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  • Greetings friends!

    I hope this weekend is a good one for ya'll.  The weather is fabulous this weekend here in Austin, TX.  I wish it was fall everyday of the year.  The air is cool, crisp and clean. I am feeling high today because even though I worked out so hard yesterday that my butt muscles hurt (even still with Ibuprofen in me) I dropped another pound! I am not expecting to drop weight everyday, but if I could at least once a week I will be more than long as I don't gain any of it back. I just talked to one of my sons who lives in College Station, TX and he is coming to visit me next week...I am sooo excited. Its a great day!   I am a single mom and they have been my whole life.  I love them soooooooooo much.  All our birthdays are in of my sons was even born on my birthday.....and I hope to weigh at least 10 pounds less by then..... we will see how that goes.....I will be satisfied if I don't screw up between now and then and keep up with my exercise and weightlifting....that will at least keep me on the healthier body track which is the most important thing in all of this.

    MOTIVATION:  Respect yourself, respect your body. Why would you do bad things to your own body? Your body depends on you to nurture it with the most healthy habits you can do to it, to protect it from harm, abuse. Your body needs exercise, rest, clean water, and the most nutritious food you can put in it, or the body will decay and rot. An unhealthy body smells bad, looks bad, is bad. If you want your body to do you good you must first do your body good. Your body can be your best friend if you treat it right.  Clean it, rest it, nourish it, strengthen it, and your body will be your best friend forever.

    "Holidays" are coming - kick ass!  Get your body and mindset ready now to not pig out like everyone else will be doing. While everyone else is pigging out and feeling awful afterwards, you can be dancing through it all feeling great and stronger. Start the New Year looking better than you ever did before! Think about how great you will feel on New Year's Day after you have flyed through the holidays concentrating on your health first everyday.

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  • I dropped another pound!  Hell yeah!  That's what I'm talkin about! It's another weightlifting day. I am still a little sore from weightlifting 2 days ago so I don't think I will do more than one set today.  

    MOTIVATION:   Scientific fact - Every cell in the body has intelligence. Scientific fact! Working out and exercising tells the cells what you want your body to do, what you are doing, what you expect your body to do. Developing the physical habits creates the "mindset" in the brain from all the cells sending messages to the brain telling the brain what the body is to do.  The brain stimulates the body to do it, to want to do it, to want to keep doing feed the habit of doing it.  Thus the motto " Whatever the brain/mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."  By physically doing something you are stimulating the brain to conceive and believe it and then the brain/mind helps you achieve it. That is "mindset".  It starts with first physically doing something, the physical cells plant the seed in the brain, and the brain follows and the planted seed grows outward from the brain to the rest of the body. The cells of the body, including the cells in the brain of course, are constantly talking to each other.

    How cool is that?!  That's why the expression "The body in motion tends to stay in motion". That's what causes addictive behavior. We should crave weightlifting/exercise and and become addicted to it. By doing it we are developing every cell in us to want it more.

    I told my sons that when I get rid of all this fat then I want to take a self-defense course or martial arts course because I am going to have to learn how to fight off all the men who are going to be after me.

  • Hey bicyclegirl! Bicycling is hard work - a great work out. You go girl!

    I bought a bike about a year ago and could not ride it past the property next door. I think I am too heavy to pedal myself. I did keep the bike and hopefully when I have gotten rid of most of this fat I will be able- be strong enough - to ride it. I thought riding the bike would be easy......LOL ......found out it was harder than anything else I do. Lifting weights is easier than bike riding. Where I live many people ride bikes instead of driving cars.

    I hope your first week has gone well. If you have any problems this website has lots of answers. Use it for every question or concern. I love this website. I will do my best to motivate this group to succeed because at our age we need all the motivation and exercise we can muster! By the time we have reached this age we have gone through so many things in our lives that we can certainly handle this. Piece a cake.....right?

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  • O.K.  I had out of town company all weekend and then ended up going out of town myself, out of my control zone, have not lifted weights since last Tuesday, ate too much, (I never said I was perfect) and gained a few pounds back but, I will lose that this week and more!  Today I will walk 5 miles, clean house, clean floors (the entire apartment is floor)  and lift weights, so that will be a good start getting back on track - no time to BMW.  I'm going to just keep telling myself it was worth being with my out of town son.  

    I hope my friends in this group are doing well and had a good weekend. MOTIVATION: Remember to exercise until you sweat, drink water water water, building strength is the best choice, weightlifting gets rid of loose flab, move for 5 minutes every hour, to win you must work at it and every time you do work at it you are caring strength, dignity and character, and into your old age.

    By ya'll...have a good week.

  • I thought I had gained only a few pounds from Thanksgiving, but I actually gained 7 pounds - I did lose 5 of that 7 pounds this week, so I have 2 more pounds to go to get back to where was. Sigh. Setbacks suck. But, I will just work real hard this weekend to get back to where I was before Thanksgiving. I have been applying for jobs and have not been called for any interviews. I really need a boost this weekend. I wish the people who joined this group/thread would post something every now and then. It is hard enough to do this alone, but I can if I have to because I am determined to succeed.  I hope ya'll are doing well. Let me know how ya'll are doing. Have a good weekend.

  • Checking in to see if anyone has posted a message. I look almost everyday. Have a good weekend.

  • Checking in to see if anyone posted a message......

  • I am dropping out of this program. I thought that surely there would be some senior females that use this websites that also need to get fit and would like to converse with other female senior trying to get fit, encouraging each other along the way. But apparently I am the  only one.  I know that I can do this by alone, I don't have to have company, but  I really would like company while I am striving to get stronger and healthier. So, I found another website that is just for seniors who are strength training and I like it,  and they post everyday,, so I am  leaving this website and going someplace more active, where there is more participation, more compassion, more enthusiasm. Bye all. I hope anyone who reads this will succeed  in their efforts. I know I will. We are what we do.

  • Hello Freenstrong - Sorry to hear of your disappointment in the program, postings, and encouragement.  I hope that you find a site that makes you feel excited and involved, and also helps you to meet your goals in trying to get fit and transform your life and health.  I feel this site feeds your body, soul, and spirit and helps you learn to make choices to transform your life.  I invite you to stop by another blog on this forum, "60 Year Old Young Female Starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - Anyone With Me Out There?  I would love to have you stop by for some words of encouragement and BFL Love!  Good luck with finding a program that works for you.  Hope to see a post from you soon :)  God Bless - in BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hi there.  I am reading your forum in prep of my 2013 start.  I was actually the 2011 female champ...and since I am almost 50...I can't seem to shed a pound.  So here is to 2013 ladies.  Looking forward to starting a little behind ya!