Starting December 3rd! I am really excited.

  • Starting. Tomorrow. Very excited!

    Have a Dandy Day!

  • Starting Tomorrow As Well

  • me too!

  • Hi guys - I'd like to start this week as well. I'm Meg. I haven't taken my pix yet, I've been worried about getting food planned and organized. It's bed time for me, so I'll keep this short. I want a good night's sleep before I hit the gym in the morning. Good luck. Let's talk tomorrow.

  • me 2

  • good luck!!  and excited for you !

  • Started. Let's rock 'n roll!

  • Let's see if we can all (december 3rds) stay in touch to support one another. I know I will need it, taking before pics tonight.

    Have a Dandy Day!

  • I started today too. Got all my shopping done yesterday, printed the workout & meal plan sheets from the site a few days ago, have this weeks plan all filled out and I am ready to get my life back on track. I did this 10 years ago when I was 33 and it changed my life at the time. But life happened and I fell off the fitness wagon, but I'm back and looking forward to feeling & looking good again. Took my before pics last night..Good luck all!

  • Today is the day for me as well!! Good LUCK to you!! Tell me about your workout today!! meals?

    I have trouble making time for myself too often.... when I do have down time, I just want to veg aka relax.  

  • AWESOME!! So glad to hear it works ... I look forward to hearing about your workouts and meals.

  • congratulations everyone on completing day 1! How did everyone do yesterday?

    Have a Dandy Day!

  • Hi all!  I wanted to post here and invite you join our facebook group (Body for Life November 2012).  It was just set up to help us all with this journey!  We would love to have you come join us there.  You can find us at:  Hope to "see" you there...the more the merrier :-)  Sharon

  • @sweetpea: I have a *terrible* time making time for myself. I usually feel selfish when I go to the gym because the guilt-trip elf on my shoulder is telling me that I should be doing this/that/the other thing for someone else. I’ve also noticed this week that I’ve been self-conscious and a bit guilty while trying to prepare BFL meals and stick to my BFL eating plan. I feel like my mom and my boyfriend are watching me and judging me. Yes, it’s all in my head (well, some of it is). But hopefully having people in this forum to chat with will help me get past my hurtles and you get past yours and we can all help each other *make* and *take* the time to prepare and carry out!

    Days 1-3: I really like that cardio is only 20 mins. Boy was I tired by the end!

    I got very impatient with the upper body work out (UBWO). I need to make it go a lot faster. I exercised for more than an hour and skipped my triceps. Oops. Gotta find a way to be quicker without cheating on it.

    Oh boy am I sore!

    How is everyone else doing?

    p.s. favorite BFL recipes?

  • Doing good here!!! I feel so much better this week already from eating healthy and every few hours.  It makes such a huge difference in my energy and moods.  I had planned on going to the gym early this morning, but I couldn't get out of bed!!! That is bad, but I WILL get it done this afternoon.  I am determined, and I won't miss a workout.  

    @ Megster-

    I just tried a new recipe I found on a blog.  It is oatmeal, and then cook egg whites in the oatmeal and add sweetener and vanilla. YUM, it is so thick and creamy.