Anyone starting tomorrow, 11/26/12

  • Got through the Thanksgiving holiday and now is as good of a time as any.  I could use the motivation.  Anyone starting tomorrow the 26th?

  • I also am starting tomorrow.  I did the BFL several years ago and it worked great.  I just got lazy and will now have to redo :)  I would like to have someone to hold me accountable and to whom I will also in turn hold accountable.  If interested let's stay in touch and stay focused together.  

  • I am also starting tomorrow.  Good Luck!

  • hi guys!  i am starting tomorrow too!  super excited and ready to get moving in life once again.  how many are starting tomorrow?  just have to do this and stay focused.  we can do this!!

  • Hey Kathie7019,

    I'm looking forward to getting started tomorrow. I will definitely be there to help you stay focused. When do you plan on working out? Morning/evening?

  • Hey everyone. I'm glad you all are joining in. I'm pretty stoked and am looking forward to all of us taking this journey together.

  • I start tomorrow also. Did this program about 10 years ago & lost 50 lbs. Kept it off for several years & then job changes & other irrelevant excuses let me drop my guard & gain it all back plus some. I switch jobs tomorrow also, moving from shift work to a normal daylight schedule, so I hope that leads to being able to establish a routine & stick with the program a full 12 weeks.

  • I start tomorrow as well.  I did the BFL about 12 years ago but quit after the 8th week.  I hope I can complete it this time.  We can do it!!

  • WPRacing and klynn,

    I look forward to your motivation and experience in participating in a challenge previously to help get me through.  

  • I am starting tomorrow. Will be my first time, plan to work out in the mornings mostly. Am excited -- good luck everyone!

  • Yes I am starting tomorrow! I did the program about three years ago and over the course of three years I've lost over 80lbs. I have been off for about 6 months and I start towards my final goal of 100lbs weight loss tomorrow. I will lose 20 lbs!

  • bcraw06, How do you stay motivated?  Congratulations on the weight loss.  Wow.

    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • Hi Group -

    I'm in for tomorrow. I'll be 29 in February and am taking a trip to Nashville with some of my girlfriends... I want to look and feel awesome about myself! I've done BFL before, only for about 6-8 weeks before a breakup sped up the process of weight loss/muscle tone. Since then, I've sort of fallen off the eating healthy and working out wagon and am looking forward to getting back on track in the next 12 weeks in preparation for my trip! Starting tomorrow! Looking forward to encouragement and ideas from this group - Best of luck to everyone! Here we go!!


  • I am starting my first 12 week BFL program tomorrow. Very excited, I've tried many things in the past some successful some not so much but I always seem to lose motivation about a month in. So I am very excited to have found a group that may help me get through that time. Good luck to you all!

  • Hey guys-

       Stumbled across this book at my parent's house over Thanksgiving break and want to give it a try! I've printed out my papers and wrote my meal plan for tomorrow already--I'm excited! Good luck to everyone on their first day :) I think there are 11 of us starting tomorrow from what I read on here. Let's do this!!