No more Excuses!! Starting today 12/3/12

  • 5'3" 152lbs... "You're so cute!" ..... I'm so sick of hearing this!!!   I am the one that is outgoing and always, always caring for others. Now it's time for me. I've always put me on the back burner. I am not that big....that's been my excuse. But I'm tired of not being fit. My divorce and recent back surgery have made me full of excuses. I always feel better when I do work out, but manage to just be too busy for me.  Time to make a plan and stick to it!! I no longer want to be the cute sweet gal, I want to be fit and SEXY!!

    Although I feel a little silly writing on this forum, I want to change!! I did one round of P90x about 5 years ago and I felt and look great! I would love feed back, encouragement and I would love to help you in any way. Help me by letting me help you...haha!  I need to stop using my back surgery as an excuse and make some changes to be fit and healthy. I must lead by example for my children. I am very strong and take pride in my work and being a mother. I MUST change with this 12week challenge to become a better version of ME!!

  • you go girl!!!

  • I am with you!!

  • I am with you too!  Let's do this!

  • Hi all!  I wanted to post here and invite you join our facebook group (Body for Life November 2012).  It was just set up to help us all with this journey!  I intended to start last week but didn't actually start until yesterday.  We would love to have you come join us there.  You can find us at:  Hope to "see" you there...the more the merrier :-)  Sharon