Changing Start Day

  • I originally set my start date as 11/12/2012.  I didn't get myself organized enough and need to change it to 11/26.  Do I need to resubmit another registration?

  • No, I think you should be able to edit the challenge you originally started. Go to your Challenge Dashboard and it should show you the challenge you are currently in.  There is an edit button next to it that you can click and from there it should let you change the start date.  If it doesn't let you, then it could be because you're trying to use a future date so you can try to edit again on the 26th or after.  I had to change mine as well, but only by 1 day, and it worked fine. :)

    Good luck on your upcoming challenge!  Definitely utilize this forum for support - I think it is a huge help.

  • BFL doesn't require you to register ahead.  Some do to use the online tools, but you only need to send in your entry within 10 days (verify that it's 10) of your end date.  They will accept it, regardless of it you registered. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thank you Laura and Jessica.  I was able to change my date.  In the meantime I'm eating right and doing some exercise and walking a ton.  This week should hopefully ingrain the changes and Mon will come easy.  Yes, going to stick with it as much as possible during Thanksgiving; even doing a 5K Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning!