Anyone starting tomorrow, 11/26/12

  • I am Sarah--22 year old server/pre-physical therapy student. At the beginning I weighed 148 lbs and now down to 144. I would love to see 125 lbs by the end of this! This is my first time trying a dieting/exercise program and I am really enjoying myself so far. I winder how many pounds we can lose together as a group?!? 200 ... I think so!

  • I'm Suzie, 27 years old, but I turn 28 on the 17th. I said it before, but in case you were curious and missed it, I'm 5'7-5'8, started at 149.8, down to 148.4 as of this morning, hoping to get to 135 by the end of this. Maybe even 132! Trying to finish certification to be a financial planner/representative and I am an oil painter.

    Sarah, I think we could totally get to 200! What an awesome thought!! Just gotta keep all 13 of us going :)

    I have done this before, once with awesome success and once I got injured and quit. Have you guys done this program before?

  • we can do this!!!  just did LBW. i am going to be sore tomorrow. i can already tell.  everybody has very reasonable goals.  very doable!!  good luck everyone todday on eating and working out.  

  • Heck Yeah we can! Just weighed, .2 pounds more gone! I know I'm going to go up and down, but 149.8 to 148.2 is a fun change in only 3 days :)

    I have decided that I am a night work-outer. I know it is different than the program calls for, but it is more realistic for me. No eating 3 hours before hand and I think it'll work out fine :)

    How is everyone else doing out there, day 4! half way through our first week!

  • hey where did everybody go?  hows everyone doing?  everybody doing ok?  i am doing great. going strong.  hope everybody is rocking it!!!  let us know.

  • Hello! Im late...but I started the same day you all did, and would like to join this group. I actually tried to start 2 weeks ago and but was not really motivated or consistent with both eating and workouts until the 26th so that is my new official date. I'll also join the facebook group, but my job blocks it and I can only get on that one at home. I will use both sites. Looking for some support. I did pretty good my first week. Ive done body for life before, but never have quite finished although, Ive seen some improvements. Im 41, mother of 1 and Im sick of being out of shape. Im 5'5, began at 172 pounds. I did my measurements and will take pics again today. I  took them sometime ago, and my body hasn't really changed since that time. I wish you all luck, Im determined to get through the 12 weeks this time.

  • hi!  welcome.  good job starting.  i am 39 and have 11 weeks till my 40th and planning for a new me and new way of life and lifestyle. i am 5;6 and am 169.  my goal is 150.  i have 1 child too.  we can do this.  are you feeling better already? i am!!!  

  • Hi All - Hope your first week went well!

    After one week... I'm super sore, missed my cardio workouts, but lifted upper and lower... I'll run a little extra this week. Did a good job eating as planned and logging everything - going to try and improve at that this week though. I notice a difference... I feel better, more energy, more motivation, excitement for what's to come! A little discouraging stepping on the scale after all the hard work and only being down .4, but at least it's something!

    About me: I'm a substitute teacher, looking for full time work. I'm 28, will be 29 in February and have always been up and down in weight/self-esteem. I'm about 5'7', and right now at 170. Last August, I was at 150... I'd like to lose 20-30 pounds after all is said and done. I'm a former college athlete and would like my toned/in shape body back! The last itme I did BFL - I lasted about 4-5 weeks and noticed a drop in inches and weight and am looking for the same results this time!

    Here's to week two - my goals this week are more water, better planning and lots of cardio!

    Good luck this week! Keep the posts coming!

  • Good morning! Happy Day 8! I did Upper body weights today....felt GREAT. Big goals for this week are MORE WATER, and better 'on plan' eating. I have a 59oz bottle of water that I'm trying to finish by the time I get off work. I never took my pics in the beginning and took them last night...and ummmm......gross. lol. Motivated.

    Work out-Upper 5:05-6:00 am  Sipping on my lemon water!


    Protein and frozen strawberry shake (I drizzled agave nectar in blender)


    2/3rd cup of egg white scramble with pre-cut bell peppers and green onion

    4-5 of my grapes!

    lemon  water

    Cup of coffee (trying to get rid of! But I could not resist! 2 splenda and about a 2 tablespoons of hazelnut creamer)


    Kale/chicken breast crock pot meal over brown rice (mmmmmmm....can't wait)


    Cottage cheese (splenda?)  and grapes (I did not measure out this morning (maybe about 1/2 of a cup)


    frozen Salmon, broccoli and potato, water

    Goal is to have refilled my 59fl oz of water


    protein shake? Not sure yet  


    I'll check in later to share how I did

  • Hey---yep lets get it in!  Our stats are similar...I'm 5'5 170 and one child (she is a teenager) I will be 42 at the end of Jan. I feel very motivated and trying to stay that way, because I often end up quitting and I don't want to do that this time.  #Quitting is not an option.

  • Week 1 wasnt perfect, was not able to work out Fri/Sat/Sun as I was at the races (Road Atlanta). But even with a 3 day road trip, I stuck to the meal plan and was able to lose a little over 6 lbs (10% of my 12 week goal). Pleasant suprise this morning also, as after my first 8 hour sleep in several days I lost enough to get a great jump on week 2. Anyone else notice that as your body rebuilds itself you actually lose weight during sleep??  

  • Hey All...

    Getting ready for cardio - although I don't want to go to the gym at all - I'm feeling a little unmotivated today. Still on track food wise, but ready to slip up at any moment. I got invited to Taco Tuesday tonight: endless tortilla chips, margaritas, burritos, ugh. I declined the invitation, because I don't want to overdo it and it's not on my 'plan'. I'm still thinking about it though... might try and concoct a Taco Salad w/ground turkey, lettuce, black beans and salsa?  I'd love to hear what some of you are doing for dinners... I feel like I get burnt out on my same ol' dinner routine? And as I type, I heard back from one of my friends... "Nobody ever says, "I wish I didn't do that workout" after they workout. I know I'll feel better and I did charge my ipod last night... I guess I'm up and off to the gym! How are you guys doing? Hang in there we can do it!!! Sounds like a lot of you have made progress, whether it's losing weight, inches, changing eating habits, etc.! Keep it up!

  • Overall, I think I am liking the challenge so far. I stick to the workout plans everyday--today was beautiful outside so I decided to do a long run outside instead of the 20 minute interval cardio. My biggest challenge comes on weekends; My co-workers, roommates, and friends like to go out for drinks on Fridays and Saturdays. I love to go too so it's hard thinking about a diet after a night of drinking and a steaming hot bowl of General Tso's Chicken in front of me. Sooo, I kind of had a "cheat weekend." My goal for this week is to not let that happen again. I have lost five pounds so far! Everyone seems to be doing very well and I wish everyone good luck with week two.

  • Hi guys!  How's everyone doin?  Can u believe we r coming up on the end of week 2?  It's amazing when u make decisions to change time is going to come and go no matter how u r living or how u r taking care of your body.  So it sure feels good to be feeling good!  Right?!,  just taking day by day but boy what a difference a week and a half makes. I already feel sooo much better. I really feel like I'm going to finish this program. Seems doable!  How bout everyone else??  How's everybody doing And feeling???  Hope u r all doing awesome!!!

  • Hi BFLers.

    I read the BFL Women book and I took her suggestion with day by day.  I feel that there were many challenges the last time I tried to complete this challenge.  When I missed a work out, all fell apart.  Not having a partner, made it even more challenging.  I started this challenging just understanding two things: 1. I have 7 days to complete 6 workouts. 2. I am completing this challenge.  Te suggestions I received from this website was helpful.  I go to the gym some days at 9.  It helps with parking.  This city girl cringes when there is no parking or when I am on a meter.  I feel rushed.  At 9, the gym is also EMPTY.  This is my 2nd week and today as a great day.  I HIIT and ran a 7, 8 and 9 mph for 1 min to 20 sec interval.  I have been trying to build my stamina back up since June.  In August, the doc found a blood clot.  So for the three months prior, I thought my difficulty in breathing and the extreme fatigue was de to my size.  So to be able to run a 9 mph for 20, with no problems with breathing , knee or leg problems (I have an old leg injury), says a lot.  I look forward to next week.  I regroup on Saturday and Sunday and prepare for the week.  I have been taking it day by day, week by week, and month by month.  Keep up with it.  


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time.