Anyone starting tomorrow, 11/26/12

  • Ok Where yall at?? lol...Im going to just start loggin in every day, because I NEED the motivation to keep myself on track. Im finishing up my free day...and boy was it FREE. I had like 3 or four biscuits with butter and syrup, teriyaki chicken over rice, white mocha w/WHIP (mmmmmm) chips and wine. I feel bad....and hoping that it didn't totally mess me up. Ready to do my lower body work out tomorrow and for week 3! Goals this week

    #More water and tea!

    #No coffee

    #Bed by 9:30-10pm-ish

    #All eating on POINT

    #figure our a way to work out and eat right on Sunday, because I have a  bachelorette day and night to attend  for Sat. I can probably do the work out...and I dont have to eat bad...but I will be drinking. Argh....I'll figure it out. This is body for LIFE...right? Life does to learn how to navigate around it.  Hope your week goes great. Im going to bed MUCH later than I should. There goes that

    ps @ VOKES..that is my problem as well, having 'free' weekends are going to doom me....I need to work REALLY hard on that one.

  • hi 40fitfab. I understand.t he weekends are tough I think for a lot of people. I like to work bc that keeps me focused.  but just get back on and keep going. like you said it is body for life!!! we have to stop beating ourselves up. life does happen. I think the KEY is to PLAN.  if you know a day is coming up and you are going to eat make it your day off.  I usually have a really tough time on weeeknds but I am planning and it seems to be working really well for me.  gosh, can you guys believe we are starting week 3??  I am really trying to focus on how I FEEl and not a number any longer. I am making apromise to myself not to weigh myself until week 4, 8 and 12.  and it is really working.  we are starting our week 3.  means we are still on it.  just keep going.  one day at a time.  that's all we can do.  use your support too.  this forum helps me a lot. I read the ones that thye are on week 10-12 and dream of how awesome I am going to feel too!  just one day at a time.  don't look back just keep moving forward.  we can do this!!!

  • Week 3 is done & lost another 5 lbs last week for a total of 15! Pleased with the progress & changes so far, 45 lbs left to lose in this 12 week cycle. 1/4 of the way there! How is everyone else doing? Been very quiet in here the last week or so??

  • I'm still in and going strong!!!  Wow 15 lbs. awesome!!!!  Good for u!!!  Very impressive!   I check here every day wondering where everybody is. Sad. I want to hear how everyone is doing!!  I made it a goal to only weigh myself and do measurements on week 4,8 and 12. This Friday I am weighing myself and measurements. Then treating myself to a new workout outfit!!!  Congrats to everyone whose on week 4!!! Where is everyone?  Facebook??  Hope to hear how everyone is doing!!!  Again congrats on ur weight loss!!!  I know u r feeling awesome.  I know I am!!!!!

  • Facebook is just as quiet. Good luck on your weigh in! I'm having a tough week this week, doubtfull I'll hit my goal. I am staying strong & committed though, not giving up.

  • So took my 4 week measurements. Lost 7.5 inches total and 10.1 lbs off!  Went and bought me a new workout outfit. Feeling good!!!  Staying strong and ready for the next 4 weeks. Gosh it is crazy how much junk food people have around the holidays.  My breakroom at work has literally 8 containers of cookies, doughnuts and chocolates. I allow myself 1-2 when I work which is much better than if I weren't on bfl!!  How did everybody's week 4 go???  Anxious to hear!!!

  • Ive been off track for  2 weeks...dont know if I should just start over or not..? Im going to start back in tomorrow either way. But feel like I should start over, because I have not even been to the gym or eaten right in those 2 weeks. What to do????

  • Anyone still on this thread??

  • Hi!!! I am still going strong!!!  How about you?  I am starting week 8 on Monday and feeling awesome!  How about you???  Seems like everybody left this forum.  Let me know how you are doing on bfl!!!!