Anyone interested in Starting November 5, (Monday) 2012....

  • That's fantastic, JanZim, that you are seeing results - even if they are small!  Isn't that sore feeling  a GREAT feeling? I love that feeling, because it is a constant reminder that I worked hard.  I can relate to your thinking that you will never get to the ideal weight you think you should be. What works for me is to review the success stories and find someone that is my age who started the program at around the same weight as me and completed the program with their new weight being what I want to attain. It works every time, because if they can do so can I. When I find that success story I reread it many times and it really helps. Do you do a lot of squats to get the defined thigh muscles?  What is your secret?

    Thanks for the encouragement MrCynical! How is your BFL program going?

    I did cardio today and a little lower body - to make up for yesterday! I felt so good when i finished!   One bit of advice ..... I went to a Christmas lunch today and of course there was a spread of food that could add weight to anyone just by looking at it!  I ate breakfast, midmorning snack and a lite BFL lunch before I stepped foot in that party! Never go to a party hungry! It is rude to attend a party and not eat or drink anything - so I drank hot, green tea and had a small salad with a few raw veggies and a couple pieces of fruit and a few nuts. I was able to find a good protein, veggie and carb in that sea of illegal food. It is so important to plan ahead when attending those types of events. Unless it is your day off - don't touch the desserts! I tend to feel sick after eating that rich food which isn't worth it for a minute of happiness as I consume it.

    I would like to recommend a great magazine - called On Fitness!  This magazine is like no other! Every article you read is backed up by scientific research that is presented in a way that anyone can understand. It contains great articles on relevant topics! Just check it out online!  I think it is published 6 times a year!

    Happy workouts everyone!

  • Well Sparkle...that's self-control!   I can only imagine the temptations there!!

    I am completely exhausted today.  I did my cardio this morning, an INSANITY dvd, and felt like I should just go a lie down for awhile.  Maybe I'm not recovered from Tuesday?  Anyways, it's early to bed for me.

    Upperbody tomorrow.  My arms have almost recovered from the last workout.  I switched things up a bit.  I've been doing the same exercises since we started, so thought it was time to change it up, therefore, very sore arms and back.  But like you said Sparkle, it is a great feeling!!  I caught my 11 year old son lifting my 10lb dumbbells the day after I told him that my arms were sore.  I think I may have started something:)  It was kinda cute:)

    bmarks...are you still out there?  And karensgreatbody?  Brooklyngurl?  And the others?

    Vie_diva, how are you doing?

    Talk to you later Sparkle.  I'm going to check out that magazine.  And thanks for the visualization tips...I'll check out the success stories too!

  • Mine is going great, I had a major stress day at work on Tuesday and broke down and had couple of handfuls of candy goodness, but that was it, I still gymmed, I still ate the rest of my proper meals and got right back on track the next day, I am actually starting to see results now, it is pretty awesome!

    Have any of you noticed a decrease in appetite? I remember about 3pm everyday i would be ravenous when first starting and that was my danger zone.  Now, I barely even notice!

  • Hello,

    JanZim - that is so cool that you are influencing your son with exercise! He must really be impressed with your progress! Is he the one that plays hockey? I have 3 boys and they all play hockey!  I know they do some weight lifting during off ice. I am going to try an Insanity DVD for a cardio routine. Do you follow a DVD to do upper and lower body workouts?  I have a Kathy Smith DVD that specifically trains upper and lower body that I have been using.

    Mr. Cynical - that's great that you didn't let your stressful day ruin your efforts!  Sometimes when I have an urge to cheat I chew a piece of gum. It really helps me and satisfies the sweet tooth.  Great news that you are seeing results! That is huge motivation!  Has anyone else noticed yet?  I have noticed a decrease in appetite too! I try to eat at the same time every day. If I should go too long between meals, I do notice my hunger. What time do you eat your last snack/meal of the day? I have heard so many schools of thought on that subject - such as don't eat after 7:00 or 8:00.  I usually have a yogurt with blueberries or some small fruit around 9:30 or so.  I usually go to bed around 11:00.

    Keep Going Everyone! Great Work!


  • Hi guys,

    Sparkle, to answer a few of your questions - Yes, that is the one who plays hockey, but also my daughter does too, on the same team this year.  (she is also playing club volleyball at the same time, crazy busy!!)  As for the upper and lower body workouts, I usually follow the BFL plan, but sometimes I'll pop in a Jillian Michaels dvd, like the Killer Buns and Thighs.  The Insanity dvds I use mostly for cardio, but there is definately some strength involved too. (I never knew there were so many different ways to do push-ups!!)  Also, for my legs, I do a lot of squats and lunges.  I don't have access to leg machines, but I wish I did.  Maybe I'd see quicker results?

    Mr. Cynical, I know about the "candy goodness" cravings, I have given in too.  But I just keep on "keeping on", and not let it get me too far off track.  I can't say that I myself have noticed a huge decrease in my appetite.  If anything, I think it's increased!  I am stomach gowling hungry by 10:30-11:00a.m.- ish, and I have my breaky at 8:00a.m.  So I usually have a few nuts to keep me going until noon.  My last snack of the day is usually around 9:30p.m., and it's usually fruit and maybe a bit of cottage cheese, but not always.

    I have a bit of a challenge this weekend.  No hockey rinks, but found myself spending my days in a hospital with a sick loved one.  It makes it even more challenging when they themselves are not allowd any food or drink.  I had to go longer than I usually do between meals today.  I had nuts and fruit packed, but couldn't bring myself to nibble on it.  A very small inconvenience compared to what she was going through. Tough day for her.

    Anyways, hope your weekend is all good.

    Later BFL-ers.

  • Hello My BFL Friends,

    I had a weekend packed with sports - specifically hockey and basketball.  Three games on Saturday and three more today! I did okay with eating, however, I found it very hard to eat at proper times because of the game times. Snacks only work so much and I wasn't eating enough. I also didn't work out either Saturday or Sunday. I guess I can consider one day my day off! Oh well - back at it this week!  My jeans are fitting better and I am happy with that.

    JanZim - I am so sorry to hear about your loved one being sick. Sickness takes such a toll on the entire family! My thoughts and prayers are with you, JanZim , as you try to comfort your sick family member.  It is great that you were prepared with your snacks.

    I will try the lunges and squats and see if I can get some results!

    Good luck to everyone this week! 

  • Hi all,

    Back at home now.  Sparkle, I checked out the site.  I'm keeping track of my food on there.  It's pretty easy to use, and now I wish I had an i-phone!  These last 2 days I wasn't eating very much, and according to, I better start eating more or I will put my body into starvation mode!  Don't want to do that.  But like you said, sometimes no matter how many snacks you have, it just isn't enough.  I will get back on track this week again with my eating.  However, I think I lost 1 lb, but not exactly the way it should be done.  And believe it or not, I still got my cardio in very early Sat. morning!  Sunday was my free day.  I am planning to do the Jillian Micheals Killer Buns and Thighs today, just because I'm mentally exhausted and don't feel like planning about what moves to do.  Following a video will allow me to 'not think' , just follow along.

    Good luck with the squats and lunges.  

    And thanks for the well wishes.

    Later BFL-ers!

  • Hi JanZim -  I am glad My Fitness Pal is working for you!  I really like using it myself. It is so easy to track your meals and see exactly how you are eating. It's great that you were able to get your exercise in while so busy this weekend. I am so glad you are still with the program. It is really too bad that everyone from our group is gone! I hope they come back!

    I had a great cardio workout this morning! I also did some lunges and my legs feel like rubber - but I do like that feeling.  Eating went well too! I am seeing some changes in my body and that gets me motivated.  Tomorrow is LBWO! I will follow my Kathy Smith tape. There are 2 levels - so when I improve I can move up to the next level.

    We still do not have any snow here in Chicago!

    Have a great day, JanZim, and I hope things are better for sick family member!

  • Hi Sparkle- Things are not great with my family member.  I was called back to the hospital this morning.  Prognosis is not good.  Forgive me if I'm not on here much in the next little bit.  Don't feel like I've abandoned you.  I will check in when I can to see how you're doing, but my workouts are definately on hold, as I will be spending my days in the hospital.  However, I ran the 6 flights of stairs to get to the hospital room today, twice. A person can only sit around for so long.  Actually, I've been doing that all weekend.  I only took the elevator once!  6 flights, I found out, is nothing to sneeze at!  Especially when you run them!!

    Anyways, happy to hear that you had "rubber legs".  It is a great feeling.  I was planning on Jillian Michaels today, but got the call before I got to it.  Maybe will try a little workout here before I go to the hospital (I'm not at home) just with my own body weight, as I don't have access to any here, such as lunges, squats, pushups, and some abs.  I'll just have to do a lot more reps since I don't hve any dumbbells.  

    Good luck with the LBWO!!

  • Hi JanZim - I am so sorry to hear things aren't improving for your family member. It can be such a tough time for everyone. I will be thinking of you and hoping you are getting along okay.

    It is fantastic that you took six flights of stairs a few times during the day! I like to park my car far away from stores and my son's school so I have to walk a distance to get to the building. Every little bit helps! I was out shopping today and I bought Jillian Michael's Buns and Thighs tape. You seem happy with it - so I thought I would give it a try. I will let you know how it goes!

    Don't worry about checking in. I totally understand your situation!  Stay strong and we will catch up when you can!

  • Hi JanZim, I hope you are doing okay with all that is going on!  I am thinking about you!  I have been consumed with Christmas preparations and have not been good about my workouts! I need to get back on track. I hate when I let myself slip, because it is so hard to get back in the routine!  I think everyone from our group quit the program or maybe they don't have time to check in. That's too bad, because it is fun to share experiences!  Stay strong and we will connect soon!

  • Hey Sparkle.  Yes, it's been awhile since I've checked in.  I have spent the whole week at the hospital, and it looks like I'll be there this coming week too.  Things do not look good for my family member.

    I so miss my workouts...I've still been taking the stairs a few times a day.  Still 6 flights, unless I go to the cafeteris, then it's 7!  But it's not like a real workout where I get all sweaty and my heart pumping.  I am looking forward to getting there again.  But the hospital is where I need to be right now.  My workouts will be waiting for me.

    I am wondering how you enjoyed the Jillian Michaels' Killer Buns and Thighs?  I think of you every time I'm going up those stairs.

    And I am still tracking my food (when I can) on  I had to laugh one day because I wasn't eating enough calories and it told me that my body will go into starvation mode, and I thought to myself, geeze, I can't win .  Eat too much and I gain weight, eat too little and gain weight!!  However, I am making smart food choices.  The caffetria has cottage cheese and yogurt, salads, fruits, etc.  Of course they have all that other crap too, but I just don't feel like eating it.  I bring along snacks too, but most days I know that I don't get enough calories in.  It's so hard when the person you are staying with isn't allowed any food, just clear fluids.  I feel guilty.

    Anyways, it's doesn't really seem like Christmas for me.  I see the trees all over in the hospital and various decorations too, but I forget that it's coming so quickly.  I had a list of "100 things" that I wanted to do before Christmas, but it just doesn't matter now.  My husband is at home now wrapping the presents.  He and the kids made a triple batch of sugar cookies, which are already gone!!  And I can proudly say that I only had 1.  It helped that I wasn't home to eat them:)

    Anyways, hope you get back on track with YOUR workouts.  I wish there wasn't so much snow here.  I really want to go out for a run, but the roads and sidewalks are either full of snow or covered with ice!!  I don't want to end up with a broken anything for Christmas!!

    Take care!!  And what a bummer with the rest of our group:(

  • Hi JanZim,

        It sounds like you are able to keep your food intake in check while you are putting in hours at the hospital. That is huge control! It is too bad that you have to be at the hospital when you have Christmas preparations.  It sounds like your husband and children are helping you!  That is great!

       Being with a sick loved one is very taxing both physically and emotionally. I remember being with my dad during his last days.  I try to tell this to everyone I know so there are no regrets  .... I had a full day with my dad before he was put in hospice. I was able to talk and communicate with him and had a very memorable "last" time with him that I will never forget. Of course they stopped all breathing treatments and pain drugs the next day except for morphine. Once they give the patient morphine they are so out of it you will never be able to communicate again. They may hear you, but they don't respond.  I was so grateful to have had that time with him before the morphine. I was lucky and I try to tell others when they are facing hospice with a loved one so they can have that special time.

        OMG Jillian Michaels is a drill sergeant!  I am hurting after the buns and thighs tape!  It is a very good workout!  Thanks for the suggestion! I have cardio tomorrow!  I am getting back on the stick! These Christmas obligations are overwhelming! That is why I let my BFL slide a little. This is the last week of school for my grade schooler and I have one boy home from college. My other son comes home from college tomorrow. I feel like a short order cook when they are home. They will just have to eat BFL food. They don't care, they just want food!

    My middle son is a Division 1 baseball player and he likes to attend yoga class with me. It is fun having him and he is instrumental in making me go to class! They make great memories too! If he ever plays for the MLB he can say he worked out with his mom! 

    I hope things are okay for you! keep strong! I am so glad you stayed in the group! 

  • Hi Sparkle,

    Ha ha. Glad to hear that you hurt after doing a JM video too!!  I wish I had some of hers here with me.  My body is SCREAMING for a workout.  I may have to be creative.  I guess I can do some push-ups, squats, lunges, maybe some jumping jacks, anything!!  Sitting in a hospital all day is draining.  Maybe I should try some yoga too.  I used to take classes a few years ago.  That's so neat that your son takes yoga with you.  I've tried to get my kids to do it with me at home, but it either turns into a giggle fest or I hear a lot of whining!!  I'll have to keep trying.

    And thanks for the advice on making sure to have quality time with my family member.  We've had several special moments together, and I will always treasure those.

    And good luck feeding your crew of hungry men!  I believe that you must feel like you're cooking all the time.  Boys eat a lot!!

    And with me not being able to do all the Christmas baking that I usually do is probably a blessing, because as much as I love to bake...I love to eat it too!!

    Take care and we'll chat later.

  • Hi JanZim,

    I did my cardio this morning! It went ok, but I think I only reached around a 7 or 8 for intensity. I need to work a little harder!I am still fighting the belly fat. It is taking forever for it to go away. It is really late here.  I will connect again tomorrow!  

    Hope things are good for you!