Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • I agree its a stinker sometimes but we can do this!! We just gotta keep at it and if its worked for so many people then it can work for us!

    I got home and was craving a smoothie so i put some fruit and protein powder in and it was delicious. but im still hungry so that was probably a poor choice. I also am logging nutrients and i seem to be going quite over in carbs everyday. i was aiming to eat 1600 cals and about 160 g of carbs but I am eating way more! anyone have thoughts on this?

  • Hey group,

    Mell how many calories are you eating?  It seems to me that 1600 is a pretty small amount to eat and have energy to work out.  That is only 266 per meal.  

    Maybe try to start at 2000 and work your way down to 1600.  I mean yeah 2000 is the ideal diet but how many of us were even close to that prior to body for life?  

    I had a pretty good workout and eating day.  Both of my kids are sick and I kind of feel like I am coming down with something.  I really don't want to get sick while trying to do this challenge.  If I do I guess ill just have to power through it.

    Keep it up guys you are doing great!


  • Vitamin C!! and sleep if you can manage it.

    Ya I guess 1600 might be low but Im not doing the full workouts because of my knee so I probably am not burning as much. that was just my thought process. My BMR is 1400 so Im still eating above that

  • You are amazingly strong and dedicated people.  

    Minty, you did great job to lose 1 pound. I know how tough it could be. If you lose 1 pound per week, 12 weeks that's 12 pounds.

    Mell, smoothie is better than other junk food. counting on calories is good way to stay on track. :-)

    Brian, hope your kids are getting well from sickness. In winter time, kids are easy to get sick. They will be okay.

    I had a good workout on my upperbody and tried to use the heaviest weights. I measured my weigh and other body size today and wanted to use them for the starting point.

    Well, anyway, it's week 3. We are getting there.

    Have a nice workout!

  • Oh man my legs absolutely hate me right now!

    I had a really good lower body workout today.  I forgot how hard dumbbell lunges are.  I purchased a new pre-workout drink.  It was awesome!  Really got me ready to go.

    How is everyone else doing today?


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  • Hey Brian, I have looking for a good pre-workout drink, I recently purchased Heed and I'm not too impressed by it and it's a little high in calories.

    Your legs don't hate you, they're just thanking you for the good workout!  I hope stairs aren't too challenging for you tomorrow!

  • hi guys. just did my cardio on the bike because i thought since thered be no weight bearing itd be great.. well nope about half way through mmy knee was hurting but i didnt wanna stop so like a dummy i kept going and now im regretting it. It hurts pretty bad.

    Food department is good. missed my afternoon snack and since i had lunch at 11 then straight to workout at 4 and now just eating so im starving!!

    I have a doctor appt the 7th about my knee so hopefully its nothing serious.

    Tomorrow instead on LBW i think ill do another UB.

    Sounds like everyone is doing great!! keep it up guys!!

  • Hey Minty,

    I wrote all about my new workout drink on my blog here..

    I really like the drink and it is really low on calories.


    I am sorry your knee is bothering you so much but I am proud of you for sticking with it through such adversity.

    Take care of that knee.  You don't want to make it worse.


  • Hello all!  I'm on day 3 and not off to a good start.  Needing motivation so I ordered some new running shoes last night.  Excited to receive them!  

    Mell,  I had problems with my knee my first time around.  Taking it slow and careful and I was really able to build the muscles around it and now I rarely have any more problems!  Take it easy and be good to yourself.  Good luck.  Hope your appt goes well!

    Heard from my doctor yesterday about taking thyroid meds again. Ugh.  I saw though that there's a few of us on here that have thyroid issues.

    Hope everyone had a great day!  Thaskn for letting me join your group!

  • thanks guys for all the advice. sometimes its hard to remember that long term health comes first.

    Christy- yup thyroid issues are a pain! but for me, taking the meds helped immensely! Im glad that theres a few of us for support though!

    Looks like im stuck studying all night for a biochem exam monday since the first one did not go so well. hopefully i wont be too tired to do an ubw tomorrow. My lunch is all packed though so no excuses on food!!

    What are some of your guys' go to things to eat? I can see myself getting bored very quickly and thought id get some inspiration!!

  • Christy,  I don't know about thyroid issue, but heard of this issue from my mother's friend who had this problem. She became very thin even though she ate a lot of food after she got this disease. Her body lost the ability to absorb the nutrition. She was cured later and recovered totally. You should be fine too after taking the medicine.

    Mel, go to things are yoga, oatmeal, orange or banana. sometimes, I will also boil corn to eat. Half of it is good.

  • Hello group!

    Some of my usual eats, hard boiled eggs, a protein shake immediately after a workout, Baby Bell cheese, Greek yogurt, chicken cooked in stewed tomatoes, brown rice, spinach.....just to name a few.

    Christykikki, thyroid medication can really put your body back in proper balance.

  • hi guys! just had a great ub workout. Then ate my lunch and now studying. unfortunately ive had a killer migrane since last night so i feel really crappy but that shouldnt stop me from working out and eating right!

    anyone a migrane sufferer?

  • Hey group,

    I had a very good cardio workout today.  I am really loving my new workout drink.

    Ate well up until dinner but today was one of my free meals at work.

    Feeling pretty good and ready for another day of Body For Life


  • I had a migraine  a few weeks ago, I had to go to see the doctor and did the NMR checking. Have you done the checking? It just makes sure you have no tumor in your head.