Senior females rock!

  • I'm in my 60s and I am going to change the rest of my life and I would love to see other senior females to join me - senior females who want to create the body they always wanted, or always had but never brought it out.  I would love to see seniors join me who will also post regularly and help motivate each other.  This is about getting healthier and stronger and being able to do things we could not do before.  The only people that cannot change are in the cemetery.  I'm not dead yet and I am ready to make the changes I need to live a better life for the rest of my life. Which is the most important reason to exercise, old age or fat?  BOTH! 

  • I'm so in!  I will turn 60 in 2013 and I want to rock!  I'm starting Nov 12.

  • Great! I need to start over anyway...I blew it today celebrating the election. Blowing it is a waste of time.  But I will become the person I want to be with exercise. I'm back on track tomorrow. My biggest challenge is breaking the habit of night eating....when I get home from work I am tired - exhausted - and don't seem to have the energy to ignore the urges to eat....that is when I overeat.  When I change this then I know I can stop gaining. I start lifting weights tomorrow morning. I can't do the pushups yet, but I will someday.....

  • I did this years ago and it was amazing.  Alas, a friend died of cancer and I just let myself go.  Now I can't use that excuse because everytime I turn around someone is dying or fighting cancer or...even my husband got diagnosed with Parkinson's and we both are so weak and out of shape we won't be able to help each other as we age and his disease progresses.  He is 72 and he's going to do this with me.  I have to be the role model for him and I can't let him down; not now, our life is wonderful right now and I don't want poor health to ruin it.  Glad to have you as a partner!


  •  Yesterday I walked 6 miles home from work. I kept telling myself all the way "Marjorie Shephard RAN 15 miles a day 5  days a week at 74 years old - so I CAN walk 6 miles."  and "People who walk 10 miles a day are not fat." .....things like that.  It kept me going but I kept waling up with  leg cramps down to my toes last night. I feel fine this morning...a little sore....but I feel good that I did it.  Today I am going to rearrange my bedroom so that I will have the space to do all of the exercises in the book....well.....all the exercises that I am ABLE to do at this point. I cannot do many of them (been trying) but hopefully as I get stronger I will be able to do most of them. I few I cannot do because of an old previous injury that prevents me from accomplishing them, but I will keep striving to do all the others.  I don't have a press bench (or the money to buy one) so I hope to find a piece of scrap board about a foot wide and 3 feet long, wrap a blanket around it with duct tape and lay it across my bed short ways (a twin size air bed) and use that set-up for a press bench.  As long as my air bed doesn't bust it should work. And the board I can just tilt up against the wall when I am not using it so it won't take up space in my bedroom.  I'm going to make this work!   I don't have time to waste anymore. Everyday I exercise I will be adding another day to my life that I would not see if I did not exercise. If I exercise 300 days this year, I will live another 300 days to my life. It is up to me. TODAY  I can make my heart stronger tomorrow or weaker tomorrow.  I want my heart to make my heart stronger tomorrow so I choose to exercise today.

  • Please excuse my typo errors in my last post.. I typed waling when I meant waking and a few others mistakes. Please over look them. Thanks.

  • I know what you mean by "role model". I want to be a good role model for my sons. One of them is overweight and trying so hard to beat that.  He gets very discouraged and gives up.  I don't want him to give up. I want to make him feel good about himself ...good enough that he knows he can get better by doing better. We are what we do. Do we give up, quit, and do nothing and become a big bowl of molded jello? Or do we work at it, keeping our bodies moving all the time to be in  the best condition that we can be? Everyday we do not move our body we weaken our body closer to death. Constant moving keeps the heart pumping stronger and the blood flowing better and our lungs taking in more oxygen and all of that is part of a cleansing process that every body (all animals) must have to keep from rotting and dying. So be that model you want to encourage your honeypoo to also want. The best way to show love is by action.

  • My butt is sore from the lunges exercise.....I rearranged my bedroom to make room for weightlifting, and now I have a 4 feet by 6 feet space to work out in. Yeh! I did better on some of the exercises today.  Yeh!  If I keep doing this (weight lifting)every other day and walk the 6 miles home from work 3 days a week and jog one day every weekend, I will get to where I want to be! My back is also a little sore, but it will rest today and be fine by tomorrow.  MOTIVATION:  My co-workers expect me to fail. I am sick of being the fat one at work. My job is a temporary part-time position that will end in a few months and I must change myself to get a good job. I just finished going to college for 7+ years straight (including summers) in 2010  (not 40 years ago) to get a Master's degree and I have developed my experience where I am working now. I have good references and now I just have to work on my body makeover and I am ready for a great job if I can find an employer that will not care what my age is. Weight lifting will not only make me stronger and fit, it will prove that I am not lazy and able to work. I have missed only 2 days of work in the last 3 years. Surely there is a good job out there for someone like me. Right now I have to talk myself into working out because working out is hard but I know that by staying on schedule with the workouts I will develop good habits and not want to skip working out.

  • I gained 3 pounds - now I weight more than I did when I started......depressed......hope it is muscle and not not going to quit though....probably do some zumba today.....sigh

  • Freenstrong - it is not uncommon to gain weight when you first start working out hard.  It's too early to have actually gained muscle, but it's likely that your muscles are holding more water - glycogen (muscle sugar) is very hydrophillic, and your body has begun to store more of it in your muscles.  Don't panic - it's a good thing :-)  It should level off this week - if it doesn't, then take a look at your calories.

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • Let me introduce myself.  I'm "only" 50, but after reading your posts, I feel like this is a group I'd like to join.  I'm actually a personal trainer, but I've been struggling with menopause, depression and stress eating - I am up almost 20 pounds from just a couple of months ago.

    I did an ironman triathlon when I turned 40, and had the goal of doing another one in September to celebrate turning 50- unfortunately, the universe didn't cooperate.  After several injuries and other obstacles, I made it all the way to Italy to compete in the Elbaman triathlon, only to discover that the airline had destroyed my bike en route.  After a bit of scrambling, I managed to come up with a bike, but it was too big for me and the course was way harder than I could have imagined - mountainous and full of crazy, narrow, twisting descents...and then it started raining.  Long story short, I dropped out about 40 miles into the bike course.  I felt ok about my decision, and enjoyed the rest of my time in Italy, but I ate all the pasta I could find - and kept eating when I got home.

    Although I still feel like I made the right decision to drop out - I have felt a huge letdown ever since, and have been eating like a crazy person and barely exercising.  I feel like crap and I want to get back into a good healthy groove again.  Probably won't follow the plan exactly as written, but I really feel like I need the structure of a group.  I start tomorrow.

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • Okay, it's day 1 for me.  Have done my shopping, made a big pot of soup to fall back on, had a perfect breakfast and have snacks planned.  Joining the gym today and will get a trainer to get me started.  I think I need the incentive and also, since I'm 59 I think I need the guidance so I don't hurt myself and back track.  With age joints aren't what they used to be.  I'm worth the investment, especially the next 3 months.  Good luck to all.

  • started today - 60 + and ready to make some great changes

  • Welcome Helcat!

    Since you have been on this road before, you will be back on track at no time. You are wiser now from your experience. You know the path, all you have to do is just stay on it.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging message. I really needed that.  2 days after I posted about gaining 3 pounds I remembered the book saying not to BMW and realized I was breaking that no-no rule. So I immediately got back on track, madder than a ...well mad! and lost the 3 pounds I had gained plus 2 more!

    I am reminding myself that I will not lose everyday because what I am doing is not about weight loss as much as  it is about changing my body, so as I gain muscle my fat will burn, but the process will follow in steps, not like running water.

    Today is a weight lifting work out day for me, which I plan to do this morning. I am starting to feel better about the weight lifting, Some I still cannot push-ups, but I will...I will!  Have a great  Friday!

  • OK Donica! Lets do this! I lost  myself a few days ago but I am back now furious at my body and ready to get rid of the fat that does not belong in my body! I want the real me, the healthy me to introduce itself and show people that 60s is a new adventure!

    MOTIVATION - I am not a hypocrite!  I said I know how to do this, I can do this, I am doing this, I will succeed. - now I must  prove my words.  Everyday I am going to be better than I ever was before. Every week I am going to look better and feel better. The harder I work at it the stronger I will be. I'm alive! Dead people are in the cemetary and I am not going that way. I feeeeeeel good, la la la, la la ,la la...Yeah! Old age is the best reason to exercise. The only reason to  not exercise and lift weights is you like being fat in pictures,,,,in everything. I am determined to get healthier, stronger and leaner everyday. Even on my hot coca and pillows day.