Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • Hey group,

    Mell I am glad it was nothing serious with your knee.

    I had a ok day.  Was up all night and very tired.  Still got my workout in but didn't eat that great.  

    We are at the end of week 4 guys.  You are doing awesome.  Anyone taking week 4 pics?


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  • hi guys. well the rest of my weekend wasnt good with holiday parties and such but the next two weeks are crunch time at school so i bought a lot of healthy food and im hoping to stay on track for the next two weeks because im going to Vegas at the end of december and Id like to enjoy that without too much worry.

    Waking up at 445 to get in a lower body. I think I will do it at home though instead of the gym so hopefully it will still be a good workout! I packed cottage cheese as a snack and a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch and then havent decided on a snack yet.

    Hope everyone has a great week!!! Is it week 5 already?!?! Woo hoo! We can do this everyone!

  • On freeday I ate in McDonald's with my son. We loved the fried chicken and ice cream.  I felt tired due to my swollen tonsils. But I didn't miss out the ubwo. I am glad that I can stick to my exercise schedule. I cooked the delicious salmon with olive oil. I enjoyed it.

  • Im glad you still got the workout done ljyee!

    I didnt end up working out this morning because I remembered I had time this afternoon to make it to the gym so I opted for 8 wonderful hours of sleep. somehow Im still tired... Never goes away.

    Wasnt too hungry for breakfast but ate as much as I could and brought my food for the day so Im set!

    Have a great day everyone!!

  • Week 5 yippie! Almost at the halfway point!

    Hello group, this morning I opted to not weigh myself! I'm putting the scale away until February! I really wasn't in the mood to talk myself out of a funk if the scale decided it wanted to go berserk!

    Have a great week all!

  • Hey group,

    I am still around.  I have been sick the last two days.  Haven't been eating great, not bad just haven't ate much.  I also didn't workout today.  Just didn't have the energy to do it.

    I am starting to feel better tonight.  I will be back at it tomorrow.


  • I am also sick and will see doctor. So I decide no exercise for a day.  I wanted to have some chocolate at a moment, the myoplex lite shake helped me to stay away from the temptation. It made me not wanting to eat other junk food. It's amazing experience.

  • hey guys. im sorry to hear everyone is sick!!  Im just getting over my cold... guess its that tme of year! I hope you all feel better soon..lots of vitamin C!

    Well yesterday food and exercise went well. Last night my roommate and her boyfriend woke me up at 1230 when i was planning on getting up at 430 so that sucked. I got up at 5 and just did a 20 min cardio at home it was still ok i used the app Nike training club. But now im exhausted and a bit annoyed.

    Got my food prep all done for today though so thats good. Its awesome to hear everyone sticking with it despite set backs. Thats what its all about making changes!!

    Have a great day!

  • I got back on track and did my lbwo. During my workout, I hurt my knee. So I just got part of the workout done. But I finished the ab workout. Started to prepare for the kid's meal, then for myself.  My son asked me to open one Myoplex lite for him to drink. I told him that's not for kid. He then started crying. I had to calm him down by letting him doing something else. I still got my own food planned well for the day. That should give me the nutritions I need.

    Mell, you are doing great. Woke up at 5 and did cardio workout, that's inspiring! Great job!

    Brain, keep up the great work.

    Have a great day!

  • hi guys! ljyee im sorry you hurt your knee!! hopefully it will recover!! and that is too cute about your son...bodybuilder in the making :)

    I was going to get up and do UB this morning but I really needed sleep so i slept almost 9 hours which isnt good because i have an exam today but i guess my body was trying to tell me something. Hopefully Ill muster the motivation to do it after the exam.

    Hope everyone has a great day!! Stay with it guys!

  • Hi gang...lots of flu going around...I was super sick Sunday and Monday.  then I took a nasty fall on Tuesday walking to work.  I can't believe how badly I hurt my back, neck and ribs, not to mention the bruises and the ripped off needless to say, I am taking this week off from working out.  My eating has not fallen off though and I am holding true to that and the water.   Not beating myself up, nor looking for ways to quit or cheat.  it is what it is.  My body needs to heal a little, so Sunday morning is when I plan to start the week again...fingers crossed!  Hope everyone else is doing well!

  • One of my friends died at a young age from cancer. She was such a nice mother and hard worker. She seemed eating right and did exercise. But still she died. Her husband told us that she alwasy felt grateful about her life. When I think about her, I am touched by her strength and peace.

    I did my ubwo and got the food prepared for the day. Life is beautiful if we cherish it.

    Have a great day!

  • I'm in...51 yo male, needs to lose at least 25 pounds.  Knocked out lower body this morning, tomorrow upper body, day three run, day four rest, then starts all over again.  This has been my routine for years and am open to any suggestions.  

  • max...are you going to follow the BFL eating?

  • I'm going to try...this morning I juiced, then salmon filet and sweet potatoes, then my daughter got home from school and talked me into Bob Evans...spaghetti and meat sauce...but I only ate half of it, then small ham sandwich for snack... by writing this down and seeing it I have alot of bad eating habits to modify...I do drink alot of water but my food intake is bad...I better work on that alot.  thanks for mentioning that and prompting me to look at that aspect.  I truly hope you are doing well with the challenge!