Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • I did the ubwo and worked hard on the heavy weights. I must have improved on my weights so far.  So glad....

    Breakfast wasnot so bad. I had noodle with beef soup. It's delicious. My lunch was mainly veggies.

    Have a great day!

  • max... thats great that you are taking steps to change! keep at it!

    Today was ok but then we had a school sponsored luncheon with appetizers I didnt eat that bad or that much basically just a little trying here and there but boy is my stomach not happy about it. guess it shows me how far ive come in so little time. However, I am enjoying a glass of red wine tonight and had a piece of dark chocolate... but its ok because i dont have any bad food in the house nor the money to spend so i know i will be good until when i go to vegas on thursday.

    Did legs today at home again a circuit i found online. tomorrow im working a clinic 8-1 then studying the rest of the day so Im hoping to get my 20 min cardio done in the morning.

    hope everyone else is having a great day!

  • I did my cardio workout and the knee was still a little hurting. I was never a good athelete. But this time I wouldn't let anything make me quit.  I ate okay today. Not very excited about my food. They were turkey meatloaf. But they were healthy.

    Have a great weekend!

  • not good day. Had to be a clinic early and got up and did cardio but forgot a snack so 5 hours later i was starving and managed to eat almost everything in my path... oh well. I might put in a workout tomorrow am to make up for it! Its also my finals week so im stressed to the max and that is not helping my eating.

    hope everyone else is doing great!!

    brian.. everything ok?

  • Did the lbwo. Got the food prepared.  Lots of sugar was stored into my body yesterday.  Spent the great day with my son!

    Hope everyone is still staying on track and working out great!!

  • I ate a bag of chips and lots of cheese,  I was feeling terrible and stressed. Did the cardio workout. That helped me a little to reduce the pressure.

    Hope you still hold yourself strong everyday.

  • The food prep became more difficult. Because some of the food I got tired of eating them. Only veggies for dinner. But I might overdose the nuts... The ubwo was fine.

  • I had a great cardio workout and the food prep was good too. Meeting with my friends for coffee and having a great time before the Christmas!

    Hope everyone else are doing great!!

  • Whoo!  I was off for a week due to a bad fall, and this week back on has been a struggle!  I did not gain weight, kept the eating very good...just the exercise portion has been a struggle to return to.  But I've forced myself through it and will be finished this week from hell tomorrow.

  • Good for you, gunsho. You will make it happen!

    I had a few cravings today. It's a bad day! I had a handful nuts and sweets before I went exercise. It's the lbwo day. I would be good tomorrow.

  • Another challenge day for me. I encountered another craving very bad today! But I stopped myself eating nuts in the middle of induldging. I might gain a few pounds this week. I could feel my clothes became tighter on my waist. I was a little discouraged on that! But when I looked on my calendar, wow, it's the end of 6th week. I am half way of the whole journey. I got to fight hard on my weakness which was my daily craving for sweets and nuts. I couldn't let myself lose control on my food prep. I got to tighten the reins and not fell off the wagon.

    I still did my cardio run. It was great. But I started to have the new challenge to face next week. That will be fun and exciting....

    So give your best shot. Not only will I survive, I will win!

    Happy Christmas

  • Had a nice day off. I went to the Christmas market and ate chocolate, ice cream, pie, cookies...Also bought more Christmas gifts. What a great day off from my workout!

    Brian, Mel, Minty, Gunsho...... Merry Christmas to you all!