Crazy Free day

  • So, starting today my 6th week, yesterday i went nuts, i mean i ate a lot ( pizza, Toblerone,probably like 4000 cal or more). But on week 4 i didnt use my free day at all so, i dont know. I weight like 174 (5ft. 9),  im 18 years old,my BF% its around 14. But my question is, Am i gonna lose all my week 5 "hard work" (i enjoy hitting the gym, and doing the diet). I ate like that beacuse i was having a lot of cravings and anxiet anxiety, so i wanted to saturate my psych, i dont know if that makes sense. THNX for readin and for answering (if you do).

    PD: i usually eat like 1700 1800 calories during day. and like 160 GR of carbs.

  • Sorry for posting it in the "kitchen", but i dont know how to use this BFL page pretty good

  • Hey,

    Don't sweat having a bad day.  It happens.  All you can do now is move past it and get right back on track!

    You are not going to lose all of your hard work.  In the book Bill says free days (like the one you had) are good because it keeps our bodies from going in to starvation mode.  

    Just don't do it too often and when you do.... Use it as motivation in the gym to work just a little harder.


  • Binging high 5!!

    Ah I have been there, on my first free day I specifically got up early just so I could have more time to eat....but it isn't all bad, I mean yes you do lose some momentum specifically on weight loss, but it doesn't undo your muscle building,

    Id say it just knocks you back a few days on losing waist measurements, it's not the end of the world :)