Starting on Monday (3 Dec) ... Huge Problem

  • I have tried this program once back in Jan, but things kind of fell off track, so I am pretty familiar with everything, but I have a question concerning cardio.

    I am in the military  and am currently sitting at 215 (max weight is 202) (I had an injury and gained some weight) and I am going to a formal school on Jan 10 and I need to be below my max weight of 202 by that date.  I understand that most folks see differences in their body, but not on the scale.  Obviously, I will need to see some progress on the scale. 

    So if follow the plan alone, I may not get where I need to be.  Would it be a bad thing to follow the plan to a "T" but add in another 20 minute cardio session every day or at least add in a cardio session every other day (either on lifting or cardio day)?

    My biggest concern here is that if I am not below my max weight of 202 by 10 Jan, my career will be in jeopardy. 

    What are everyone's thoughts? 

  • Hi Dolfin,  My wife and I often double up cardio workouts if our time and energy allows for it, only 3 weeks in we are getting great results.. Man does she look hot and I can already fit into my skinny clothes .. I would say go for it...  Constantly aching bodies at this stage though lol

  • Thanks for the reply.  Do you double up everyday or only on certain days?

    BTW, congrats on you and your wife's progress.

  • Anyone else?

  • I believe if you follow the plan to a T you will lose the weight.  But - timing....  Christmas and all.  I'd hit the weights hard & do aerobics per the plan.  Good proteins & carbs & very little sugar.  I lost 12 pounds in the first 4 weeks (started 10/15), but I worked HARD at all of it (well - a cold one every now & then). Anyway, I'm ex-Navy so I understand.  I say don't overdo the aerobics.  Too much chance for an injury (pulled muscle, etc).  If you believe you can do it, you will.

  • Dolfin -

    Former Marine here, always struggled with my weigh in's since I was a bigger guy.  Even at my skinniest, literally 5% body-fat I was only a few pounds under my max weight.  So, I learned a few tricks about weight loss, in a healthy way.  

    First, fast weight loss is alot of calories in and calories out, at your weight, probably aim for about 1,700-1,800 calories a days.  Then, cardio, preferably running.  I'd say run at least five days a week, minimum 30 minutes a day.  If you have a stationary bike then an hour a day minimum.  Lastly, water, and I mean ALOT of it.  You do this for a couple weeks and you'll weigh in just fine.  

    Now, my advice is to help you with your weigh in for the military, I'm not suggesting this as a modification to the BFL program....just to get you under so your career isn't in jeopardy.

    Semper Fi,

    Texas Brez

  • Thanks for the information.  I was planning on doing BFL per the instructions, but I was going to add an additional 20 minutes of cardio (bike) each day.