Help needed is Chipotle a good eating out choice?

  • had to eat out last nite, chose Chipotle bowl   - got only one scoop of brown rice looked to be about a half cup, grilled chicken, black beans, fresh salsa and lettuce   - do you think that is an ok choice for dinner ?

  • Sounds like a good choice to me, might try it myself if the family wants to go there

  • When eating out just remember portion size.  Usually what they give you in restaurants is way more than a portion.

    From the Chipotle site here is what you ate

    Cilantro-Lime Rice 3 oz. 130 calories

    Chicken 4 oz. 190 calories

    Black Beans 4 oz. 120 calories

    Fresh Tomato Salsa 3.5 oz. 20calories

    So looks to be about 460 calories.  Definitely not horrible for fast food.


  • Was it delicious?

    All I know about chipotle is what I learned from South Park...

  • The sodium is sky high!!  I guess as an every once in awhile choice, it would be ok, but too often will probably set you back.

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  • I get the Chicken Salad(no rice), fajita veggies, black beans(sometimes), salsa, pico, and add Guacamole. It is one of my few places I go in a pinch and alot better choice than other fast meal options. Like BDMom said the sodium can be high and so is the price for the amount of food, relatively.

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  • thank you everyone!  i will try and keep the visits to a minimum due to  the sodium , love being able to talk to all you guys really helps to stay motivated and make good choices !!

  • chipotle is awesome, i think my burrito is normally 1100 cals lol