc. and by no means am I over weight- but I want to be as fit as I can and truly live the Body for Life method. I want to see what I can do personally- I see those toned/ripped abs through the transformations and I WANT THAT! ha-ha dont we all? Why settle- let's be the best ME'S we can!

    Almost 1 week down and looking forward to FREE DAY SUNDAY! :)