• This guy states that in 12 weeks he went fro what you see in picture A to picture B

    Somehow the tattoo went from one shoulder to the other shoulder.

    He developed abs and quads - in just 12 weeks?!  Shame on this company.

    When this tranformation is documented on David Letterman or some other show in twelve weeks - I'll post an apology.

  • Again, legtimate.  You can see this guy has already got muscle definition in the first pic, but as before, covered in a layer of fat (and probably pushing his gut out as well)

  • This is funny to me.

    So Will what exactly are you doing here then?  Why would you come to a forum and tell the people doing this program how it doesn't work?  I have been doing it for two weeks and am already seeing results.

    Do yourself a favor and go to the My Transformation section of the forums.  Just spend a little time reading and looking at the pictures of regular folks who made great transformations with this program.  They all can't be lying.

    Then again you are a cynic!  Maybe you are already healthy and don't belive this program works.  Thats fine.  If you are looking to get in shape I would suggest you look elsewhere.  Part of the battle with any exercise program, especially a 12 week on like this is believing it will work.

    Also, it may not be David Letterman but here is Bill Phillips on the Montel Williams show.

    Good luck.


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  • These transformations have been documented on Oprah and are legit. 

    Check out the thread, which I just bumped, 12 Week Stats & Pictures - Thank you BFL. 

    I personally know about a dozen BFL Champions and all have the highest level of integrity.  Their stats and pictures are legit.  You've gotta work for it! 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • "Somehow the tattoo went from one shoulder to the other shoulder"

    Will: enlarge your upload and look; you can clearly see he has tattoos on both shoulders in both pics. I'm curious: did you spend much of your free time badgering friends of Chik-fil-A on Facebook a couple of months back instead of living your own life?

    Less fat, haircut, more muscle, better lighting, spray tan, no glasses, different clothing, etc...all of these factors make a person look completely different in even a side-by-side shot, and all contestants are pictured as such. Give it a break pal.

  • I compared photo A with photo B-they are the same man. The human body is different on one side of the body than the other, for example, the top of this man's left ear (his right ear) sticks slightly farther than the right ear (his left ear). Both photos are the same. I found several things like this in both photos. Both photos are the same man and YES a person can make this amount of change if they work out enough the entire 12 weeks. I have seen other people I know do it that are not on this program or on this website. Its so easy to scoff when you are jealous.

    One of my sons wanted to get in better shape. He went from a pant size of 38 to 32 in one month and also during this time he lifted weights and ran (no gym, even built his own pull up bar for chin ups out of boards) and in 2 months total he developed a whole range of muscles all over! He did the weight loss and body muscle build up in 6-8 weeks! I am amazed at his transformation and he does not know about the  "Body for Life" book or system or website at all. YES it can be done.

    If he keeps working out like he has been the last 8 weeks, he WILL look like this man in the photos.

    If you want to scoff at someone, go talk to the mirror.

  • Haters gonna hate.. No sense in trying to change that

  • Lol... I'm still trying to figure out why you posted this?  Just try it yourself and see if it works.  Other comments here are 100% on, this is possible, not crazy if you follow the nutritional and fitness side to the t.

    As far as the pics here, for whatever reason the picture on the left is flipped, simple mistake.  Normally this happens when you take your own pic in the mirror, but there is no camera here.  You can tell it's flipped by the newspaper, look at the justification and capitalization of the words.

    Hope you jump in the water and post your own results as proof.  What do you have to lose?