Getting Going

  • Hello,


    I am starting, tonight, mostly.


    I have been running for the last several months, and spent 4 months previous to that riding a Schwinn Airdyne.  I noticed tonight when I started my upper body workout I was quite weak.  So, I stopped short, not wanting to be overly sore tomorrow.  Has anyone else found this to be an issue and did you "ease your way in"?

    Also I pwn a treadmill and plan on using that for my cardio.  I also have my Airdyne which seems to be a "perfect" piece of equipment for the cardio part.  Does anyone use the Airdyne as well?



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  • Greetings JonnieZ,  Don't dispair about being winded during your trip on the Schwinn Airdyne. I have often used the LifeCycle at the gym and my first HIT was not a stellular one, I was definately winded because I wasn't  use to the up and down type of cardio that HIT has. I am sure that will work for you but you may want to incoporate some other forms if they are available to you like the treadmill (dreadmill I call it and do it at least once a week), stepper or ellyptical(sorry about the spelling, have tough time with that one) so you have some variety in your challenge.