Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • We fell to page two.  That isn't where we belong.

    How is everyone doing?

    I had a good day of exercise.  My legs are very sore though.

    Not so great on eating.  

  • Thanks everyone for updating their status. Coming to me, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks  from 223 to 218. However, my wife has not lost much at all. I have received my EAS starter kit and those protein bars are so so in taste compared to fiber one choclate bar however protein powder is good.  What is a best substitute for cottage cheese?...... I dont like the taste at all... Good luck all........ I am hoping to be between185-195 by the time this is done.

  • I did the ubwo. The lifting weights were improving more. I could see myself become content everytime I lifted heavier weight. Eating wise, I did just okay and ate 5 meals.

  • Hey group,

    Had a lackluster ubwo today.  I think this was because I didn't eat very well yesterday.  Oh well, back on track today.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Mell, Minty... You guys still around?


  • hey guys,

    sorry to be mia but i have a big test on monday and its not the most scintillating material but gotta do it. Anyway i did a half UB today because I was so distracted about studying. I didnt do cardio yesteray because of my knee but i have eaten well despite lack of exercise. Although im basically out of clean eating food and have no time/money to go get some more so im going to have to make due with whats around. ill keep ya posted on that.

    Glad to here everyone is doing well.

  • Hi all, this is my third time around too...the fartherst I made it previously was week four...wish I had accessed this website last time to learn that women generally don't see changes until later in the program!  At any rate, I'm down 12lbs and all my clothes are fitting much better!  I ordered my office Xmas party dress two sizes smaller, so I have incentive to keep powering on for the next two weeks!  There was really a click in my brain this time around, there is a determination this time that is keeping me marching forward...I hope everyone is having a great day and hope to see you all at the end of the (first) journey!

  • Thats a great idea gunsho.  Now you have some motivation to keep trying hard

  • Hello gang, still hanging in there! I had too many Skinny Girl Margaritas yesterday! Holiday parties can be a bit of a challenge! I hope my overindulgence doesn't affect Monday's weigh in. I'm gonna run like Forrest Gump today!

    Gunsho, although I haven't seen a significant change on the scale, coworkers have noticed a change in the way I look! Congrats on the 12lbs loss and on being 2 sizes smaller. WooHoo!

    Hey Brian, still liking the C4? I read about it on your blog and I'm thinking of getting it.

    Any protein powder users out there? I am currently taking the EAS Lean 15. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

    Have a great weekend all!

  • Mell, I wish you Godspeed on the recovery of your knee!

  • Hey,

    How are all of you guys doing?

    Minty, what are "Skinny Girl" margaritas?  Yeah I really am liking the C4.  It doesn't give the jittery feeling and after effect of some other drinks.  I have been using it every day since I got it.  I am currently using Pure Protein but am switching to Myoplex when I am done with the other.

    I had a pretty good workout today and ate so.. so.  Hope you guys are doing great.  Did you know we are 1/4 of the way done?  Awesome


  • Hello all!

    Can't believe it's 4 weeks til Christmas! Time is whizzing by!

    Skinny Girl Margarita is a pre-mixed, low-cal margarita. Just add ice! I opted for it given the other high calorie choices.

    Had a great run yesterday and threw in some ab work too!

    Starting week 4 tomorrow! Yay! Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow!


  • A new week here!

    My son gets sick because of the weather. I am sick on my throat too. In my head, can I still find the strength to do exercise? I decide to go to finish my lbwo. This is my willpower.

  • Weigh in day! Ugh! No progress!

  • Hey group,

    My workout today got interrupted half way through.  Had to go pick my daughter up from daycare she is sick.

    Ate pretty good today.

    Hope you guys are doing well


  • I had a busy day, since my son was still sick. But i went to do my cardio workout.  The exercise made me feel better. Now my son is getting better, I am so happy. I have more energy to do ubwo. I also scaled my weight and measured my body, the numbers came down being compared to the numbers last week.  I lost 4 lb.