• Some doctors need to give a shout out because I'd like to see Oprah get in on this BS.

    So, the guy in photo A is a tennis pro and instructor. 

    And in 12 weeks went from 28% to 14% body fat.

    And he developed Abs and Quads in those 12 weeks. 

    This is Before:      This is After:

    12 weeks = 84 days = No friggin way.

  • Jesus dude, just keep it to one thread, you are now just trolling.

    All of these pictures are possible.  Its called hard work and willpower.  

  • In the before picture he is wearing longer shorts and it is hiding his quads. AB muscles only show at a lower body fat percent, usually in the 12% or below range. I am a former fat boy and I get some side definition when I get to 14-15% body fat and I have never tried shaving and greasing up. 28% body fat is high, but not super high, and he is most likely sticking out his gut to exaggerate in the before picture. I am not sure if I agree with this method or not so I always take before picture sticking out and relaxed so I have a clear conscience.

    Here are my before after pics from my first challenge December 2009 to March 2010:

    I am slightly sticking out my gut in the before and standing relaxed in the after. 18% body fat before and 15% after.

    I imagine if I had a higher body fat to start with and stuck out my gut, and was a little leaner and greased up and flexed in my after, I would look similar.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • WillDMay3, I only have one serious suggestion for you. I deal with many skeptics also in my line of work outside of BFL. How about you forget about this man's before and after pix and everyone else's. Get yourself the book, read it once or twice to understand how the program works, then take YOUR own before pix and measurements. Once that is done, I challenge you personally to get going. Obviously you are curious when you even came on to check things out. I challenge you to take action now. DON'T cheat on meals, work HARD until you grunt! Do this 6 days a week and stay true to the program for 12 weeks! As a woman who did this myself, I challenge YOU. Do it! And then after 12 weeks of SERIOUS sweat and NO cheating, come back and either say it was all a lie or it was true. Then you can know for sure. Forget other people's stories because each are unique. Put it to the test for yourself. As a woman, I double dare you. Haha!


  • I'm not sure what your goal is with all of these posts.  The program is free.  You don't even have to purchase the book, all of the information you need is here on the website (although I recommend the book to anyone serious about working the program).  Even the challenge is virtually free with the exception of having to purchase one EAS product which you can do for about $5.00 and that's only if you want to enter to win the money.  You don't have to enter if you're just looking to transform your body in a positive way.  The program works.  Not everyone is going to have the same results but I promise from my own experience, IT WORKS!!

  • I would take the pics with a grain of salt, but its just logical, you work hard you will get results, just get off your ass and have a go, all you have to lose is the lard and 12 weeks.  Maybe this routine is not right for you, but through experimentation with your own training you will eventually find what works and what suits your lifestyle.

  • Ok, fair enough, good comments all around.  But Iwould like someone to tell me if the picture at the top of this post is the outcome of only 12 weeks.

    No need to double dare.  I've actually had the book for a few years now.  I bought a weider weight machine about 15 years ago.  I worked out, tried to eat right.  At the time I had my parents living with my wife and our son.  We were care givers by day and by night.  Things got tougher as my parents got worse.  I stopped lifting, I was having a hard time doing my job and then coming home to work more.  My dad basically became a full time care for both my wife, me and a few other family members.  Eventually I broke down and got my dad into a nursing home.  It was heart breaking and made me feel terribly guilty.  He lasted 10 months.  My mom then got progressivly worse.  My wife and I did double duty taking care or her, our son, and trying to work.  I again broke and got mom into a nursing home.  Again the guilt was fairly rough and family members made it worse.

    I'm an architectural design drafter.  Someone should have shot me long ago, it would have put me out of my misery.  The profession for drafters is terrible, especially if you are older, I'm 55.  I can create complete residential projects without the use of an architect and many small commercial type projects but the economy is brutal.  The profession is saturated and I'm nearly out of work, again, down to 2 days a week.  The small 5 person office has 3 of us on reduced workweek.  When I'm not sleeping, I'm looking for work, in all 50 states!  It's a terrible weight that feels like it's crushing me.  I can barely sleep.  I get about 5 maybe 6 hours of sleep.  

    Tonight was typical.  I get home. Eat, talk for 30 minutes to the wife.  Then start sending out resumes.  When I do go to bed all I see when I close my eyes are the resumes and the websites.  My wife isn't much help.  She figures that it's all my fault that I can't find a company that keeps you longer than 6 months.  It's ironic that she was recently let go when the company she worked for shut down.  She sends one resume a week.  When I suggest she send more, well suffice to say, I don't say anything anymore.

    I know it's a mental issue more than a physical issure that holds me back.  I'm terribly depressed.  I am trying to gain eligibility to take the Architects Registration Exam but the State Board is denying me.  They won't let me take the test but here in PA you aren't required to be a licensed architect to do residential projects.  I have 15 years as a designer, 10 as an architectural design/drafting instructor, 4 as a licensed real estate agent.  I have a bachalor equivilant.  It's all so frustrating.

    When I see pics like those at the top of this post I am cynical and skeptical.  Trust is not at the top of my list these days.