Anyone starting tomorrow, 11/26/12

  • I think a Facebook page would be great as I will only have to log into one source which is far less time consuming. With a busy schedule I try to cut extra stuff where I can. I think this is probably the case for many others. Are you thinking of putting one together?

  • Sounds familiar!!! About 3 years ago I did BFL and lost 40lbs. I then entered my first triathlon and ran a half marathon. I was feeling really good and was in the last month of my training for a second triathlon when I got in a car accident where I got a concussion and broke my colar bone which stopped me from being able to train. I also got a new job after being self employed for a number of years. These excuses threw me for a loop. I was really messed up mentally and everything that was good for my health fell out of my life. I gained all my weight back and a little more and it was not until this past week that I made the decision to NEVER let this happen again so I began 11/26/2012 to reverse this setback.

    I look at it as a major hiccup that took more than a normal time frame to get rid of but now it is gone and I can move forward. I feel what you went through but we will make it and become better off for our hard work over a realtively short period of time - then for the rest of life.

  • I will create the facebook page tonight, & list the address of the page here when I do.

  • if i am not on facebook are there some people that are staying on this forum?  let me know.  

  • Lets see if this works, here is the facebook page link  if it works like I think, you should be able to request membership. Someone try it & let me know

    hereigo1, I plan to use both this forum & the facebook page.

    After work today, my 20 minute aerobic workout was a 45 minute hike on the Appalachian Trail. Its great when the workout was painful (cant believe I've let myself slip so far out of shape) but very enjoyable & relaxing

  • hereigo, I'll be on both pages most likely

    Yesterday I did my workout late so I added cardio to make up for it, and BAM! Already lost 1 pound! 148.8, 3.8 pounds to goal number 1, 8.8 pounds to goal number 2, 13.8 pounds to my main goal, and 15.8 to my dream goal!

    Workout this morning was awesome! I was huffing and puffing, and I was so excited I did some extra resistance training (I know it doesn't follow the plan, but it feels so good that I CAN I like to use my body! What a gift it is!)

    Going out to dinner with friends tonight, they are a bit younger so they will be eating yummy delicious food, wish me luck with discipline! You guys sharing your victories inspires me, thank you!!

  • Kace2, wow what a journey!! Congrats on coming back, that can be really hard!! How much do you want to lose in the next 12 weeks?

  • hey WPRacing.  what do you do that you have 12 hour shifts? i work 7a-730p. and i am struggling with trying to fit workouts in on days i do work.  i only work 3 days a week but struggling with going to gym at 0430 or 2030.  both are not fun but i HAVE to do it.  any suggestions?  with your schedule when do you plan to do workouts.  i am going to try to get to the gym tomorrow before work.  wish me luck.  i have 20 lbs i want to lose in the 12 weeks and i really want to stick to this.  

  • so, i did it!!  i went to the gym at 0430 this morning and did 35 mins cardio on elliptical.  very proud of myself. now i know i CAN do it!  gotta get ready for work. have a good day today and good luck everyone!!!

  • hereigo1, congratulations on getting the work out in! I have worked a 6 to 6 rotating (nights & days) shift for over 10 years, The way I found success was to realize that I didn't have to go to the gym to do a workout. I would take my bike with me to work & when I got off I would stop on the way home & ride for my aerobic workouts. If it was raining I would walk stairs at work during my lunch break. Pushups, pullups, lunges, working out with barbells at home were my weightlifting workouts when I couldn't get to the gym. Improvise & think outside the "norm" is the key.

    The facebook page is up & seems to be working (3 members so far, link above^^) You will have to request to join (upper right). Anyone who is a member can approve membership requests, so if you are already a member feel free to approve new members, as I will be unable to access facebook while at work. Good luck on day 3 everyone!

  • Joining you a day late hope you will let me in.  I'm 52 Years old male need to drop 15 lbs.  My biggest challenge is morning aerobics and empty liquid calories at night.  Hope the entire team goes through full 12 weeks.  Good luck all!

  • Hi--I would like to join too...starting today.  Lower body workout today.  I think that makes 13 of us?  Thank you for starting this group!  This is my umpteenth time.  Finished the program in 2001 with amazing results.  My best friend and I did it together and it was so much easier to have a friend.  She moved away so I don't have that now and would love a support group.  I need to lose at least 4 dress sizes.  If I do that I will fit back into 90% of the clothes in my closet (the other 10% will be too big!).  I realize that may not happen with one challenge but need to do something.  I will also join the facebook page.  Thank you--Beth

  • Lost another .4 pounds yesterday, we'll see if they stay off and I can get even more today! 1.4 pounds in 2 days isn't too shabby at all! 13.4 pounds to my main goal!

    How are you all doing?

    Glad you joined us Mahanavich and GADawg34!


  • hi guys!  just checking to see how everyone did today!!! day 3/84!  thanks for the response wpracing.  oh your schedule is crazy.  do you like an alternating schedule. that must be tough.  how did everyone do today???  can you each give a brief description of yourself and what your goals are with BFL.  i will start:  i am 39 yo female. i have a 12 week countdown to my 40th year!  i want to be the healthiest and strongest by my 40th year. i am looking to lose 20 lbs.  can't wait to hear about everyone else.  

  • Bryan, 44 (turning 45 Dec 29) Looking to lose 60 lbs in the 12 week run of this program (56 left, I've lost 4 pounds so far). I know I can do it, I used this program about 7 years ago & lost 50lbs. Kept it off several years & then a job change caused me to lose focus & slowly gain it all back. For the last few years I've been existing, not living. Looking to get back to living!