The Fall to Fame begins on 14th Nov 2012

  • Here we go man...tried everything under the sun. The problem is my love for food...I love it man...I love it so much...sometimes I feel like I was a famine stricken African in my past life...The site of those fatty foods turns me on guys...have serious issues...anyway I am starting tomorrow...everyone or anyone is welcome to join me...the more the merrier...current weight is 220 the aim is 175 by the end of two weeks...If I so this...PIZZA AND BEER is on me guys...let the pain begin...I will keep you guys posted on the agony and the pleasure....btw I was thinking of not weighing myself throughout as in the past weighing myself sort of makes it more difficult for you...what do you guys think? Would love to hear your comments...

  • Watch the goal setting, that it be realistic, man... Losing 45lbs in 2 weeks, you are setting yourself up for big dissappointment. This is not really a sprint, nor is it a one month try out just to go back to the beer and pizza, man. I am wondering if that is why everything else under the sun you have tried hasn't worked out? Have you read the book to get a deeper understanding that this is about altering your lifestyle completely? I know you can do this, man. But you need to really understand what this takes. I wrote a few thoughts on the thread "what it takes to do BFL", maybe it can be helpful as you are starting out. Kick butt and yes, don't weigh yourself a lot. Keep up that excitement.


  • I am with you man, bored = eat, tired = eat, stressed = eat, happy = eat.  The more deep friend the better.

    BUT, I am managing.  I have been cooking a lot and been making some amazing healthy things, and, yeah on my free days so far I HAVE BEEN GOING NUTS! binging the entire day, but one day is still better than all week.

    And I tell you, skittle taste SO amazing if you haven't been stuffing your face with them all week

  • Sorry man..that was a typo in there. I meant 12 weeks not 2. Secondly I am UK so don't have access to the book. My reason for using this site is to gain support from people like yourself. Thanks for the detailed email. I don't know how your programme works but I have listed below what I will be doing for the next 12 weeks.

    Breakfast :- One full beetroot / Piece of Ginger / Cod Liver Oil Tablet. Cup of coffee and an Apple

    Lunch :- Latte with skimmed Milk, Soup and a Apple.

    DInner :- Oil Free Chicken with one piece of bread and lots of salad.

    Snacks:- Ample Tea and Apples if I fee hungry

    Excercise :- I think in the first month it will be too much on the body as I will be suffering from sugar withdrawal, and also not smoking will have its effects. I don't want to push too much. In the second month I will start walking everyother day and in the third month I will join a gym to attend three sessions a week.

    I think if i stick to the above I should lose 45 pounds in 12 weeks. I guess I will be looking for a lot support and help from you guys as this is really hard for me because I am one hell of a GREEDY PIG. Will keep you guys posted.

    P.S It would be really nice if they had like a daily diary sort of thing so I could put my thoughts and other people could comment on it. I think what would help people immensely.

  • - worth every penny!

    Part of BFL is pushing yourself, and you NEED to do both exercise and nutrition to really get the benefit out of it.  You don't have to go nuts with weights and speed, but just do it and track your progress.

    You are doing exactly what I was doing "oh I will do this next week, or week after" and when that came around, I never did it.

    You are not going to die just by going for a walk, but you also won't get as much benefit from going for a jog instead.

    The cardio plan for BFL is High Intensity Interval Training, which means changing up the intensity every minute.  So ok, start of slow, but still unless you get a sweat on, you aren't going to notice anything.

    Walk for one minute, fast walk for the next minute, slow jog for the next minute, then fast jog for the fourth, then back to walking.  Do that 5 times, and you pretty much have done a workout.

    As you keep doing it, you will notice it gets easier and easier, remarkably quickly too.  

  • There you have it FattyFattyDumDum... PLEEEAAASSEEE get the book first!!! We want you to reach your goal and know you can! But as of now by the way you are writing, you are not prepared with the right tools and understanding to reach them at all. Even in 12 weeks you won't lose 45lbs by doing what you are describing. This program is about High Intensity Interval like MrCynical said, which means pushing yourself like you probably have never done BEFORE! and this for 12 WEEKS straight, not for 4 weeks out of 12 walking 3 times a week!! And then weightlifting is going to be another killer, lift until you can't do another rep!! There is nothing slow about this program and the schedule and nutrition plan you have in mind is not going to do it. Man, we really want to help you, not discourage you. Please read the book first and get the right mindset and then you will kick some serious tail! And congrats on the quitting smoking. YES and AMEN! Check in again! Visit the testimonials section on this site and see the before and after shots, they are real!!! Real people, real results! Lots of people post their own pix too. Mine are also in my profile. We all followed the program to a T. Now, get going! You can do this.


  • Please get your hands on a book and read it from cover to cover!!! BFL was meant to be done BY THE BOOK if you expect results! It is a great read, very motivating and informative. You can either order it online for very cheap, or most libraries carry it as well. I have seen it at most bookstores too. The workout plan and nutrition plan are both very specific so don't try to just create your own if you want to follow this program and see results.

    There is no such thing as exercising being too much for the body. Your body was made to exercise. Don't start this program making excuses for yourself....please read the goes into detail about excuses.

    Many people use this forum as a diary. You can add on to another thread, or you can start your own. Or, consider this your thread and post daily. It's great for accountability!

    This forum is here to help, so please ask questions and get all of the info you can to live a healthy lifestyle. Soraya is right...this is for LIFE! You won't be sorry for completing this program the correct way :) Good luck!!!

  • Guys,

    Many thanks for you help. Got the E-Copy of the book and spent most of the day reading it. Now I know why you all were pushing me to read the book. It all makes sense now. I have phoned around few gyms around town and have agreed to join of one of them this weekend. I guess I need to get the my head in full gear and concentrate on this. I don't want to rush into it.

    I have decided to start on the 19th of Nov and until then I want to get everything in order. Apart from reading the book I am reading the stories of guys who have done this before and I just cannot believe the transformation.  I am making notes from the book to make sure I don't forget the bits which can make or break this program for me. WISH ME LUCK !!!!


  • It is reading threads like these that inspire me to write more on my thread "What it takes to do BFL... for anyone who needs help". So, I will write here and then paste it there and invite you to read up on some more thoughts I wrote there. I get very motivated myself by encouraging others... btw, I believe in you and believe you are on to something!!


    It is very hard to start this program blindfolded. The book is the guide for this program and explains why it is different then other dieting programs. This is a change of lifestyle in both exercise and nutrition and meant to be lived by for LIFE, not just 12 weeks. The book also talks about myths on weight loss and helps us understand right away why we never succeeded in other attempts. It's because we had the wrong mindset.

    1. Needless to say, in order to commit to a program like this, IT IS A MUST to read the book cover to cover and highlight what you learned for the first time. There will be many "Aha!" moments.

    2. I don't recommend either starting the same day you start reading the book. You will not only need time to digest the info, but also time to get ready mentally. Like I described before this takes serious commitment, dedication, a "never-give-up" attitude and much willpower and more. So, take the week to not only read the book, but start emptying your cupboards and refrigerator(s) of all "unauthorized foods"!!!. The more bad stuff you have around, the easier to fall off the bandwagon like many often say... "I fell off the bandwagon, need to restart". So, guard your mind from being TEMPTED in the first place. Eat up those potato chips or throw the darn things away! Same with the soft drinks and ice creams. Next, take time to study the "approved" food list and go to the grocery store and challenge yourself to see how many things you can find to work with. This takes time and even well after being in the program you will continue find things you can use. I discovered wheat tortillas like in week 5 or so. Get your shopping done and then you are prepared with the right foods and your brain knows there is no turning back! Also, decide what supplements you will take if any. Not everyone joins the challenge officially by submitting their story and pictures, but those who do are required to use at least one product by EAS. The rest can decide if they want to use supplements or not and try from different brands.

    3. Obviously, join a gym if you haven't as yet unless you have a home gym already. After joining, if you have never lifted before or used the machines, take a day or two to have a gym personnel guide you through how to use them. It takes time to figure out what weights you can handle with each exercise. Also some machines can be complicated to work if it is your first time and will stress you out on the day you begin if you don't know what you are doing.

    4. As you continue reading, let other important people in your life know what you are about to begin. Get their support and thus avoid friends inviting you out Monday night for Pizza and beer! lol! Remember that your day off is Sunday! The more people you tell, the more you are sure to continue with your program because now you are under the microscope and being watched to see if you will go all the way or quit. The more accountability, the better.

    5. Figure out how you will track your progress!!!!!!! This is a MUST! Ain't nobody gonna become successful without keeping close track of their activity!! Make copies of the sheets the book recommends or buy yourself a journal. You must plan and keep track of meals and exercises. Some feel this is for sissy's. Well, all sissy's succeeded on this program by following it to a T. I am one of those sissy's.

    6. Now is not the time to start tweaking the program. Follow it to a T!!! In this challenge you HAVE to teach your body a new routine, teach your stomach new eating habits and teach your mind to get committed! Don't replace things and omit things. (Unless there is a medical reason you can't eat some things or workout some ways). If you had past injuries, limit weights for those muscle groups but pump it on the rest! After Challenge 1 feel free to change up your routines as long as you will continue to eat clean and work hard. There are many good programs out there. For Challenge 2 I am doing Insanity with Shaun T. by Beach Body for example and other tweaks, but working out HARD and eating right.

    7. Take time to read other threads on here and become familiar with other people's struggles and suggestions others are making so you know what to expect. The best way to get committed is by being REALISTIC! Some struggle really bad, but they get a lot of advice and support and the strong keep going and make it to the end. So, make new friends, ask questions, join conversations. Those who journey together, tend to keep going. Those who stop participating and stop being accountable are sure to be left behind! And then they are gone for good!

    8. Take BEFORE pictures. Good ones. Front, side, back! Measure yourself! The only way to keep track of progress is by comparing every month or so and be astonished at your losses!!! It is a very encouraging feeling!!

    9. Obviously all of this takes time. Time to process, time to get ready, time to get familiarized... but mostly it takes time to get your motivation and commitment level to where you KNOW you are in this for the long haul. THOSE WHO CHOSE TO START WITHOUT GETTING READY MENTALLY AND UNDERSTANDING WHAT THEY GOT INTO ARE SURE TO QUITT BEFORE 2 WEEKS ARE BY!!!!!! We can't do something half way and expect full results. This is plain stupid! Sorry for being hard at times, but I love motivating people. I get fired UP!

    10. Ultimately have fun!! know that it will hurt! Know that you may be disappointed at times because you wanted faster results. Know that you will sweat! Know that some days you will not want to do it, but you MUST and will need someone to kick you in the rear! BUT ABOVE ALL THINGS, AFTER BEING REALISTIC, KNOW THAT WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH THE FIRST 12 WEEKS, NO ONE WILL BE MORE HAPPY YOU DID THEN YOU YOURSELF!! And you will inspire others, especially those friends or relatives who didn't believe in you!! So, Show 'em what you are made of!!!

    "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this:" Psalm 37:5

    "Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won't you fist sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying "this person began to build and wasn't able to finish" Luke 14:28,29

    And to FattyFattyDumDum, we are here cheering for you and when you are done, you can change your user name to SlimmySlimmySmartSmart!!! hahaha. Get goin' man! This ain't about luck! Just do it!


  • Hello Soraya.

    First of all thank for the time you have taken to write such a detailed and beautiful email. I have been making notes and printing out the required forms for the next 12 weeks. I read the book twice now and have also done my shopping. Tomorrow is the first date of hte change and a new chapter in my life. Anyone who is reading this please pray for me.

    I hope God gives me the strength to keep steadfast and and commited to the course. I will be opening another thread which I will use as my dialy diary and to update everyone on the challanges I will be facing. I am scared but also very excited at the same time. 11 years ago when I was at a university I use to do weight training. After a long time I will be going back to the weights again. Thinking about it I actually miss the pain which you get the next day, it's the proof that you have worked hard and your body is changing. I am looking forward to that pain and giving my body the chance to heal.

    God Bless !!!!

  • Hey FattyFattyDumDum, I've been gone for over a week and just read your msg!!  Congratulations for taking the time to get ready mentally and now you've been on the program for about 10 days. How is it going?? I love it that you will start a thread as a diary. Awesome way to stay accountable. Yes, you have much support here, even when it seems like noone is reading your reports, but they do! Kick some butt at the gym, you have the experience! Go get 'em!