Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • Hey Avi welcome to the group!

    I hope everyone did well with their nutrition and exercise today.  Big challenge day tomorrow for those of us in the United States.

    I ate pretty good today and had a good UBWO.  I hate the weeks where we only work upper body once, lol.

    Anyone starting to see any changes yet?


  • I see some changes on my clothes this morning. It's loosing. My tummy becomes flat. It's amazing to notice the change. I hit the highest point on my upper body exercise, my muscle on the chest and arms are sore.

  • Hello everyone, I am wanting to begin my transformation Monday, mind if I hop in with you guys to keep motivated? It's really exciting and it's fun to see what you have accomplished and what I have to look forward to if I keep up.

  • Hi, hublgirl, welcome to join in the team. Sure, we all keep each other motivated. Did the greatest cardio work out and managed to keep the 10s. It makes me feel good after I tried my best. Let's work hard.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  • Welcome hublgirl! You have joined a great group here!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!

  • Welcome hublgirl!

    Ooooooohhh I ate way to much!  I feel horrible right now.  I can just feel the sugar coursing through my veins.  Yep I overdid it a little on thanksgiving.  Oh well its time to move past that and get back on track.

    I did get a good workout in today though.  I got 20 min on the elliptical and worked up a good sweat.  Felt good to get it done earlier in the morning.  

    How did everyone else's turkey day go?


  • We ordered a big turkey and baked it for several hours. Finally, when the cooked juicy turkey showed up on the table, everybody liked the taste so much. I, as the chef, can't hold back my apetite, of course, in the end I ate too much! Don't worry about it. I got to the gym and picked up the dumbbell and did the routine sets of workout. But I corrected my way of doing it, since last ime I checked and found my movement wasn't correct. Yes, the right gesture did make difference on your body, my muscle got tight right away. I knew I was doing right this time.

  • Well I missed my first workout today.  Kind of bums me out.  I was very busy all day and just couldn't get it in.

    I am moving legs to tomorrow and I will be doing cardio on Sunday.

    Are you guys still going strong?


  • So, I missed going to gym for LBWO on wed and therefore nextday I used the transformations work out 5-25 at home. For some reason, using the weights and doing 5-25 for lower body has really made the lower body sore.

    Need help from you guys. I am currently taking assault preworkout. I just ordered lean starter pack from EAS. Just bought fish oil from walmart. Should I still get flaxseed if I am using fish oil? Also, I am hating cottage cheese that I am eating at 10:00 p.m with the fruits. I guess there is not a better option right? Do you all take multi-vitamin? Too many questions..... hope all are having a good thanksgiving and holidays. Have fun.

    - Avi

  • I started on the 12th looking to lose weight and gain strength to compete in a Half Iron Man Triathlon in June 2013

  • Hi guys. Ate way too much at thanksgiving but got my cardio in at least. Then today was iffy did my lower body and hurt my knee worse so I might take a few days off working out.

    I'm glad to see more people joining!!

    Brian its ok you missed one I know you'll get back on track!!

  • I am still going strong on my workout. Did the great cardio workout, it hit 10s.

    How about everyone else?

    Mel, glad you are back to workout. But sorry to hear you injured. Don't worry, you will heal soon. Just take enough rest.

    Welcome new comer!

    Have a great day!

  • iss anyone counting calories? just curious. i know you dont have to on the program..

  • Hey group

    Avi - Im not sure about the flaxseed and fish oil.  I am taking a multivitamin daily.  There are just some minerals and nutrients I can't get if I don't.  

    Sharki - Welcome to the group

    Ljyee -  Great job on your workout!  

    Mell -  Sorry to hear about your knee.  I am not counting calories but it would be helpful to know how many calories are in some portions.  Sometimes I get confused.

    I had a pretty good workout today.  Had to do lower body since I missed it yesterday.  I also did 10 minutes on the bike.  Eating was mostly good except for the anniversary lunch I had with my wife.  

    Keep going you guys are doing great!


  • Hello everyone!  Happy late Thanksgiving to you all.  I'm starting tomorrow and I'd love to join your group.   : )