Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • hi everyone how goes it??? I managed to get in the cardio i missed tuesday yesterday and this morning got in my cardio as well!! My knee still hurts but I bought a brace and am taking it easy!

    Eating is going well. I lack variety due to budget constraints but ill make do :)

    Brian, whats up with you..hows it going?

    Good luck everyone!!

  • Hey Mel, glad you got your workout in.  Hopefully your knee will heal up soon.

    I got my cardio in today but it wasn't the best.  I started getting a headache half way through it.  I used that as an excuse to slack off.  Even though it wasn't that great, I got it done.

    Tomorrow will be more challenging for me, I have an ACLS class all day.  I may have to get up early to get my exercise in.  yuck

  • Thank you! I am a single mother with one boy who's 2 yrs 9 months old. I currently stay home and have a website business. I like to get started and become fit again. So I start today.

  • hey everyone! ljyee great to have you!!

    i got up at 450 today to do lower body and now im so sore!! Off to class

    Have a great day!!

  • Ljyee glad you are getting started with BFL.  I am sure you will be happy you did.  What kind of web business do you run?  I have been tinkering the last couple years with websites and I would love to be able to make money doing it part time.

    Mell that is some serious dedication to get up at 450.  I don't know if I could do it.  Great job!!

    Is your knee feeling better?

    I sat in ACLS class all day and it was soooooo boring.  I managed to eat good by taking my lunch but I haven't drank enough water today.  Trying to make up for that now.  

    Hit the elliptical up after I got done with class.  It was a pretty good workout.  Its only 6:30 and im ready for bed.

    Hope you all had a good day


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  • Mell - Thank you! You are inspiring.

    Brian - Thank you! You are so dedicated. I don't run a successful business at all. It's embarassing to talk about it.

    I eat well today and am happy about my first day.

  • HI guys!

    I have been soooo sore since my lower body workout yesterday so i decided to use today as my day off. I ate pretty crappy so I feel horrible now. Excited to start again clean tomorrow!! How is everyone doing?

  • Had a great 20 minutes cardio workout. I ate bad food as much as possible on my free day. Things like chocolate, beef noodle, coffee late etc.. I am getting ready for tomorrow's upper body work out and clean eating. Yeah!

  • Hey guys,

    Sounds like you two are doing great.  We will always make mistakes along the way.  All we can do is make sure to get right back on track and keep going.

    I need to work harder on what I am eating to make sure and maximize my results.  I have been kind of slipping lately.

    Yesterday was UBWO for me and it went pretty good.  Not really that sore today though.

    Hope you both are having a great day.

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  • hey guys!

    Got up to do cardio today and I did the elliptical. Didnt feel that bad so next time I need to increase the resistance. Eating today is alright I made food for tomorrow though because I have an exam so hopefully itll be easier to stay on track tomorrow.

    Brian its ok to slip. i feel ya on it being hard to be 100% 100% of the time but change takes time and hopefully we can all achieve that! As long as we keep our ultimate goals in mind I have faith!

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Hey all,

    I'm about a week behind, but planning on starting tomorrow.  I desperately need support. I previously completed 3 subsequent challenges several years ago.  However, guess what?? Life happened and I'm back to where I started. I promised myself I wouldn't get here again.  Here I am though! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Hoping yall don't mind if I join in.

    Looking forward to this Journey!

  • Brian, that's true, one day or two slips will not affect too much. As long as you keep your goal in mind, it will work eventually.

    Mell, that must be tough to keep your diet right in the meantime to take the exam. Good for you.

    I did the lower body exercises today. When I came back from gym, I checked my movement again and found an mistake. So I made the note to myself to correct it next time.

    Have a great day!

  • Hey Lazz you are more than welcome to join in with us.   Glad to have you along.

    You did this program once and you can do it again.  Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

    I haven't exercised yet today.  Need to get my butt up off this chair and get going.


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  • hi guys! lazz great to have you the more the merrier :)

    So woke up at 5 this am to do legs. I have been working out at home though so sometimes its not the best workout but this one hurt. I did Nike training camp app and it has 15 minute focused workouts so I did the leg one and then some more leg workouts from it hurt really bad after my legs were shaking! I didnt do too long of a workout because I had my exam today but i did something! Eating is going ok just hungry all the time

    Tomorrow im going to get up at 5 and do cardio outside. I have another exam at 10am though so im glad its only 20 mins! Then off to home for thanksgiving! its going to be tough to stay on track thursday. whats your guys' plan for thanksgiving?