Gluten Free

  • So I got the book today and am planning on starting this Sunday 11/4/12. I need to eat gluten free due to an auto immune disease anyone have any advice?

  • I'm gluten and dairy free, I use Heartland Gold sprouted brown rice protein powder. It is a complete protein because it has been sprouted. It is also a good source of iron.

    I add it to apple juice for a protein shake. It's a bit grainy, but I got used to it, and has a mild flavor. There are other brands out there that I haven't tried yet, but as long as it is *sprouted* brown rice protein powder it will be a complete protein.

    The trick is to shake it up and drink it right away, the longer it sits when it is made up, the more grainier it gets.

  • Just so you know EAS Products are not GF. They are manufactured in a facility that processes wheat. I use Vega protien or hemp both are GF. The main thing is to ensure that the facility is GF not just the ingedients. I have celiac. You can also use food instead lean protien will work too.


  • Keep in mind that if something is a "complete protein" that it doesn't mean it's a complete BFL meal. 

    Complete proteins made from grain or legumes are carb heavy and protein light.  Mixing things with apple juice only increases the carb and sugar count. 

    I would simply suggest going grain free.  You can easily do a BFL challenge with whole natural foods that are gluten free. 

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  • Jessica-MightyMax

    Heartland Gold sprouted brown rice protein powder has the following Nutritional value:

    Per 1 scoop(20g)

    Calories  - 80

    Fat  - 0.4g

    Carbohydrate - 3 g (of which is 2 g of fiber)

    Protein - 16 g

    Iron - 40% daily intake

    So I add 20 grams of carbohydrate, in the form of apple juice, so my shake is 23 grams total carbo (which includes 2g fiber) and 16 grams protein.

    Heartland Gold has very little carb content. I don't know about other vege protein powders, I only use this one.

  • That's much better than most sprouted protein powders. 

    That being said, it's too low on protein.  Do make sure you're doing more than the 1 scoop.  Also, apple juice is not authorized.  It's not a good carb option at all. 

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  • Yah , I know apple juice isn't the greatest, but I'm gluten/dairy/soy free too, so my choices are veeery limited. And rice beverages have other stuff in the that my body doesn't like so that's why I stick with apple juice. I do use more than 1 scoop of protein powder sometimes, to make about 20-25 grams protein.

  • Why the protein powder?  What about whole foods?  You can do this completely grain and apple juice free.  You need energy from more good quality carbs. 

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