Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • Free day went well. I mean I ate lots of fried and spicy food. I felt I added back many  heavy weight on me. That's the motivation to keep me going next exercise.

  • hi guys!

    Well this week has been sh*t. Thanksgiving was horrible like i said aside from actually getting in my workout. Then hurting my knee worse the next day. Yesterday food wise was also horrible because my boyfriend had a living social deal for fondue that was only good until the end of november so we went last night at 930 and I ate a lot. I also didnt work out yesterday because of my knee.

    Today eating is alright obviously could be better. Im not going to work out today because of my knee again I just want it to heal...

    I just went to the grocery store though and stocked up on clean food. Its going to be very hard for me to eat well if im not working out so Im going to post everyday for extra support if thats ok/

    Im glad to hear everyone is doing well though and love that so many new people have joined!

    Ljyee did you not have your free day on thanksgiving? Talk about will power!!

  • oh and brian happy anniversary! :)

  • Have you tried getting one of those Knee support/sleeve things?  They range in price from $5 to $100 here in New Zealand, i got a mid price one when I buggered up my knee and it was brilliant, meant I could still hit the treadmill.

  • ya i have one and it does help a lot but then when i take it off it hurts pretty bad so I think its best to just not do cardio or legs until i can walk with no pain with out the knee brace just in case its something more serious. Thank you for the advice! :)

  • Welcome christykikki!

    Mell- I'm not counting calories but I am trying to keep track of protein grams and ensuring I get enough per meal. Hope that helps.

  • Is there anywhere you can go swimming mell?  Zero impact on knees and a great cardio workout.

  • Yeah swimming is a great idea Mell.  Not sure where you live but around here it is hard to find places with indoor pools.  Hope you knee gets better fast.  I hope you do keep posting.  We all need support and so far this group is great!

    I have had a pretty good day.  Workout wasn't that great but I got it done.

    Have been eating pretty good, cooking some salmon for dinner right now.


  • I have a gym here that has an indoor pool. Il have to buy a swim suit and such since swimming as cardio was never on my list! Thanks for the advice guys!

  • That's awesome!

    I wish I had a place to swim for cardio in the winter.  

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  • 2 weeks in, weighed in today, 1 pound lost. I guess that's better than no change at all! DAMN YOU TO HELL HYPOTHYROIDISM!!!!!! Keeping my head high and I'm truckin' forward!

  • Minty are your clothes fitting any better?

  • Hey Brian, work pants feel slightly roomier. It must be muscle growth (I hope). A friend at the gym said he already notices a difference in my legs! So that in itself keeps me motivated!

  • Minty I have hypothyroidism as well! Do you take medication for it? Also dont look at the scale!!! It wont help!! you are building muscle and leaning out the scale wont show that right now, just go by how you feel.

    I did UB this am with a few videos i found online but nothing great so i think I will go to the gym and re do it. Then tomorrow cardio but probably not until 6 or 7 pm.

    Eating is going alright. Im still having trouble eating carb at each meal without feeling guilty but Im getting through.. I also am drinking tons of water. How is everyone else doing today?

  • Hey Mell! Isn't a kick in the pants???? Hard not to get frustrated, but yes, I am being treated. I'm currently on 90 mg of Armour Thyroid. It almost seems like my body is fighting me and BFL! I'm gonna keep going strong.  I hate weighing myself and only do so once a week. But I hope some of the weight will budge....eventually!

    Thanks. This is a great group! I feel better knowing that we're all in this together.