Twelve Weeks of BS

  • Wow, I almost bit.  In just 12 weeks I could be 59 pound lighter and go from a 44 to a 32.  The guy went from dark hair to grey in 12 weeks too. 

    You want me to believe that this guy went from "A" to "B" in just 12 weeks?!  The guy had hair in picture A and in picture B his hair is nearly gone and what is there is Grey!

    How do you people knowingly lie to the public?  There is now way this transformation took place in just 12 weeks.  Not even 12 months.  Shame on you.


  • Looks legit to me.  You can see he had a bit of definition before, but covered in a layer of fat.  He still has some of that, but with a big chunk gone, and the fatter you are the more dramatic the change from building muscle and eating right.

    My hair does the same, around the temples its gray as hell, but if I grow it out it isn't as noticeable.

  • Wait, you are saying this guy went from dark hair to grey in 12 weeks?  I have a moustache too.  It didn't go from dark to grey in 12 weeks.  

  • No, I am saying the grey is more noticeable due to his short hair.  

  • I'm not so focused on his hair as I would be the results. I did the challenge back in 2002. I'm not sure why, but the more overweight you are, the faster is comes off. Now, it took me two 12 weeks challenges to drop 50 pounds. But is it possible to drop it in 12 weeks, most definitely. All our bodies are different. I had lifted weights years before I did BFL. Now, for someone who has never worked out with weights before, and combine that with good nutrition and aerobic activity, who knows what could happen. But when I first did the challenge, I couldn't believe how fast the weight came off. I just keep in mind, we all have different bodies, so we should expect different results.

  • The human body can hold alot of weight from fluid retention, full bowels, and undigested food. I do believe it is possibly to lose 59 pounds in 84 days but I do have some doubt that all the weight loss was body fat. 60 pounds is alot of weight and from the looks of the after picture he is hiding some belly fat or loose skin under his waistline of the shorts. He has made a great improvement for his age. As far as your issue with his hair. The before picture looks like it was taken with a point and shoot camera in poor lighting and everything is darker. The after picture looks to be taken in a studio with lighting coming from his left. If you open this picture in a photo editor and turn up the brightness and contrast you can see his grey temples in the before picture. My hair grows about 6 inches in 12 months so I can imagine if he had dyed his hair in the before picture is reasonable to expect that his hair grew 2 inches by the time he got it cut for the after picture.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • WillDMay3, I only have one serious suggestion for you. I deal with many skeptics also in my line of work outside of BFL. How about you forget about this man's before and after pix and everyone else's. Get yourself the book, read it once or twice to understand how the program works, then take YOUR own before pix and measurements. Once that is done, I challenge you personally to get going. Obviously you are curious when you even came on to check things out. I challenge you to take action now. DON'T cheat on meals, work HARD until you grunt! Do this 6 days a week and stay true to the program for 12 weeks! As a woman who did this myself, I challenge YOU. Do it! And then after 12 weeks of SERIOUS sweat and NO cheating, come back and either say it was all a lie or it was true. Then you can know for sure. Forget other people's stories because each are unique. Put it to the test for yourself. As a woman, I double dare you. Haha!