Anyone starting tomorrow, 11/26/12

  • Wow looks like you guys have a great group going!

    Good luck to all of you and I look forward to reading about your progress.

    With Dedication, Determination and Persistence you can accomplish all your goals.


  • Hi everyone!

    I am starting tomorrow too, I am very excited! Make it an even dozen, I am in! Taking a before pic tonight, ugh!!

    Good luck everyone!


  • Good morning everyone.  I just finished my first UBWO.  Time to get some food in my belly. I'm starving. I'm keeping it simple for this Monday morning after a long Thanksgiving weekend.  Eggs and oatmeal.  I have my tuna packed for the day and I'm ready.  I hope all of you have a wonderful start to your day.

  • Hello all!

    I started my 12 week challenge today too.  Like many others out there, I started once before but let life get in the way.  Not this time.  I am committed to making a change in my life and I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!  Have a terrific BFL Day #1 :-)  


  • hows everybody's day #1 going?  started with cardio.  already feeling better!!  anybody else???

  • A few years ago I had a week off between jobs. I decided to go skydiving but couldn't because I weighed 283lbs; I realized that I had a life controlling problem with my weight. I started BFL two months later and started losing weight like crazy. I have stayed pretty consistent but I got married June 2nd and I shattered my right Ulna and had seven screws and a plate put in so its been spotty to say the least. My goal is 183lbs so I need to lose a little over 20lbs, Excited to get it done!

  • bcraw06,

    I'm sure you can do it.  Look at how far you've come from where you were.  20lbs should be a piece of cake.  I'm looking to lose about that much myself, so maybe we can push each other with that common goal.  

  • Day 1 for me, messed up on the workout timing, and will be doing upper body and cardio to make up for it tonight. Eating well makes such a big difference in how I feel!

    I am 5'7-5'8 and my start weight is 149.8, looking to get to 140, then moving to 135, and my ultimate goal is 132. I only got there for a little while in college, but I want to get there again! Here's hoping and working!

    What is everyone else's stats?

  • Hublgirl, you don't seem to be that far away from your goal. I look forward to seeing how far you go. Eating is the toughest part for me. Have a heart workout. Let me know how it goes.

  • Rough 1st day as I got off a 12 hour shift this morning at 6 am and had to be back at work at 2pm. I get off at 10pm tonight and have to be back here at work by 7am tomorrow (double short change). Pre-planning meant I have the right food at home and was able to stick to my meal plan. However looks like the upper body work out will have to be made up later in the week. Normally I'd be frustrated and say "I'll start again next week when I can do it right" but I'm not going to do that this time. I plan to stick with it and make up the missed session.

    Anyone here think that a facebook page with those of us who started today would be a benefit?

  • I'm starting tomorrow too. Really trying to find something that I can make a permanent lifestyle. I know others who have done this program and they look great! Excited for the 12 week challenge!

  • Day 1 - Done!

    Stayed on track today with food, even logged it. I need to drink A LOT more water... struggled with that today.

    I also splurged on a gym membership today and told two friends of my plan... accountability is key for me!

    I did an upper body workout - biceps, chest and abs. I'm a little rusty, but looking forward to brushing off the rust again tomorrow with cardio. I'm looking to lose about 30 pounds, tone up and feel awesome!

    FYI - Please reply and let me know if this is TMI... I can tone it down...

    1-Egg white scramble w/salsa, 1/2 cup plain oatmeal

    2-Yogurt, celery (Finishing up the lowfat yoplait I have...)

    3-Turkey Sandwich

    4-Muscle Milk Shake

    5-Alaskan Salmon Filet Sandwich, green beans, 1/4 cup sweet potato

    6-Thinking about protein pudding (two scoops protein powder, nonfat milk, lowfat/sugar free pudding mix), but might try a glass of water and a book instead!

    Tomorrow I'm headed to the store to pick up some cottage cheese and some more eggs - I love my scrambles/omlettes in the am! Might try grapefruit instead of oatmeal too?

    I'm curious about some of your favorite BFL meals or staples! We're in it for the long haul and the more ideas and encouragement we can share will be motivating!

    Hope you all are off to an awesome start - I'm super pumped after Day 1, and excited to keep at it tomorrow... cross my fingers this lasts for 83 more days!


  • WPRacing,

    I think a facebook group is a nice idea. Your work schedule seems crazy so props to you for pre-planning, that's the only way to do it.

    Day Two: Upper body is sore today from workout yesterday--but I think that's a good thing! Getting ready to do cardio on the treadmill today and maybe add in a yoga class if I have time. I can already tell a difference just in my diet from yesterday. Looks like everybody is really serious and sticking to it so far :) Keep up the good work!!

    P.S. Pizza is my absolute favorite thing on the planet and I turned it down last night!! Biggest accomplishment thus far, haha!

  • Salesman brought free biscuits for us at work this morning. Difficult to resist but I did it & stuck to my meal plan. Little things that add up to success!

  • I started yesterday. I am extremely excited to get moving again. I did BFL a few years ago and since then I have had several changes in my life that took my good eating and exercise habits for a ride. I am stoked to that they have returned. I am open to any motivation and am willing to give it as well. Good Luck everyone!