Daily Diary ---Please pray for me. Starting on 19/Nov/2012

  • After much research I am officially ready. Everything is in order thus far. I have been making notes and printed out the required forms for the next 12 weeks. I read the book twice and have purchased the necessary food items.  Tomorrow is the first date of the change and a new chapter in my life. Anyone who is reading this please pray for me.

    I hope God gives me the strength to keep steadfast and committed to the course.  I will use this thread as my daily diary and to update everyone on the challenges I will be facing. I am scared but also very excited at the same time. 11 years ago when I was at a university I use to do weight training. After a long time I will be going back to the weights again. Thinking about it I actually miss the pain which you get the next day, it's the proof that you have worked hard and your body is changing. I am looking forward to that pain and giving my body the chance to heal.

    Today I sit here and realise that for the past 11 years of my life I have abused a gift given by God. I see people who have far less, some with disabilities but they march on. They still keep fit and thank the Almighty. I have been given everything and the laziness and the easy life took hold. I forgot that I have a responsibility, I have been given the keys to my body and am responsible for it's upkeep. I failed miserably.

    I will appreciate all the support from anyone, everyone reading this. I pray that God turns my weakness into my strength.

    God Bless !!!!

  • I'm starting a new challenge tomorrow, the first few weeks are the toughest, but just force yourself to get in your workouts and stick to your nutrition.  If you fall, get back up, don't look back.  Its about progress, not perfection.

  • I am starting tomorrow as well!  Good luck my friend; I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

  • Go go go! Good luck! If you can, read the "Turning Adversity into Triumph" chapter in the BFL book :)

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hello All,

    Many thanks for your support. Today is the 4th day on the BFL programme. Have not been able to sleep properly for the past two nights, the muscles are in so much pain. I guess it's a rude awakening after a long time of resting. I love this pain in every movement of my body, it makes me feel alive. I feel as as my body has woken after a long slumber. I am following the programme to the letter so far. I have not smoked in the past 4 days and for some weird reason I am not missing is. I am not sure if it's a euphoria of early days but so far so good. I know there is a lot more pain to come but I am ready for it.

  • Ah yes, I remember that, and cursing that my bedroom was upstairs.  But work through it, don't use it as an excuse to drop off your cardio workouts either :)

    The second day after your lower body workout always seems to be the worst, it gets better after that!

  • Prayer will not work your muscles. Moving will.

  • I started on the 18 Nov as I wanted my day off to fall on a Saturday.  Hope it is going well for you all.  I am enjoying my second day off tomorrow but I am finding that I haven't had many cravings at all, so I am mostly looking forward to sleeping in and not working out!  I am finding that my thinking is changing and I am constantly planning ahead (meals, workouts, etc), and am loving the change.  Thus far I have lost 12lbs (many more to go!) and can ALMOST fit into the next size down.  Keep going (you can do it!)  and see you at the end of the challenge!