Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • Good job on your 4lbs weight ljyee. I know that eventually I will be there too. Being parents, we are masters of multitasking! Kudos to all parents in the group!

  • Sounds like you are doing great ljyee.

    Even though my workout was interrupted because I am at work, I was able to get it done.

    Ate pretty good and tonight was one of my free meals.

    Keep at it guys.  You are doing great!


  • I did the ubwo and felt sore. My sore throat still bothers me. I am taking the medication. I won't let the sickness stop me. My food is fairly clean. I cooked chicken in soy sauce. Maybe soy sauce is not so good. But I often use soy sauce as the seasoning when I cook meat.

  • Checking in with everyoone.  Hope you are all doing well and pleased with your determination!  I haven't seen any more significant scale changes, but MAN my pants feel looser and am starting to pull out the ones in storage.  I did NOT want to do my lbwo this morning, but I followed some sound advice and talked myself into five minutes...well, just do the half way mark I was going full tilt and now I feel awesome and glad I kept at it.  It's funny, my lower body has always been VERY well developed, along with my core, but it's the workout I dread the most...does anyone else have that problem with a workout?  Anyway, have a strong day everyone!

  • Gunsho,

    I am glad you forced your way through your workout.  The LBWO is  definitely the one I hate the most.   Probably because I am doing lunges now.  I have found getting through the first set or five minutes really sets the tone for the entire workout.

    I visited the doctor today and I have actually gained three pounds.  I didn't want to weigh in until the end of this week but it was kind of unavoidable.  Anyway, I am not unhappy about the gained weight at all.  Yesterday I had to tighten my bunker pants all the way up at work.  They almost don't fit at all anymore.  

    I know I have lost a significant amount of fat and gained some muscle.  Overall I am not worried about what the scale says.

    I had a really good UBWO today.  Lost some energy by the end of triceps but pushed my way through biceps and felt great at the end.


    I am sorry you are still feeling bad but I am so proud of you for continuing the program.  I have actually quit a 12 week program before because I was sick.  Keep up the great work.

    Mell -  are you still around?


  • There were a couple of times I had craving for chocolate cookies during the day. I had to control myself and not let that feeling continue. I drank a lot of water. The water really helped me to feel fullness. I also did the cardio workout. It wasn't as great as the other days, but still, I perspired.

  • Congrats on the pants, Brian!  I wish there was a like button here lol.  And well done on controlling your cravings Ljyee.  I have a picture of a wedding dress posted at my desk as my hubby and I are renewing our vows...visulization has never helped so much!

  • I'm so very happy for your progress Brian and gunsho! Ljyee great job on powering through the workout and not falling victim to temptation. Sometimes i swear i could here cheesecake calling my name!!!! 😁We are all becoming stronger-physically, mentally and spiritually!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Brian, it must be a guy thing, I have barely lost any weight, but pants are feeling looser and I got into some that I couldn't a couple of years ago!

    I would still love to see that figure on the scale go down, something very psychological about getting fit and the scales, but if I dont blub out over my jeans by the end of it, that will be enough for me! :)

  • The dumbbell lunges were hard, but I finished lbwo. I didn't feel so well after I finished the exercise. Because my legs and knees were trembling, I had to let myself rest for an hour. My food was boiled spinach and the pork. I couldn't find the pork on the food list later. So I'd better not eat any pork next time. I still drank lots of water, which made me heal better. I appreciate you all giving me so much support. Thanks a lot!!

  • MyCynical -  The scale can be so discouraging.  That is why I don't use it.  It's a psychological thing.  I have read a lot of your posts and I know you will be where you want before you know it.

    ljyee -  Dumbbell lunges are tough aren't they.  They are a fantastic workout though.  I have these coming up tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it at all.

    Minty - Oh Cheesecake is my favorite.  When I finish this 12 weeks I am going to treat myself to a huge slice from Cheesecake Factory.

    Gunsho -  Thanks.  Visualization is a great tool to use in the transformation process.  I use a picture each day that I l look at to help me stay on track.

    Keep it up guys we are almost to the end of week four.  You all are doing so great.  We will be there before you know it.

    I have been on track this week and getting some good exercises in.  I still feel like I could make some improvements in my nutrition.


  • Hey MrCynical, doesn't it just burn your biscuits? You put the work in the gym, eat right and you see nothing on the scale! Thank God for the looser fitting pants! I'm in the same boat as you!  I usually weigh in on Mondays, if this Monday I see no change I will not weigh myself again until February 10th! Keep on truckin!

    Brian, ljyee, Mell, gunsho- have a great weekend!

  • Thanks Minty, you too!  I wish I had read the website last time I tried BFL as I wouldn't have quit at week 5.  The 8 (9, 10, 11) week miracle for women is what I'm holding out for this time.  Anything I experience now is gravy.  I noticed the clothes fitting better then too, but I couldn't keep up with the weight loss my husband was experienceing and it bummed me out big time.  It's the same this time around too (his 25lbs to my 12lbs), but at least I know it's normal.  Meanwhile, I couldn't do my HIIT yesterday as my elliptical machine broke and my hubby wasn't able to fix it until today.  I woke up this morning with the upper respitory infection my whole family has had for over a week and felt bad that I was missing the last two days of my week (my free day is Saturday)...I convinced myself to at least try the UBWO today and that it would be okay if I was weaker than normal...well, not only did I finish, I topped out and have to increase weights for next time!  Just goes to show how much we are capable of underestimating ourselves...have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your free day...I will be, despite the flu!

  • hi guys.

    im sorry ive been MIA its been a crazy few weeks at school with exams and such. I have fallen a bit off the horse..especially because of my knee. I also just didnt have time to prepare meals so i fell on that as well.

    I did get my knee checked out today though and no serious injury its just a lateral sublaxation of my knee cap and some joint popping that is common in runners. the recovery is just strengthening my leg muscles so looks like BFL will count as recovery!

    Back to it on monday (Im not home this weekend so im going to do my best to follow but its going to be hard, as well as getting over a cold).

    Bryan Im glad you arent worried about the weight gain because as long as your pants are fitting better its all that matters and if you feel better!

    Im going to go back and read what ive missed!

    Hope everyone is doing well!!

  • The 20 minutes cardio workout went by quickly.  I couldn't run very fast at the beginning, because my muscle was still sore and my energy level wasnot there enough.  But in the last ten minutes, I increased the intensity and ran fast. The last 2 minutes, I made to run very fast.  

    So I didn't have much appetite to eat anything,  I therefore cooked the noodle and an egg with some veggies. I knew It's not a good way to build strong muscle.

    I am motivated by you all everyday.

    Have a great weekend!