• I have read on here that greek yogurt is considered a protein and other yogurts are considered a carb.  So whats up with yogurt?  Some of the posts I read stated that due to the high protein in greek yogurt that is why it is classified under proteins.  I eat the strawberry fiber one yogurt and would love to add fiber one cereal to it to make it my breakfast but if this type of yogurt is considered carbs obviously I won't do that.

  • Landhippo,

    It's all in the numbers.  Just read the label.  I think I remember that you are a female (from a prior post?).  Most females need about 20gms protein and 20gms carbs per meal.  I have five kids, and a few types of yogurts here, so I will give you some numbers for comparison.

    Yoplait Original Mtn. Blueberry (6oz); 33gm carbs and 5gm protein

    Yoplait Light Blueberry Patch (6oz); 19gm carbs and 5gm protein

    Chobani nonfat Blueberry Greek Yogurt (6oz); 20gm carbs and 14gm protein.

    The Yoplait yogurts only have 5gms protein, and the original has a whopping 33gms carbs.  The yoplait light is okay on the carbs, but way too little protein.  

    All I do is add a tbsp of my low carb vanilla protein powder (about 5gm protein and .5gm carb per tbsp) to the Greek yogurt, and then I have a delicious meal with 19gms protein, and 20.5gms carbs.  They are delicious, and come in different flavors (peach, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla).  

    If you have COSTCO in your area, a wholesaler, they sell them in variety packs of 12 for $11.49.  Great deal at just under $1 for your meal.

    Okay, so I am a freak about the CHOBANI greek yogurts...but lots of people on this forum mix cottage cheese with yogurt to get more protein in the meal.  That would work too!  If the cottage cheese consistency is an issue, just use a little handheld blender and whip it smooth.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps a little!



  • Julie-So each kid has their favorite yogurt? lol! :)  I use the Oikos (sp?) brand of yogurt, a cup I think gives me 19g protein and then I had some fruit in there for the carbs.

    I'm also a cottage cheese/yogurt mixer upper...nonfat on both, I use the Dannon lite for yogurt.

    Diane (cause I found out your real name! lol!)-hope this helps solve the Greek yogurt dilemma...Julie is right, read those labels and then you can be certain your intakes for carbs/protein! :)

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  • I'm also one to add my own fruit/splenda to plain FF Greek Yogurt.  I want to KNOW what sugars are being added to it.  

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  • Debbie,

    Yes, I have never heard of that brand!  I will have to check it out.  Oikos?  Yes, you know how kids are...they all have different tastes, and I coddle them too much!

    Sounds like you had an INSANE LBWO this morning!  How high is the step for your step ups?  Do you use a stair step, or a bench?  Just curious.  I like the Bulgarian Split Squats (I think it was Legs that suggested it months ago!).  One leg back and up on the bench, then squat with the other leg.  But for me, walking lunges are king for quads.  I love deadlifts for hamstrings, but want to try the ball leg curl thingy you guys do.  I am going to do it tomorrow as my last set of 12 (my level 10).  I will let you know how it goes!

    Have a great day!



  • Thanks everyone!

  • I eat the yoplait greek yogurt along with 1 cup of Kashi high fiber high protein cereal and that gives me 21 grams of protein.

  • question regarding greek yogurt. those of you that like the greek yogurt carbono, or something like that. it has 20g crabs, and 14g prtoein, what do you had to increase the protein so that it will be a littel more balance. rith now I eat the stoneyfield greek yogurt, blueberry which has 10g protein and 12g carb, I pair it with 1/2c fiber one cottage cheese which has also 10gprotein and 8g carb.