I'm starting 11/30!!

  • I know from past experience I always started some program or diet on a monday...but this time is different.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and tomorrow is the day!!  What I would really love is to have some buddy motivation, on this board or through IM.  I always seem to hold myself accountable if there is someone around to talk to. 

    If anyone would like to start tomorrow with me, or just be a cheerleader, please let me know!!  And if you happen to live in Queens, NY...we can work out together!!!

  • hey just saw your message and if by chance you dont find anybody that is starting tomorrow  you can join our chat group.  we just started monday so we are not that far ahead at all.  we are the group that started on 11/26.  so, if no luck jump on over to us!  good luck.  i am in ohio so no working out together. hahaha.  my name is erin.  i am 39yo and want to lose 20ish pounds and just feel better like you.  hope to hear back from you.

  • thank you erin.......if i can crash your room, i'd like that!!!

  • no problem.  most important thing is that you start and have a support system.  good luck!

  • day 2 down, just got done with cardio.  yesterday did upper body and got a little quesy  and pushed through.  82 more days to go!!!!

  • hey vampv3. how are you doing?  good job on day 2.  just do waht you can and continue to progress and improve.  so i am over on your site bc all my people have disappeared?? not sure what happened.  one guy created a facebook page and not sure if they all went there but i am sad and lonely. hahah.  so i am on day 8 so we aren't too far off from each other. how are you feeling? i am feeling awesome.  today is the end of week 1 for me. how are you eating?  how much are you looking to lose?  what are your goals?  i am 39 yo female.  i weigh 169 and want to get to 150 lbs.  and my 40th bday is in february and just doing a 'countdown to my 40th' so that i feel amazing and look good for my 40th year and the rest of my life!  what about you?  

  • oh awesome...stay with me.   im just about to start my lower body workout for the day....i'll be back in a little bit to chat with you!!!

  • ouch - cardio not so hot today since my legs are on fire from yesterday, did the best i could.  gotta remember to take some advil before i do cardio after lower body day, that may help.  where are you hereigo1??

  • Hi!!  What is ur name??  I'm Erin!  Sorry have been busy at work. Am a RN and doing 3 12 hr shifts but still eating awesome and doing my workouts!!!  Good job working out. How do u feel???  I'm on day 10 and already feel awesome!  Put the scale away and really trying to focus on how I feel and not a number!  I will weigh every 4 weeks!!  Are u loving the program?  Tell me again ur goal weight?  I want to be 150 lb or around that. I have a 5 year old kindergartoner. I'm so glad u r doing well. No stopping!  Lets do this!!!  Sorry couldn't write more. I'll b in better touch. Let me know how u r doing!!!  Good luck!!!

  • oh there you are.......I'm brenda.  yes im kicking the scale to the side and will only weigh once every 2 weeks......but other than that so far so good.  well, now that i know you are working...i understand why you havent been around.  let me know if email or Im or texting would be better for you.  have a good day at work, and yes....we can do it

  • Awesome!  I was thinking email or texting would b much better for me!!  Too bad we aren't neighbors. We could work out together. I'm in Akron Ohio. U?  Glad to hear from u. My number is 3304616217. Text would b much easier and fun too!!!

  • Hi Erin and Brenda!  Bryan started a facebook group (Body for Life November 2012) to help us all with this journey!  We would love to have you come join us there.  You can find us at: www.facebook.com/.../313842402058507.  Hope to "see" you there...the more the merrier :-)